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[26 May 2012 ]

Have you ever wonder “how do we learn”? 
Of course you have… you’re an educator. 
A teacher.  A learner.  An explorer.
You want to know the answers – especially to this question.  And you dedicate your life to it.
Do you know what babies are thinking?
OR what we learn before we’re born?
Have you ever wondered about the birth of a word?
Or how fear can keep you from learning something new?
All of these interesting questions are answered or discussed in a collection of TED talks.  This collection of over 70+ TED talks is focused on how …

[9 Sep 2011 ]

The following is a guest post from Melissa Seideman, a United States History and Advanced Placement Government teacher at South Western High School in Hanover, Pennsylvania.
Text your Class with Celly

I am a huge fan of using cell phones in the classroom as long as students use them properly and know their limitations. Over the last few years my favorite mass keyword texting app has shutdown (TXTblaster). As a result, I have been looking for new FREE resources that would allow people to “opt in” and subscribe to my mass text …

[31 May 2011 ]

What’s a WebQuest?  That’s easy!  I just learned all about them in the Teacher Learning Community.  
A WebQuest is an inquiry-based activity in which students use the web to get information about a specific topic.   The assignment is student-driven, with no predefined answers.  This constructivist approach allows students to actively seek out information, which makes it more meaningful.
But that’s not enough to get you started.  I know that.  You want REAL, PRACTICAL examples to start using in your classroom today.  So…here you go:

1. Create a “Back in Time” WebQuest
Create your own …

[24 May 2011 ]

Fun and easy to use, Wikis are also a great way to get students involved in the curriculum.  Whether you are interested in encouraging participation, collaboration, or interaction, wikis are a great addition to any classroom.
So… how about some ideas to integrate wikis into your classroom? Check these out:
1. Create a Classroom Encyclopedia
The study of any topic can be enhanced if students work together to gather information and then synthesize their learning by writing and posting short articles about the concepts being studied. The wiki can be organized by topic, …

[23 Mar 2011 ]

Did you know that engaging your 21st century digital students is easier than ever before?
SimpleK12′s teacher learning community, the EdTech UNconference, makes sure that no teacher gets left behind.  Every month there are new webinars, each with a topic dedicated to helping educators achieve classroom success.
Speaking of which, let me tell you about two very exciting EdTech UNconference webinars coming up in April… grab a pen and mark these dates down on your calendars because you will NOT want to miss what these education experts have to say!
Adam Bellow
Adam Bellow …

[9 Mar 2011 ]

If you are ready to learn how to use podcasting to transform traditional teaching methods into fun, unique and stimulating experiences… download our new FREE eBook today.  Inside you will have an exclusive look at some of our favorite ideas for enhancing your lesson plans with podcasts.
From elementary to secondary, podcasts are a great way to engage your students.   But there are also many other useful ways for teachers to use podcasts. What if I told you podcasts could save you time prepping your substituate teaachers?  Or help you communicate more efficiently …

[10 Jan 2011 ]

2011 is upon us… so I wanted to start the new year out with my own countdown! The following is a compilation of the most popular EdTech topics we’ve blogged about in 2010, all together in just one post for your convenience. Thank you so much for all of your valuable feedback and continued interest in our blog. Enjoy!

10. How to Use QR Codes in Student Projects

9. 6 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom [Video]

8. How to Use Flickr in Your Classroom

7. 5 Free iPhone …