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[24 May 2012 ]

If you (or your teachers) work with assistive technology devices, here are 15 great examples of how you can use these tools with students.

These ideas are taken out of the course “Aiding Students with Assistive Technology” which is found inside of the Teacher Learning Community.  If you are interested in learning more about this topic, you can access the online course inside of the Teacher Learning Community.

Help Visually Impaired Students
Create a curriculum page of Web sites that you want your students to visit in order to complete a …

[19 Mar 2012 ]

Hello blog readers, Twitter followers, and education friends…
We’ve had an increasingly high volume of people asking us about what our Teacher Learning Community is all about.   So, I hosted a casual webinar that was a sneak peak tour inside of our Community.
100′s and 100′s of educators showed up to take a peak inside.
If you missed my tour, and are curious what all the hub-bub is about…
Check out this replay session of my sneak peak tour!
During the live iteration, attendees asked questions…
If you have a question not addressed, post it in the comments and I’ll …

[12 Mar 2012 ]

Ever thought of using a blog to enhance your classroom?  

Or perhaps you have one and are looking for some awesome ideas to bring your blog (and classroom!) to life. 
Here are 15 examples that come out of just ONE of the 100′s of digital teacher workbooks inside of our Teacher Learning Community.  
Meet the Author
When reading a work written by a contemporary author, invite the writer to interact with your students using a blog. Ask students to brainstorm and post questions and comments about the text for the author …

[30 Jan 2012 ]

Can your favorite free web tool wow a crowd in just 2 minutes?  There’s only one way to find out!
Whether you come to watch or come to present your own favorite FREE web tool – I hope you attend our upcoming Web Tool Smackdown Webinar. 
This is a fast paced showcase of free web tools, and it’s going to take place as a part of our next Day of Learning on February 4th.  Join us and I’m sure you’ll walk away with some new free web tools and plenty of ideas …

[24 Jan 2012 ]

Yesterday marked the start of the new Chinese New year.  So Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the year of the Dragon.
The year of the rabbit has come to an end…but these bunnies are just getting started!
We’re looking forward to a big 2012.

This year, you can expect more of what you said you loved last year, including…

Practical advice for educators like you
Free live webinars
Technology tutorials and tips
eBooks of all shapes and sizes

[17 Jan 2012 ]

Psst! Have you heard the buzz?
Teachers around the world are joining the fun and connecting with peers inside a unique online conference… and you can too! Here’s your chance to learn more about the Community that is helping educators succeed in the 21st century.
SimpleK12 CEO and Publisher, Michael Werner, recently took time out to discuss our popular Teacher Learning Community with the EdTech Show Daily.
Learn more about the Community by reading the exclusive interview down below.


EdTech Show Daily: What’s all this we’ve heard …

[12 Jan 2012 ]

Last week I hinted that the Bunnies had a brand new (and quite scandelous!) T-Shirt for FETC this year … well it’s time to find out what it is!  Rather than just tell you, I’m going to show you!
Allow me to introduce our new T-Shirt design … TA-DA!

The Bunnies are no strangers to creating a “wow factor”. 
Come on… you’ve seen us walking around FETC in our blue bunny slippers!  Well this year we are taking it one step further.  In addition to the bunny slippers, we will also be wearing …