The Google+ Guide For Educators
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The Google+ Guide For Educators

Written by 2 August 2011

The Google+ Guide For EducatorsUnless you've been living under a rock the last month, undoubtedly you've heard of the new social networking site everyone has been raving about:  Google+.

All this buzz has generated some great articles (my to-read pile just keeps growing!) so it's been hard to find just one favorite Google+ area to discuss...that's why I've decided to share some of my favorite articles to help get educators started. 

Here's my Google+ Guide for Educators:

  • Google+: The Complete Guide
    This nifty little article separates different Google+ features and has even included screen shots to compliment each area, giving a thorough breakdown .
  • Google+ For Educators
    If you like the articles I've just shared, you'll LOVE this LiveBinder. Here's a huge collection of additional Google+ articles to help educators get started.

So what do you think about Google+? Is this the social network education has been waiting for? I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.


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The Google+ Guide For Educators


  • Betsye Sargent said:

    I don’t see how Google+ can revolutionize education, or at least make important change when you can’t become a member through Google for educators accounts. I get thrown out each time because I don’t have a profile. I am in through Chrome, but that took some doing, and this is not the browser I use regularly in school. Do you know something I don’t?
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  • Tiffany Della Vedova said:

    G+ has a world of potential in the classroom, especially in blended environments and asynchronous or flipped learning models. However, there is much to think about still. First, there is an existing age limit of 18, which is expected to drop to FB’s 13, but to use G+ in the class, we have to be very communicative and respectful of the policies because they really are there for a reason. Further, the design could lend itself to exclusivity as pointed out in this excellent post which calls attention to the inevitable situation of the student left out of the “hangout”.

  • Michelle said:

    Thanks for adding my link. I do have another article that is specifically about 10 things to think about before using google+. There is a lot of interesting speculation going on about how it can impact the classroom. I am teaching with it right now and for my situation (college yr 1-2, online course) it is absolutely fantastic. Thankfully the age limitation isn’t as difficult a hurdle for me. I am lucky not to have any dual credit students this semester.

    As for exclusivity, well, personally, that is going to happen at every level regardless of the platform. I am currently feeling the throwback of the generation that was told that everyone is a winner and let’s be careful not to have anyone get their feelings hurt. Those are the same students that think that if they come every day and turn in all the work they deserve an A.

    The solution doesn’t lie in eliminating situations where students will get hurt feelings, it lies in helping them learn to find strength in themselves.

  • amit said:

    Google+ really seems up,the features ( that are given by Google are pretty impressive and cause havoc for Facebook, nice article !!!

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  • SEO Santa Barbara said:

    Google + is nice and it might be somewhat useful in the class room, but I don’t know if bringing more social media and computer time into school is the best idea. Kids currently spend a majority of their time playing video games on the computer or in front of the t.v. Children need to learn the value of books and time unplugged. I would like to see schools take a different stance than they have on how technology is implemented in the class room.
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