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Today’s Front Page: Local News From Around The World With A Mouse Click!

Written by 22 February 2010

I was browsing for a news story and stumbled upon a fantastic way to keep up with current events everywhere. Newseum.org’s Today’s Front Pages! Wow!

They feature the actual front pages from newspapers all around the world. You can choose 3 views: Gallery, List or Map and you can sort them by region. When using the List or Map view, the front page of the newspaper pops up when you mouse over it. Of course I wasted way more time than I should have browsing stories from around the world. Unfortunately, I had to stick with English speaking countries.

Todays Front Page: Local News From Around The World With A Mouse Click!

Kelly Tenkely of iLearntechnology.com posted some great ideas about how to use Today’s Front pages in the classroom in her May 13 blog post, Newseum. In it, she suggests having students compare and contrast front page events around the country or around the world or using it as a great discussion starter about newspapers: Should they be saved or will they eventually be totally replaced by the Internet? Along with several other fabulous ideas.

I remember clipping newspaper articles for the current events portion of Social studies. Man, I would have LOVED a site like Newseum back then! So check it out for yourself and spread the word. Today’s Front Pages is a fabulous find! A word to the wise, though; the site does have the following warning posted: “The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised.” I didn’t see anything particularly objectionable, but you know how news reports can be, so if you’re going to use it in your class, you definitely want to check them out before letting your students in.

So how will you use Today’s Front Pages? Share your ideas in a comment below.

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Todays Front Page: Local News From Around The World With A Mouse Click!

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