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[22 Jun 2010 ]

Lisa and I couldn’t be more excited about ISTE 2010!  Keep an eye out for our blue bunny slippers, and if you run into us, make sure to grab a free I Heart EdTech pin.

Some reminders about our plans for ISTE 2010:

Lisa and I will both be blogging and tweeting (@SimpleK12) from ISTE on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Lisa will be at the EduBloggerCon / Classroom 2.0 “LIVE in Denver” 2010 on Saturday at the convention center.
Lisa and I will both be at the …

[15 Jun 2010 ]

Excitement for ISTE 2010 is building.  Lisa and I can’t wait to take our I <3 EdTech t-shirts and bunny slippers all the way to Denver, CO.
When you’re at ISTE 2010, make sure to say hello and pick up an I <3 EdTech button!  We’ve got a couple other things up our sleeves too…but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to wait and see.
How can you find us?

Lisa will be at the EduBloggerCon / Classroom 2.0 “LIVE in Denver” 2010 on Saturday, June …

[10 Jun 2010 ]

This week has been so busy here at SimpleK12 as I’m sure it’s very busy for you wrapping up school, getting Summer plans in order, or working on your professional development plans for the next few months. Being a creative and busy type, I often find myself being inspired or getting ideas so quickly throughout the day that I can hardly keep up! I usually am frivolously jotting things down on Post-Its galore or constantly bookmarking and making notes EVERYWHERE. Well, in the midst of my organized chaos a little …

[21 May 2010 ]

I’ve been doing the EdTech Highlights for a few months now and we’ve decided to change it up a little. Normally, I just post a link to the post and the author’s name, but all of you bloggers work hard at producing fantastic blog posts. In fact, you’re so awesome that you deserve an award! So, as a token of our thanks and appreciation, any blog chosen to be included in my weekly highlight also earns the right to proudly display the I Heart EdTech Favorite …

[7 May 2010 ]

Can you believe it’s Friday already? This week has flown by faster than the blink of an eye but here I am again, right on schedule to share some of my favorite Edtech posts!
Blog Posts:
The I Heart EdTech Blog Swap – Mission Accomplished! By Shawnette @SimpleK12 The swap turned out so awesome that I couldn’t NOT mention it. It was a great turnout of some really great EdTech bloggers! Thank you, again, to all of the participants. We’ll do it again soon!
These 12 Tutorials Teach …

[30 Apr 2010 ]

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been organizing the I Heart EdTech Blog Swap and it has turned out to be absolutely fantastic! We had an awesome turnout! I hope the participants enjoyed doing the swap as much as I enjoyed putting it together and I’m sure many new friendships were formed.
Some of you may be wondering what a blog swap is, exactly. Well, it’s when two bloggers (Blogger A and Blogger B) get together and write posts for each other’s blogs.  Blogger A writes a post …

[21 Apr 2010 ]

Woo hoo! Today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to find out who your partner is for the I Heart EdTech Blog Swap!
We have 42 EdTech bloggers participating! What an awesome turnout! So without further ado, here is the list. Find your name and your partner is the person listed next to you. This is the person for whom you will be guest blogging. I’ll also be sending an email to you all with your partner’s contact information, the …