The I Heart EdTech Blog Swap Partner List
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The I Heart EdTech Blog Swap Partner List

Written by 21 April 2010

Woo hoo! Today is the day that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to find out The I Heart EdTech Blog Swap Partner Listwho your partner is for the I Heart EdTech Blog Swap!

We have 42 EdTech bloggers participating! What an awesome turnout! So without further ado, here is the list. Find your name and your partner is the person listed next to you. This is the person for whom you will be guest blogging. I’ll also be sending an email to you all with your partner’s contact information, the blog swap image and a few topic suggestions so be sure to check your email today.

John Goldsmith Amanda Kenuam
Chad Jones Steve Katz
Audrey Watters Marti Sides
Mike Michael Kaechele
Emily Starr (2nd blog) Susan Schrader
Eden Litt Rath Loeung
Kelli Erwin (2nd blog) Shelly Terrell
Jason Christiansen (2nd blog) Selena Woodward
William Chamberlain Jennifer Crow
Daniel De Leon Krista Scott
James Gubbins (2nd blog) Heather Mason
James McConville Tracy Beach
Scott Merrick (2nd blog 3rd blog) Elaine Plybon
Jodi Tompkins Kim Munoz
Catalina Bohorquez & Michelle Olah Jason Bedell
Patrick Black Elisha Reese
Reynold Redekopp (2nd blog 3rd blog) Glenn Wiebe
Karen Evans David Andrade
Gina Felter (2nd blog) Suzanne Whitlow (2nd blog)
Dean Mantz Bianca Gaither (2nd blog)

A few topic suggestions to get you started:
Integrating Technology Into the Classroom
Favorite free EdTech tool
Technology Assessments
Professional Development
EdTech trends in your district
Social Media in education…

The next step is to contact your partner and discuss what your blog topics will be. Once you’ve made a decision on the topic, it’s time to jump in and start writing because the guest blogs need to be posted the week of April 26-30. That’s just next week and we all know how time flies, so no procrastinating!

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The I Heart EdTech Blog Swap Partner List


  • Selena Woodward said:

    Just finished my blog and sent it to my partner Jason. His is now available to read at and Mine will be on his soon!

    What a great conversation you started between the two of us! A really valuable experience! :)
    Thank you for the opportuninity! Hope you enjoy reading our thoughts!

    Shawnette Reply:

    Selena, that’s awesome! That’s really what we were trying to accomplish with this swap and I hope that we can do more in the future.

  • Michael said:

    Hello Blog Post Signer-Uppers: We see your names on the list and we know who you are if you haven’t done your blog posts yet! :-)

  • Tracy Beach said:

    We just finished ours and sent it to our partner. And just published his blog here.

    Thank you – what fun!


    Tracy Beach