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[24 May 2012 ]

If you (or your teachers) work with assistive technology devices, here are 15 great examples of how you can use these tools with students.

These ideas are taken out of the course “Aiding Students with Assistive Technology” which is found inside of the Teacher Learning Community.  If you are interested in learning more about this topic, you can access the online course inside of the Teacher Learning Community.

Help Visually Impaired Students
Create a curriculum page of Web sites that you want your students to visit in order to complete a …

[17 May 2011 ]

If you know SimpleK12… you likely know how active we are on Twitter.  If you aren’t already, please follow @SimpleK12 or view our profile.   We also have a Twitter account just for our Teacher Learning Community members, @TLC_edu.
We’re huge fans of Twitter for education, and here are 7 reasons why you should join Twitter today.
1.  Collaboration:  You can connect with, meet, and work with other teachers from around the world.   There is a whole world out there…waiting for you to explore. Just check out what great things this educator, @Web20Classroom, …

[6 Jan 2011 ]

Many of you know us for our FREE SimpleAssessment… but for those of you who haven’t heard of our SimpleAssessment, now is definitely the time to find out!
Over the last 2 years we have administered more than 2 million FREE Student Technology Literacy Assessments!  If you want to get on board and help your students improve their technology proficiency, sign up for FREE SimpleAssessment.
After March 31st, we will no longer be able to take new free SimpleAssessment customers.  Due to extreme popularity, our servers for the FREE tech assessments are …

[29 Dec 2010 ]

Looking for a fun seasonal project for your classroom?  Why not have your students create their own snowflakes….but this time, using a fun free tool on the web.
A cool twist to an old favorite craft, Make-A-Flake allows your students to create their own, individualized snowflake online.  A fun application, Make-A-Flake allows students to manipulate a pair of scissors to precisely snip away to create their original work of art.
After getting your snowflake just right, you can share it with a friend or even print it out.  You will have the …

[27 Dec 2010 ]

Looking for a fun classroom activity for your students?  This holiday season, why not create a holiday scrapbook?  But this year, you can save money and avoid creating a mess in your classroom by making a scrapbook online!  Smilebox  is a good site for anyone to use (newbies, professionals, students, teachers, etc)… and the best part -It’s FREE!
You can quickly download Smilebox to your computer and then create a free account, which will allow you to email, post, print or burn your scrapbook to a DVD.  Once you choose your …

[22 Dec 2010 ]

There’s no denying that Twitter is a great service – especially for teachers and education.   Here are some not-so-common Twitter add-ons you may not have known existed.
Twitbin: Twitbin is a firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar.
BubbleTweet:  Share quick video comments with your twitter followers in a floating bubble.
Shareaholic: Shareaholic is the simplest way to share, spread, and save interesting webpages via your social networks, email, blogs, IM, and more.
Twitaholic:  Displays users in a ranking format based on …

[1 Dec 2010 ]

With these six tools you’ll never have to cite another book by hand or tally up survey forms.  You can save time sharing slide shows and converting media files to new formats.  And my favorite – you can use the web to showcase your reading list and connect with others in a social environment.
1.  Polldaddy – A quick, easy way to set up online surveys in minutes!  A great place to get feedback from your students or other teachers in your school – or from people from around the world.  …