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[19 Apr 2013 ]

Earth Day is here! 

Watch this video in association with the Earth Day Network (upload any Earth Day photos here!) and get inspired to participate in the worldwide holiday dedicated to the health and beauty of our planet. 
As an educator, you have the ability to touch the lives of your students. Go above and beyond this year and do something that will leave a lasting impression on them and how they see their world. Check out some of these project ideas for kids!

The “ever classic” plant a tree. With approval …

[17 Aug 2012 ]

The 2012-2013 school year has arrived … and with every new school year, that means it is time to break the ice!  Here are 10 fun activities you can try with your students.

Secret Identity:  Prepare a post-it note for each student in your class and write the names of different famous or well-known people (could be an athlete, musician, celebrity, historical character, etc).  Stick a post-it note on everyone’s forehead. Students will go around and ask people yes or no questions about who is on their …

[26 Apr 2012 ]

I received such a great response to my last post about Integrating wikis in the classroom, so I’ve decided to write a part 2…
In the first post, “12 Ways to Integrate Wikis in the Classroom”, I shared information from SimpleK12′s workbook, “Integrating Wikis in the Classroom” – just one of 1,000s of resources available with membership to the Teacher Learning Community.
And now I’m back with even more ideas!
Here are 12 MORE real-world examples to help you integrate wikis in the classroom.

Create Mathematical Biographies

[24 Apr 2012 ]

Fun and easy to use, Wikis are also a great way to get students involved in the curriculum. Whether you are interested in encouraging participation, collaboration, or interaction, wikis are a great addition to any classroom.
Here are 12 real-world examples to help you integrate wikis in the classroom.

Create a Classroom Encyclopedia
The study of any topic can be enhanced if students work together to gather information and then synthesize their learning by writing and posting short articles about the concepts being studied. …

[4 Jan 2012 ]

We received such a great response to our last guest post about interactive ways to awaken students in the classroom that we decided to share more.
In the first post, “Top 10 Ways to Wake-up Students in Class”, Michelle Doman shared some great tips and tricks she uses in her own Middle School classroom to keep students engaged… and now, we’ve brought her back to share some more ideas!

10 MORE Ways to Wake-up Students in Class
Upon returning from break, students’ necks are craning, eyes focusing on…not the teacher, but the swirling …

[1 Nov 2011 ]

The following is a guest post from Eduardo Santos, who has been teaching English for 10 years in private schools in Brazil.
When Parents Shouldn’t be the First Option
Most schools advise teachers to call or arrange a face-to-face meeting with parents as soon as a student causes any ‘problem’ or presents low results. It is the teachers’ duty to get in touch with the students’ parents in order to solve the problem or discuss with them the best way to solve it. Sometimes, these meetings are arranged with the parents and …

[20 Oct 2011 ]

Principals, pull up a chair: Here’s what your teachers may or may not be telling you.  Teachers, get ready to comment and add to the following list: This is your chance to let your voice be heard.
Using feedback and ideas from teacher friends, family members, and my Personal Learning Network (PLN), I’ve compiled the following list:
Teachers wish their Principals knew…

How much time, effort, and ‘free’ extra work we do for the school.
That school scores and standardized testing are …