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[7 Aug 2012 ]

There are so many great quotes related to education out there, and they can really be helpful when you (or your students) are looking for a little bit of inspiration or motivation.
My favorites tend to change over time and I always like to have a couple around my desk or home.
One of my recent favorites is…
“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – John C. Maxwell
I was curious about what your favorites were, so I posted a discussion thread inside the Teacher Learning Community forums.
(view the entire discussion thread here)
This is …

[20 Jul 2012 ]

Yep… we all know that summer has to end eventually. Unfortunately, sooner or later (probably sooner than you would like) you will be returning to your hallowed hallways, homerooms, and offices.
The fall semester is just about here… but there is no need to panic. A new semester is much like a new year … a chance to start fresh.  Before jumping back into the 2012/13 school routine, take a moment to consider some goals for the upcoming year.
Please share with me, What Goals do YOU have for the new school …

[16 Jul 2012 ]

Hey guys!
Let’s have some fun.
Have you ever heard of the 6-word memoir project? It’s where people write a novel in just six words. One of the most famous in this genre comes from Ernest Hemingway:
For Sale: baby shoes, never worn
So, I would like to start a thread here with the topic being:
What do YOU get from teaching?
I’ll go first:
I learn more than my students.
Okay, over to you. Give it to me!  Go here to post your comments:

[20 Apr 2012 ]

 Are you looking for an easy plug-and-play project for your classroom?
Thanks to Erin, a middle school teacher in Saratoga California, you can download and use this awesome 3D PowerPoint Museum in class to engage your students.  
Erin uploaded this amazing classroom resource to the Shared Resources area of the Teacher Learning Community, and you’re free to download it, modify it, and use it in class with your students. 
You might think PowerPoint is an “old” technology… or that it isn’t as exciting as some of the other tools out there – …

[30 Jan 2012 ]

Can your favorite free web tool wow a crowd in just 2 minutes?  There’s only one way to find out!
Whether you come to watch or come to present your own favorite FREE web tool – I hope you attend our upcoming Web Tool Smackdown Webinar. 
This is a fast paced showcase of free web tools, and it’s going to take place as a part of our next Day of Learning on February 4th.  Join us and I’m sure you’ll walk away with some new free web tools and plenty of ideas …

[18 Jan 2012 ]

Have you struggled with YouTube being blocked in your school, and your administration just won’t budge on unblocking it? Well, I come bearing good news for you!
YouTube is, for the most part, a fantastic resource for teachers. It’s packed with free content on just about any subject you or your students could ever want. However, all the “junk” that litters YouTube like the suggested videos, inappropriate videos, comments, and other ads has kept it from getting the green light at most schools.
YouTube is now trying to change that with their …

[10 Jan 2012 ]

Does the thought of making a positive impact on the future generation scare the pants off you? Are you looking to get by your evaluations with just enough credibility and success to avoid any repercussions or tough questions? Here are a few tips for you…

How You Can Avoid Being a Great Educator
1) Keep Your Head Low
Strive for mediocrity. Avoid becoming an expert on something…anything! If you become great at something, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out, or it has a positive impact on your students.
2) Ignore …