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[28 Apr 2011 ]

A few days, we asked Bill Ferriter (teacher, thinker, writer, presenter) to offer up what he thinks is a problem with the way many schools and districts handle teacher professional development.
Many readers posted comments and tweeted us that Bill’s comments resonated with them.
You may see that post here: The Teacher Professional Development Fail
So, we asked Bill to return with a possible solution to today’s seemingly broken PD system.
Over to you, Bill…
Redesigning Teacher Professional Development
If you were to ask any of the thousands of teachers who attended one of the 26 …

[15 Apr 2011 ]

A few weeks ago, I ran across teacher Bill Ferriter on Twitter (@plugusin) when he made several interesting comments about the state of teacher professional development. I then started reading more about Bill’s take on the teaching life at his blog, the Tempered Radical.
And, one thing’s for sure: Bill calls ‘em like he sees ‘em!  (And, after you read the below, I’d love for you to call ‘em as you see ‘em, by commenting at the end of the post.)

So, let me jump right to it and introduce Part 1 …

[25 Mar 2011 ]

A teacher changed my friend’s life.
Oh yeah… well, big deal, eh?  Most of us have had teachers who’ve had significant impacts on our lives.
But, in Stephen Hopson’s case, I think I can say that the change was bigger than most of us have experienced… and the challenges that Stephen has overcome (with a tad bit of encouragement from one special teacher) are monumental.
Having been born profoundly deaf, Stephen first experienced success with help from his second-grade teacher, Mrs. Jordan. He went on to success on Wall Street …

[19 Aug 2010 ]

I was reading an article the other day on eSchoolNews titled, “Federal Officials Aim to Prevent Bullying” where they were discussing day two of the federal Bullying Prevention Summit in Washington, D.C. What I found interesting about this article was how federal officials were short on answers to questions specifically about cyber bullying.
I have read and heard so many sad stories of cyber bullying and it’s crazy to me that preventing it has not become a staple conversation for teachers, parents, and the kids themselves.
I remember the story of Megan …

[12 Aug 2010 ]

Last week, I participated in Disconnect Day, where I steered far away from things like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, text messages, personal phone calls, etc… for one whole day. I decided to track my day of disconnecting and wanted to share my experience with you! Check it out:
6:50 AM – Enjoying my first cup of coffee and would normally be checking Twitter and Facebook to see what happened while I slept. (Addicted much?) Today? Just Good Morning America and getting ready for work. So far, so good!
8:02 AM – I’m at …

[4 Aug 2010 ]

Last week I declared tomorrow, August 5th, as a Disconnect Day (watch out because next time I’m declaring Cupcake Day =)) So, you might be asking, what’s this Disconnect Day all about? Well, I know often times we get so caught up in all this extremely awesome technology that connects us day in and day out, but I’ve been questioning how much we actually DISCONNECT from it?
I will say, I usually disconnect for the evenings when I’ve come home from work, but not usually for an entire day. So, I …

[29 Jul 2010 ]

This past weekend was my Mom’s birthday and as a family, we decided to go the beach for  4 days. Nice, right? I honestly couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better time with my family. The weekend was full of playing board games, cards (using an actual deck!), mini golf, swimming, etc. I didn’t actually notice until Tuesday when I got back to work how much I really had disconnected myself from technology and people over the weekend. I mean, when was the last time you picked up …