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[7 Nov 2013 ]

Increasing homework completion and engaging today’s digital students can be challenging. If you want to improve information retention and increase student achievement, all while teaching your students important 21st Century skills, you’ve found the perfect Premium Resource.
SimpleK12 is thrilled to present to you this FREE printable project and we hope it will bring new life to your classroom.
Craft a Writer’s Workshop Blog

In this FREE Premium Resource lesson plan, Students will create a creative writing blog featuring their own writing using a blog host site, such as, that you will …

[3 Aug 2012 ]

The following is a guest blog post from Carol Nelson, an Elementary Education Instructor at Central Christian College in McPherson, KS.
Socks or Puppets?
This morning two apps on my iPad caught my eye. They were Sock Puppets and PuppetPals. Saved in my “digital storytelling” folder, I had downloaded these upon recommendation of others. Several weeks ago I was privileged to see a student produced Sock Puppet project in a nearby school. However, unto this point I had not tried either of these myself.
Sock Puppets drew me in first.

This is …

[3 May 2012 ]

Attention Educator friends, colleagues, and PLN -
The Bunnies want YOU to join our SimpleK12 family.  We’re looking for Guest Bloggers to share their thoughts, advice and expertise with our readers.  Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just getting started, here’s a great opportunity to showcase your work.  The content of your post is up to you – but it must be related to the field of education.
Topics we’re looking for:
If you’re familiar with the SimpleK12 blog, it’s not hard to tell what we like to blog about.  But …

[12 Mar 2012 ]

Ever thought of using a blog to enhance your classroom?  

Or perhaps you have one and are looking for some awesome ideas to bring your blog (and classroom!) to life. 
Here are 15 examples that come out of just ONE of the 100′s of digital teacher workbooks inside of our Teacher Learning Community.  
Meet the Author
When reading a work written by a contemporary author, invite the writer to interact with your students using a blog. Ask students to brainstorm and post questions and comments about the text for the author …

[20 Feb 2012 ]

The following is a guest post from Kay Cantwell, an Education Officer of Digital Learning at Brisbane Catholic Education in Brisbane Area, Australia.
13 Reasons Teachers Should Use Diigo
Diigo stands for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.” It is a social bookmarking program that allows you to save your ‘favorites’ online, so that they can be accessible from any computer with an internet connection. However, Diigo does much more than this.
So…here are 13 reasons every teacher should use Diigo:

Diigo provides a free, efficient, effective and …

[9 Feb 2012 ]

The following is a guest post from Steve Katz, who currently teaches social studies and is the middle school technology integration specialist at Korea International School in Seoul, Korea.
37 Teacher Favorite iPad Apps
I collected a list of favorite iPad apps that were shared by attendees at the 5th @pple Meetup on Friday, September 23 at Apple Korea Headquarters. If you are a progressive educator who is integrating technology in your classroom in Korea & would like to be invited to future Meetups, please leave a comment on the @pple Meetup …

[31 Jan 2012 ]

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts, advice and expertise with education readers from around the world?  Here’s your chance! Join the SimpleK12 blogging team and your dreams will become a reality.
Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just getting started, now is the perfect time to showcase your work.  The content of your post is up to you – but it must be related to the field of education.
Ideas & Topics To Write About:
ANYTHING fun, exciting, and education-related!  Tips to managing your students, your favorite web tools, …