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[18 Feb 2014 ]

Are you looking for a creative and engaging way to improve your students’ writing skills? Would you like to promote creativity and innovation in your classroom? Join us at this free online event to learn about the best apps and tools available for Digital Storytelling. Our renowned presenters will share their favorite web resources and strategies for integrating this unique activity into your classroom. All students can benefit from Digital Storytelling – no matter the grade level!

You’ll receive…

An introduction to Digital Storytelling in the classroom

[4 Feb 2014 ]

Are you searching for a hassle-free way to learn about the best educational apps available for your iPad? Join us at this free online event as our iPad experts share their tips and tricks on how to improve your classroom immediately.

You’ll receive…

Step-by-step tutorials on the most innovative iPad apps and tools in education
Expert advice on how to increase student collaboration and involvement with an iPad
Information on the best FREE apps for both teachers and students

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[24 Jan 2014 ]

Would you like to have more class time for hands-on learning, one-to-one interaction, class projects, labs, and collaborative student activities? By flipping your classroom, students use technology outside of class to help them understand the materials being covered – leaving you with more time for engaging activities. At this free online event, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and strategies from our renowned Flipped Classroom experts.

You’ll receive…

An introduction to understanding and implementing flipped classroom techniques
Information on the best resources and free tools for both …

[20 Jan 2014 ]

Increasing homework completion and engaging today’s digital students can be challenging. If you want to improve information retention and increase student achievement, all while teaching your students important 21st Century skills, you’ve found the perfect Premium Resource.
SimpleK12 is thrilled to present to you this FREE printable project and we hope it will bring new life to your classroom.
Compile a Digital Portfolio

In this FREE Premium Resource lesson plan, each student will create an electronic portfolio, which will include information and examples of their class work.


[17 Jan 2014 ]

Are you searching for a way to empower your students and encourage them to become self-directed learners? Personalized Learning provides students with the ability to set their own goals, design their own curriculum, and better develop their cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities. We’ve brought in several world-renowned experts to assist you with transitioning your classroom into a personalized learning environment.

You’ll receive…

An overview of the best tools and resources available for personalized learning
Step-by-step instructions on how to create a flexible classroom for diverse …

[10 Jan 2014 ]

What’s the quickest, easiest way to learn about the newest iPad apps for educators?  Attend a free SimpleK12 webinar event, of course!  Whether you are a 1:1 classroom or you have a single classroom iPad, our presenters will share their secrets on how you can improve your classroom with the best apps available.

You’ll receive…

Quick start tips and tricks from world-renowned iPad experts
Easy-to-follow instructions on the best ways to use iPads within the classroom
Information on the best FREE iPad …

[5 Dec 2013 ]

You asked, and we listened – we’re offering another free iPad event.
We’re bringing back your favorite iPad experts, and they’re ready to share their secrets on how they’ve improved their classrooms with the most innovative iPad apps available.
Register now, and you’ll learn…

Step-by-step tutorials on how to master specific iPad apps for classroom use
Expert advice on how to manage your classroom with an iPad
Information about the best FREE iPad apps – we’ve done the research for you!

At our last …