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[9 Aug 2011 ]

Are you looking to use less paper in your classroom? With most schools tightening their belts, teachers are given less paper and allowed to make fewer copies each year. For many teachers, going paperless is actually a necessity.
Running a paperless classroom may seem impossible but, with the wide array of free web based tools, it’s actually easier than you might think. (Especially with the help of SimpleK12 and Steve Katz!)
SimpleK12 is having a webinar tomorrow to discuss the many aspects teachers must consider with going paperless in their classrooms. This …

[8 Jul 2011 ]

We enjoy collaboration here at SimpleK12. After all, a few heads are always better than one!
So what collaborative tool have we found for you this time?… Wallwisher!

Wallwisher is a simple web tool where users create a “wall” and use it like a corkboard to create anything, from a to-do list to an in-depth conversation on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.
Here’s how it works…

Go to http://www.wallwisher.com/ and click “build a wall”
Enter your information (name and email)

[30 Jun 2011 ]

It’s summer time here in the US of A!  And a favorite American past time is a good, old-fashioned family picnic.
But… for those of you not outside… why don’t you join us for another kind of Picnik?
Picnik is my second favorite free webtool.  It’s an online photo editing tool that is completely free… and loaded with lots of bells and whistles you usually find with expensive software. 
I think it’s a great free tool to use in class with your students to complete awesome projects.  
(Curious what my FIRST favorite free webtool …

[16 Jun 2011 ]

As a teacher, there are times when you just need a stopwatch. Most of the time when you need one you can’t find it, don’t have one, or the batteries are dead.

Online Stopwatch solves all of these problems.  You’ll always know where to find it- www.online-stopwatch.com.  The webtool is free so you have access to it whenever you want.  Best of all, No batteries required!
When I was in high school, my English teacher used Online Stopwatch to time 10 minute quizzes.  She projected the Online Stopwatch on the screen in …

[6 Jun 2011 ]

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another school year. What’s next?  For many, that means it’s already time to start planning the next school year… if you fall into that category, I’ve got you covered.
It’s time you hardworking educators catch a break, so here’s a FREE resource that will make your job easier than ever before.  If you have to start planning ahead for the next school year, why not do so on the right foot?

The story in the video tells you exactly how our friend Catlin, a teacher from California, …

[2 Jun 2011 ]

Some of the coolest things I’ve discovered have come from you guys – Seriously, I learn as much from y’all as y’all learn from me.  So any opportunity I can sit back and let you guys take the lead… I’m all for it.  A couple weeks ago, I asked you guys to create a short video tutorial of your favorite free web tool and share it with me, our fellow teachers, educators, readers, and friends (Read the original post here). 
Check out these 2 awesome video tutorials that our Contest winner, …

[31 May 2011 ]

What’s a WebQuest?  That’s easy!  I just learned all about them in the Teacher Learning Community.  
A WebQuest is an inquiry-based activity in which students use the web to get information about a specific topic.   The assignment is student-driven, with no predefined answers.  This constructivist approach allows students to actively seek out information, which makes it more meaningful.
But that’s not enough to get you started.  I know that.  You want REAL, PRACTICAL examples to start using in your classroom today.  So…here you go:

1. Create a “Back in Time” WebQuest
Create your own …