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[16 May 2012 ]

Most of you know me for my fuzzy blue bunny slippers, love for everything tech, and a passion for studying 21st century education…
You may not know… in my free time I’m also a Zumba fitness instructor.  I’ve been teaching Zumba (a latin-inspired dance fitness class) for two and 1/2 years..  After class last night, I was mingling with some of my students, many of whom, coincidentally, are classroom teachers. 
We were sharing health and fitness tips and talking about staying awesome at work, in the classroom, and at home with families. 
Here …

[19 Jan 2012 ]

The following is a guest post from Terie Engelbrecht, one of the EdCamp Chicago organizers.
If you look at the home page for the Edcamp Foundation’s homepage, you’ll see that it says that edcamps are all about “promoting organic, participant-driven professional development for K-12 educators worldwide.” At Edcamp Chicago, being held this year at East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, IL, we aim to provide this type of professional development experience: one that is developed by and for the teachers and administrators that attend, education for educators tailored to …

[17 Jan 2012 ]

Psst! Have you heard the buzz?
Teachers around the world are joining the fun and connecting with peers inside a unique online conference… and you can too! Here’s your chance to learn more about the Community that is helping educators succeed in the 21st century.
SimpleK12 CEO and Publisher, Michael Werner, recently took time out to discuss our popular Teacher Learning Community with the EdTech Show Daily.
Learn more about the Community by reading the exclusive interview down below.


EdTech Show Daily: What’s all this we’ve heard …

[4 Jan 2012 ]

We received such a great response to our last guest post about interactive ways to awaken students in the classroom that we decided to share more.
In the first post, “Top 10 Ways to Wake-up Students in Class”, Michelle Doman shared some great tips and tricks she uses in her own Middle School classroom to keep students engaged… and now, we’ve brought her back to share some more ideas!

10 MORE Ways to Wake-up Students in Class
Upon returning from break, students’ necks are craning, eyes focusing on…not the teacher, but the swirling …

[29 Dec 2011 ]

Do you like sharing ideas with other educators? Do you enjoy talking about the latest trends in education? Then Edcamp is for you! Allow me to introduce one of the upcoming free professional development events that SimpleK12 will be sponsoring:  EdCamp Delta!
Delta will host its inaugural Edcamp on January 14th, 2012 at Delta Secondary School in Ladner, BC.

Edcamps are hosted worldwide to allow for educators, students, parents, and anyone interested in education to participate in a one-day, free “unconference” without guest speakers or keynote speakers. The participants at …

[9 Dec 2011 ]

True or False: Educators around the world are using social media for their own professional development.

And the answer is … True!

Social learning is in, and teachers and administrators everywhere are enhancing their own personal and professional development by harnessing the power of social media.
Please share how social media has impacted your professional life
with me down below in the comments. 

If you need help getting started, check out the following 10 ways to start using social media as a professional development tool…


      1. Connect with like-minded learning professionals worldwide to …

[8 Nov 2011 ]

The following 27 tips and tricks are designed to help principals (new and seasoned) fulfill their leadership role.  If you can help add to my list, you may win a special prize for you and 5 of the teachers in your school!  Keep reading to find out how…

Maintain a positive attitude – You set the stage for your school just as your teachers set the stage for their classrooms.
Pick your battles – Realize that not every issue needs …