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[8 Apr 2014 ]

We all know that field trips can be incredible educational experiences for students, particularly students with limited backgrounds. However, with current budget crunches, field trips aren’t always feasible. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a field trip experience for your students without leaving the classroom.
SimpleK12 is here to help, with a FREE premium video resource. This on-demand webinar is usually exclusive for Full Access Community Members, but I’m giving you free access today.
Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips
Join Jayme Linton as she explores a variety …

[23 Aug 2013 ]

Here are some more wonderful experiments and videos for the science classroom!

Who knew Dish Soap was such a Scientific Ingredient?

Basic Inertia Experiment - A very simple experiment about the first law of Inertia, using a crochet hoop, bottle of water, and a pen cap. While the video is basic, it’s an excellent kick off to an important concept.
Make a Cloud in a Bottle - All you need is a juice bottle (with a tight lid), a small bike pump attachment for balls, set of …

[15 Aug 2013 ]

Videos aren’t just a break for students to sit and turn their brains off. They are valuable teaching tools that can bridge gaps in student knowledge by offering an alternative approach to tricky subjects. Take a look at some of these hand-picked video sites that contain some of the best free educational videos.
TeacherTube – Geared for teachers’ use, this website is a little daunting by the amount of material on it. However, as long as you know what you’re looking for, you can find it by the divisions on the …

[14 Aug 2013 ]

1) Dry Ice Bubbles - Bring the web phenomenon to your classroom! With dry ice, water and a little dish detergent, you can create a fun (possibly Halloween) themed experiment. Variations include using a water cooler jug and a hose to make individual bubbles. 
2) Glow Sticks Liquid - How do glow sticks work? Explain chemical reactions and chemoluminescence by making your own glow sticks! Just use baking soda, dish detergent, warm water, vinegar and food coloring. 
3) Sugar in a Coke - With a can of soda, boil out all the liquid until the …

[22 Jul 2013 ]

YouTube! The website chock full of videos both wonderful and wacky. With access to millions of videos, it can be a daunting task to choose the right videos to align with your lesson plan. However if properly executed, YouTube can be a fantastic and engaging tool for students to use and interact with in a learning environment. 
But do you know how to make YouTube work for you? 
First of All: Get permission from your administrator. Some schools are more strict than others on outside websites such as YouTube. 

[18 Jan 2012 ]

Have you struggled with YouTube being blocked in your school, and your administration just won’t budge on unblocking it? Well, I come bearing good news for you!
YouTube is, for the most part, a fantastic resource for teachers. It’s packed with free content on just about any subject you or your students could ever want. However, all the “junk” that litters YouTube like the suggested videos, inappropriate videos, comments, and other ads has kept it from getting the green light at most schools.
YouTube is now trying to change that with their …

[10 Jan 2011 ]

2011 is upon us… so I wanted to start the new year out with my own countdown! The following is a compilation of the most popular EdTech topics we’ve blogged about in 2010, all together in just one post for your convenience. Thank you so much for all of your valuable feedback and continued interest in our blog. Enjoy!

10. How to Use QR Codes in Student Projects

9. 6 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom [Video]

8. How to Use Flickr in Your Classroom

7. 5 Free iPhone …