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[20 Apr 2012 ]

 Are you looking for an easy plug-and-play project for your classroom?
Thanks to Erin, a middle school teacher in Saratoga California, you can download and use this awesome 3D PowerPoint Museum in class to engage your students.  
Erin uploaded this amazing classroom resource to the Shared Resources area of the Teacher Learning Community, and you’re free to download it, modify it, and use it in class with your students. 
You might think PowerPoint is an “old” technology… or that it isn’t as exciting as some of the other tools out there – …

[5 Jun 2011 ]

Oh boy, I thought I’d get off easy this week until I glanced over and saw that I’d made notes on a ton of great articles that I wanted to share with you.
Here’s what I found most useful from the pile:

Using tech games to engage students
Google ventures into science fairs
Skype to connect teachers worldwide
Engaging students in the classroom with cell phones
Web site set up to help teachers swap lesson plans

Anything …

[3 Jun 2011 ]

I’m reading, I’m reading, I’m reading…

5 Tips to Write a Grant to Buy an iPad

10 tips for using social media in the classroom
Kindergartners too young for iPads?
Implementing a successful one-to-one learning environment
Going online to avoid violence

What have you been reading and what’s going on in your part of the education world?
Give it to me!

[27 May 2011 ]

So much education and technology reading to do… so little time.
Here’s what got my attention recently:

Five reasons for using technology in lessons
Top 10 web tools for teachers
Defining “technology integration”
Is Maine’s experiment with laptops a success?
Dealing with students who text during class

What else should I be reading?
Please comment below.

[21 May 2011 ]

Hello everyone.
Check out what I’ve been reading of late:

Electronic response devices improve student classroom participation
Seven ways to use technology in elementary classrooms
Using tech tools to improve literacy
Bush Institute focuses on middle school learning
Parent involvement critical for success of online learning


[15 May 2011 ]

I’ve been reading at breakneck speed these last few days, and here are some of the goodies I thought you’d enjoy and learn from:

Online learning growing in Illinois: improving education or saving money?
Teacher challenges students with technology
Using Skype for long distance learning
Nation’s top E-teacher shares insights
Guidelines for blocking websites at schools

[13 May 2011 ]

Oh boy!  Lots of stuff going on in the education world these days, and my to-read piles and lists just keep growing.
Here are some of the most interesting stories I’ve been following of late:

How technology is improving education
Is technology distracting students?
How Netbooks are changing teaching and learning
Should teachers be able to seize a student’s cell phone and read their text messages?
Five books that could improve your teaching

Okay, so give it …