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[2 Aug 2012 ]

If you know us here at SimpleK12, you know we love our free eBooks.  From time to time, we give them out via email, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, and webinars.
And it turns out, you love our free eBooks too!  I’ve received so many questions about eBooks (mainly, on how to get MORE), that I thought I’d share a list of our most popular eBooks.
So grab some coffee, kick up your bunny slippers, and take it all in…

Top 7 SimpleK12 eBooks for Educators

Top 7 Virtual Field Trips

[20 Apr 2012 ]

 Are you looking for an easy plug-and-play project for your classroom?
Thanks to Erin, a middle school teacher in Saratoga California, you can download and use this awesome 3D PowerPoint Museum in class to engage your students.  
Erin uploaded this amazing classroom resource to the Shared Resources area of the Teacher Learning Community, and you’re free to download it, modify it, and use it in class with your students. 
You might think PowerPoint is an “old” technology… or that it isn’t as exciting as some of the other tools out there – …

[25 Jan 2012 ]

As an educator it’s your job to critique. You help your students grow and become better by critiquing the assignments they turn in to you. However, there‚Äôs a fine line between critiquing and criticizing. Do you know the difference?

 The experts over at Collaborize Classroom have put together this free PDF to help teachers establish clear understanding of the difference between critiquing and criticizing students.
This free download not only gives you topics to consider when critiquing a peer but also suggests some verbiage for you to use to express your …

[21 Nov 2011 ]

Lord of the Flies, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Chances are, if you’re an English teacher, you are well acquainted with these titles. If you’re looking for some new ideas you can use in your lesson plans while reading these books with your students, look no further!
Check out these free downloads for “Lord of the Flies,” “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Collaborize Classroom has free lesson plans available to teachers for each of these books. These are …

[3 Nov 2011 ]

Connecting with others is easier than ever – thanks to modern technology we have a variety of tools and services at our fingertips…best of all, so much of it’s FREE!  
Check out this amazing resource I found inside the Teacher Learning Community’s shared resource center.  If you’re not a Community member yet, you can find out more info and join us here.
Download your free copy of the PDF here:
This PDF includes free web tools in the following areas:

Backchannel Chats

[26 Oct 2011 ]

This is your chance to get a free copy of our effective communication toolkit.  Discover 7 tools to help you assess your communication skills, send clear messages, tips for using nonverbal behaviors and more!
This toolkit is normally only available to Teacher Learning Community members, but you can get your free copy right here.
You’ll get tips for choosing the right communication method and considering other important factors that impact effectiveness. You’ll also learn effective listening and feedback skills.
Click here to download your free copy.
And let me know what you think!
PS – Are you …

[22 Aug 2011 ]

Many teachers decide against creating an online classroom for their students because most websites require students to have email addresses.  This creates a big problem for teachers because not every student has email.
So, how can we solve this issue?
Our friends over at Collaborize Classroom have made it so any teacher can create an online classroom and include every student regardless if they have an email address or not.
Check out this Collaborize Classroom PDF that shows you exactly how to register your students if they do not have email addresses.
Collaborize Classroom …