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Freebie Man: Win a $4,000 Lecture Capture/Presentation System for Your School

Written by 26 January 2010

That's right! We're giving away our lecture capture/presentation system for your school.

What do you have to do?

Watch this video below and find out!

The website Freebie Man refers to is --> Go check it out and win!

We have an update to the contest rules…we are extending it past 20 entries… and rather, people have until 5:00 pm February 5th to enter.
But since we’ve changed the rules on you, we will now be giving away TWO SimpleWorkShop solutions to TWO schools!
Enter away…have fun with it…we are!

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Freebie Man:  Win a $4,000 Lecture Capture/Presentation System for Your School


  • Dena Offerdahl said:

    Students will be able to view/listen to lessons in the event that they were absent or needed to revisit it for homework purposes.

    Students will be able to create their own presentations such as public service announcements and newscasts that would facilitate learning to use technology when there is so little opportunity for them in the district.

    Students would also be able to create audiobooks for students listen to using the equipment, as well as reading teachers being able to use it for assessments.

  • Catalina said:

    Not too long ago I had the opportunity to present at a Faculty Meeting and share with my colleagues about all of the things that I am doing to motivate, engage and attain profiency with my students. Many, many, of the teachers at my school have been asking for a training session but due to conflicting schedules we haven’t been able to do it.

    At the County Level, The World Languages Department has asked Michelle and I to share the things we are doing with all of the World Languages teachers in the district. The training has been scheduled twice (Michelle and I have developed the entire training for hours and hours) and because we cannot find a day that is convenient for everyone we have not been able to do the training so many teachers could benefit from.

    I love the fact tha the the Video Capture Presentation System takes away the stress of scheduling so many people and allows the atendees to advance at their own pace within an alloted period of time.

    My life would be so much easier with the presentation program and the people that really want to integrate ED TECH in my school and at my county would finally be able to take the training and start impacting the lives of our students and their sucess in all of our classes.

  • Christin said:

    The Video Capture Program appears to be the answer to so many staff development questions. It is impossible not to think of numerous ways this can be beneficial. With teachers receiving new technology all the time, video capture would make basic training a breeze.

    Problem 1: A new teacher or long-term substitute walks into their assigned classroom. “Wow! I have a SMART Board. Now what do I do with it?”

    Problem 2: Our school just received several sets of SMART Response Systems, but only one teacher is trained to use the effectively. Workshops won’t be available for several months.

    Problem 3: Teachers attended workshops on their SMART Board or SMART Response Systems, but they don’t remember all the information they learned and need a refresher.

    Problem 4: The second part to a workshop given in the fall will be given in the spring. To have the best discussions, teachers need a reminder of the content taught.

    Solution to problems 1-4: SIMPLE WORKSHOP!
    This Video Capture Program will allow our district to keep new teachers and substitutes informed about how to use classroom technology such as the SMART Board.
    Technology, such as the SMART Response System, can be put to use quickly when information is available immediately instead of waiting for a workshop.
    Teachers train on certain types of technology can get a refresher on the spot with this program. They can also review information before a meeting or workshop continuation.

    This is a small sampling of the problems that can be solved with the use of Simple Workshop. I would love to give it a try!

  • Jaime Steward said:

    January in Maine, our budget is as frozen as everything else! Simple Workshop is an excellent resource to provide quality help in this type of situation, I can even go to our school board and let them know that I have discovered how to balance the district’s budget! No more mileage, sub expenses, or workshop fees, we can simply use Simple Workshop to present all of our professional development: teachers can attend during their planning/lunch times, all of our simple meetings and trainings could be presented this way, even our not so simple conferences and workshops would be very professionally done with the use of Simple Workshop!

  • roger said:

    We could make specific technology training available to teachers when it fits their schedule and allow them access to review it whenever needed.

    It would give us the ability to communicate a video message from administration to every building in the district, at the same time.

  • E Lewis said:

    As the technology director for the district, I would use this tool to create video answers to frequently asked questions for teachers to review. Additionally required trainings, such as one that we were recently required by the state to do on ethics, could be effectively delivered using this tool and not take up valuable faculty meeting time, making the faculty meetings more productive. Lastly, I could see giving teachers access to this tool to post tutorials on difficult concepts. We do not currently have any interactive whiteboard technology in the district, so this would be a way to get some of the recording functionality that we are missing.

  • Cassy said:

    As an independent consultant that coaches and trains teachers on math curriculum, I find it’s becoming more and more expensive to get to the schools that really need the help. I work with hundreds of teachers around the country that need help with their math teaching and their schools tend to be the ones that can least afford it. The ability to personally interact and view what teachers are doing during training is so important. What seems interesting about this system is the ability to capture both a live presentation, including questions from those in attendance as well as integrate slides and the drawing/writing I do during a training.

    School budgets are tightening everywhere. Most schools I work with lack lcd projectors and smart boards, they spend their money on teachers and materials. This system would provide a way for schools to access my trainings for free.

  • Roy Blumenthal said:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the contest!

    My girlfriend teachers 4th graders. And I’m her unofficial ‘unpaid assistant’.

    The last two outings she took the ten-year-olds on involved multiple outcomes (I’m referring to South Africa’s Outcomes Based Education system).

    One outing was to the Sammy Marks Museum, what used to be the home of one of South Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs during our frontier-building gold and diamond rushes in the late 1800s.

    Jennifer and I created a semaphor treasure hunt, utilising digital cameras, hidden clues, detective work, history, geography, science. All in service of finding out more about how entrepreneurs operated back in the old days.

    The second outing was to the James Hall Transport Museum. Here, we created clue-sheets requiring kids to take photos of specific vehicles, along with analysis of what those vehicles were for, and how they impacted our world.

    Several of the classrooms in Jennifer’s school are equipped with SmartBoards. And all of the rooms have tv sets. Every teacher has a computer.

    I see SIMPLE WORKSHOP as an ideal way to capture footage of outings such as these and turn the footage into meaningful interactive learning.

    Not EVERY child can go on outings. And the outing itself offers only one level of learning.

    Jennifer could use the captured footage to create several different kinds of tuition.

    1. She could teach her colleagues how to set up outings.
    2. She could inspire staff to create innovative outings of their own, along with Simple Workshop courses that they could make.
    3. She could focus the material on a particular interest field.
    4. She could use the material to extend already-gifted learners, by layering extra details into the Simple Workshop, so they could be rewarded for their extra vigilance and creativity.
    5. She could make the outing shareable with others in the school.

    As I see it, one of the key benefits of Simple Workshop is that it simplifies the administration of score-collection, analysis, information dissemination, deadlines. And it makes it easy for teachers with their own schedules to deal with courses flexibly.

    My experience with Jennifer and the outings we’ve been on is that flexibility is not an option. And we’ve wished it could be. A child having a sick day can’t make it. Simple Workshop allows that child to share in the fun AND the learning.

    I hope I haven’t rambled too much. The vid has excited me tremendously on Jennifer’s behalf. I’d love for her school to get this software. It sounds thrilling. And it’ll allow her colleagues to take the next step in creating multimedia rich learning.

    Thanks again for the contest. Have a great time in the judging discussions.

    Blue skies

  • Eddy said:

    Sounds like the “berries”. This is the type of tool that would be very useful in my district of 10 schools of which some are located as far as 20 miles away from our central office. Communication is such an integral part of our district it seems that this would be the logical match. Thanks for considering our school district for this award.

  • Susan Gould-Leighton said:

    Like so many educators in small schools , I wear several hats. This would wonderful for several tasks I do.
    As the Technology Integration specialists I work with teachers Pre-K to 12. Sometimes I am helping them to use a piece of software and sometimes I am supporting a classroom activity. As several have mention the training on software use is often repetitive or I hear “I know you showed me but I can’t remember. So in that case I have posted written instruction s in our Moodle or used Jing to make videos.

    But I also encourage teachers to capture activities and student work to share with a larger audience. This tool could be put to great use in that way.

    However from a purely selfish perspective, I would like to use it for my own teaching. I teach Calculus. I use a document camera as I work and would love to capture the mathematical symbols that are so easy to write but require so much work if I do it on my computer using an equation editor or LaTex. Also switching from a computer graphing program like Geoalgebra, a graphing calculator and then my written work has been a challenge that I have been trying to solve for many years. I have been searching for a solution and so far nothing has been seamless. This really looks like the ticket.

    So I would use it with teachers for Professional Development, with students to capture their work and in my own teaching.

  • Emma Richardson said:

    As an agency that services 21 rural school districts, we realize that video and online technology is vital in delivery not only of professional development, but also for student class delivery. We would incorporate Simple Workshop into our existing distance learning, enabling delivery of classes and professional development for those participants that cannot attend and could also rebroadcast classes and professional development. This has been a missing component of our program for some time – our service area covers 15000 square miles with most participants traveling over 50 miles for programs. This would help teachers and students have access to quality learning on there own time. By giving us this great freebie, we would be able to help 21 different districts and get the word out across eastern Colorado.

  • P Terry said:

    Sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”

    I was wonderin’ how to teach ‘em when they came
    I was wonderin’ how to reach ‘em, help them gain
    I was wonderin how I’d teach ‘em, I was wonderin’ how I’d reach ‘em,
    I was wonderin’ how I’d teach ‘em when they came.

    They’ve signed up for integration, tech and tools
    They’ll be learning how to work in K-12 schools
    I’m in teacher preparation, but I still have hesitation
    How to get them to discover these tech jewels.

    Yes it’s at the college level that I dwell
    Where my students strive to learn their content well
    But with multimedia objects, they could understand their projects
    And enhance their application, oh do tell!

    I could generate some footage, that is true
    On the types of integration that we do
    But I’d also have them try it, demonstrate and even tie it
    To the units they develop and debut

    I was wonderin’ how to teach ‘em when they came
    I was wonderin’ how to reach ‘em, help them gain
    Now I think that I might catch ‘em, with a tool that’s sure to snatch ‘em
    And prepare them for the future, that’s my aim!

    Shawnette Reply:

    We LOVE this! Talk about a creative entry! You’ve not only said how the system can be used to enhance your school/classroom; you’ve said it in such a fabulous way that it deserves applause! Wow.

  • Chris Johnson said:

    Short and sweet:

    1. Too many teachers & not enough time to do all the PD needed due to scheduling. Using the presentation system they can fit it into their schedule.

    2. Even if I have to be gone that day the PD can still go on. The presentation system would prove I’m not indispensible:)

    3. I know it would be an awesome system because it comes from SimpleAssessment!!!

  • Jennifer Park said:

    How I would use is very simple -

    1) 130 Teachers to 1 Me
    2) 4 Buildings to 1 Me
    3) 12 Different grade levels to 1 Me
    4) Numerous training needs, wants (too many to count) to 1 Me

    This product would allow me to create professional workshops that my teachers and administrators can use. I could do 1 for everything that I am in charge of, which is basically professional development and all technology (anything the plugs in or runs on batteries). This would not only make my life easier, but it would also allow me to meet the needs of everyone in my district.


  • Michael Tiesworth said:

    I would be thrilled to use simpleworkshop to be able to give PD out to all so they can work on it at a time that is convenient for them. So often I offer training to teachers and get excuses or, “Can you just come and teach me this later”. With this process, they can pause, ponder, and practice. Hey – speaking of charming, that is a good motto for your simpleworkshop – free of charge from me. As I see it, you owe me one now. :)

    I can also see this as invaluable in a student setting for classes both in school and at later dates. For students who need review, are sick, or find themselves discovering that they should have not skipped the day the teacher presented this material.

    The possibilities are endless and also the way the future is going. Email is old fashioned. Sorry to those that just figured out how to use it! Now we can send them a training PPT on how to use this instead of email!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Michael Tiesworth
    Frankfort Elberta Area Schools
    Technology Coordinator

  • your competition said:

    I am a little miffed at your creativity. I can’t top it. Too charming…..

  • Ryan Moore said:

    Please HELP me keep my sanity!! There are only 2 IT people in my district. Together we are responsible for over 950 computers, all teachers and administrators. It is almost impossible for me to keep up with the calls and help requests that come through each day. The Lecture, Capture Presentation system would allow me to prepare training presentations and make them available to the staff at their convenience! The system would also allow me to actually get a break or lunch and at the same time continue to keep our equipment and staff moving into the 21st century.

  • Beth said:

    Schools no longer exist within the walls of their building (or buildings depending on the school). We live in a society where we are asking our students (and our teachers) to be global citizens. We work to prepare our teachers, our students, and our community to be ready to embrace this new reality that confronts all of us, a reality that asks us to work collectively and cooperatively, to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, to be global citizens, to be creative and innovative and embrace new literacy’s in information, media and technology. A tool such as SimpleWorkshop would not only be effective in providing professional development across the district, esp. when partnered with a tool such as Moodle which would promote an online forum for sharing, but also for students to reach beyond the building and promote intergenerational learning within our community or beyond our community. We could partner with our local cable television studio and provide materials that could be shared with our town. We could create materials for use in our elementary schools, or have students share their original work with the community. The possibilities are endless. What stops any school from doing this? in this day and age, money. All schools are experiencing budget issues. A tool like Simple Workshop and would open up a wealth of ideas that would allow us to educate more people in more ways than we have previously imagined.

  • Joan said:

    We just installed a video server and obtained enough bandwidth to be able to collaborate between buildings and with other schools. What a great way to capture staff development activities or student presentations and share them district wide with our new video server. Please consider us for the giveaway. With only one tech trainer for 600 teachers, it is almost impossible to get them the information they need when we roll out a new piece of technology. THIS IS THE ANSWER. My trainer could create using your Simple Workshop and store it for any teacher to retrieve at their convenience to review. It would also allow us to get more information out to parents.

    Michael Reply:

    Great uses! By the way… just so you know, this is all “cloud computing” so we do all the hosting for you.

  • Will Kimbley said:

    We are Yokomi Science & Technology Elementary with Smartboards in every room, hands-on science labs every day K-6 grade, and striving to provide the very best in current education technology. This video capture presentation setup would add to what we are doing here to help one of the most poverty stricken neighborhoods on the west coast to excel.

    One of the project this would help us with is to record instructional math lessons for web hosting so our students could access them via the internet.

    See more about our school at:

  • Melanie said:

    AMAZING TOOL! This would help me bring my school into the 21st century. I have been DESPERATELY trying to find ways to get information out to my co-workers and administrators on how to update our 20th century methods to create 21st Century Learners, instead of churning out 20th Century Students. This new tool could benefit not only my school population of 1200 but also all of the other schools in our network of Jesuit schools around the country.

  • Bob said:

    I am the Director of Technology and Technology instructor at a very small, very rural school district with an operating budget of less than $2M for 300+ students. Last year the state cut our funding by $135,000 (5 teachers salaries as the superintendent put it). Last week we were notified that between the remaining academic school year and next year, our budget is being cut $350,000.

    Very rural is putting it mildly. Most students live 15+ miles from school. Most students are the bus for 2+ hours per day. A lot need to stay home for one family reason or another. One thing most homes do have is a home computer and at least dial up internet.

    We get by on everything, especially technology. The computer lab computers are over 5 years old. So are my servers. We don’t have smartboards, video servers, etc. What I have is a dedicated staff of educators that are willing try anything to help our students problem solve in the 21st century. We recieved a grant for digital projectors and out them in all of the secondary classrooms, all 8 of them, including the computer lab. We all use them with powerpoint or some other tool.

    We are in the process of rolling out Moodle to help educators get ahead of the curve and get students engaged in and out of the classroom. Students can do research, assignments, post messages, blog/chat, and be assessed in the classroom, at home, in the library, or wherever internet is. A fantastic addition to help our educators prepare lessons would be a Lecture Capture / Presentation System. With a system such as this, we can make a difference in our students lives.

  • Dawn Hart said:

    So many teachers are scared to death of the big bad monster (technology), what better way to offer training than through the Simple Capture/presentation system.
    We could also use it for students who are out to allow them to see the lessons taught and upload them to our website.
    If I had your system I could record my lessons and have more time to review your products and enter your contests. (Ha Ha)

  • John Peters said:

    My wife teaches Computer Technology Classes. In her classes, one of the most dynamic classes at our high school, in my opinion, she teaches her students how to get excited about computers, technology and how to exceed in school and beyond.

    She has been trying to develop the ability to have her students produce live announcements to the school and the community through a dedicated channel with the local cable system. A video capture/presentation system such as this would give her students and the school as a whole the opportunity to learn how technology is easy and fun to learn in a very positive way.

  • C.J. Cain said:

    About 32% of children and adolescents are obese or overweight, government statistics show. Almost 20% of children ages 6 to 11 and 18% of those ages 12 to 19 are obese. Such children are at a greater risk for weight-related health problems such as high cholesterol and diabetes, and they have an increased chance of becoming obese adults.

    One in five teens in the U.S. — and more than 40 percent of obese teens — have abnormal cholesterol, whether it’s low HDL (good cholesterol); high LDL (bad cholesterol); or high levels of triglycerides, another type of blood fat, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    These statistics take your breathe away.

    Simple Workshop could be a beneficial tool in the much needed retraining of the Physical Education staff not only in our school district, but physical educators across the country. The role of the Physical Education teacher has rapidly changed in recent years and the training for teachers has not occured. Today’s Physical Education teachers need to create a Physical Activity Culture in schools. Developing a comprehensive physical activity program including Quality Physical Education, Classroom Physical Activity, Activity Breaks, Out-of-school Programs, School Wide Initiatives, Community Outreach, and Parental Involvement is where today’s Physical Education teachers need to be heading.

    To attain this, teachers must be trained. Physical Education teachers can play an important role in combating the statistics mentioned above. Simple Workshop can not only provide that training, but it can help combat childhood obesity and save the lives of our children.

  • Pam Williams said:

    This is an AWESOME product and would be an answer to our professional development dilema! We are a small, landlocked, urban school district with a VERY limited budget. I am the ONLY technology integration specialist for three buildings. On in-service days, all three principals want me to come to their building to do in-service for their staff. I either spend the day running from place to place trying to meet with as many staff as possible or do a more extensive training in one or two buildings, which always leaves 1 building out in the cold. Having this system would allow me to create many different, need specific trainings for staff to view at any time. This way I know everyone would get the training they need in a timely fashion. We have looked at online possibilities, but it is too expensive unless I take many months to create trainings from scratch and post them on our own moodle system. Please pick us!!!

  • Cynthia Smith said:

    What amazing technology! I wouldn’t have to bounce the projector light off my students’ heads to teach class if we had these tools! Our students would be thrilled to have some 21st century tools to learn more about technology. With budgets frozen and no requests honored…wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something really nice to work with?
    Oour professional development would take on an unbelievable upgrade and the interest level would increase for the teachers, too. It would open doors to a whole new world of technology. I can see the teachers lining up now for “dibs”!

    Thank you for doing such a great thing for teachers, students and schools of today!

  • Jean said:

    As a teacher in the same school with Christin I mirror her sentiments. I have taught many technology workshops for the district and having a workshop off campus is not ideal. This concept of Simple Workshop would definitely be an answer for our school. Lets provide support for teachers where it is the most advantagious – in the schools where they teach. Amen Christin!

  • S. Rhodes said:

    The uses for this program are endless.

    1- Create courses containing best practices being used in classrooms. Post a PP with guidelines as well as downloadable documents containing journal articles about the practices being used.

    2- Admin and staff who attend conferences create courses/lessons to share new learning from the event. Downloadable documents can be conference handouts.

    3- Administrative procedures/Policies – lessons to explain procedures for requesting sick leave, personal days, vacation, etc. and other procedures and policies.

    4- Substitute training -

    5- Planning strategies

    6- Instructional strategies

    7- Assessment strategies including formative strategies and summative assessments.

    8- classroom managegement strategies

    9- communication and parent involvement strategies

    10- Descroption of initiatives – RTI, Inclusion, Differentiated Instruction, Reading in the Content Areas,

    11. Mentor Training -

    12. Technology Training – allos the learner to pause the lesson to practice the skill

    13. Software package management – Lessons to explain how to manage learning systems in software packages.

    14. New Teacher Orientation – with photos of key district and school leaders, overview of personnel policies, etc.

    15. Evaluation procedures – informs the employee of what to expect and enables the admin staff to be on the same page

    16. Grant writing strategies -

    17. Emergency Management/ Disaster plan -

    18. Child Abuse identification and reporting -

    19. Sexual Harassment -

    20. Suicice prevention -

    21. Benefits Overview -

    22. Bloodborne pathegons -

    23. Conflict resolution -

    24. Content area skill/knowledge development -

    25. Referral process for special education

    26. Referall process for behavior management class/Alt Ed

    27. Retirement Information

    28. Health Insurance information

    29. Procedures for administering state assessments

    30. New Teacher Course including how to set up a grade book, how to create classroom procedures, etc.

    31. Utilizing state curriculum standards

    32. Parent Involvement Strategies

    33. Webpage managment

    34. Web-based application

    35. MS Office Applications

    36. Workshop Sharing

    37. Proactive behavior management

    38. School Wide Positive Behavior Support

    39. Grading strategies

    40. Specific disability training

    41. Training for Instructional Assistants

    42. Library Procedures

    43 Cafeteria Procedures

    44. Field Trip Procedures

    45.Using district email program

    46. Requesting tech support

    47. Inventory procedures

    48. Fire Escape plan

    49. First Aid

    50. General and specific health training

    51. Homework strategies and procedures

    52. Research findings

    53. Playground supervision

    54. Poverty training

    55. Diversity training

    56. Understanding assessment data

    57. Reporting committee or department meeting results

    58. Transition activities for students moving to next grade and school.

    59. Functional Behavior Assessment procedures

    60. Student behavior contracts

    61. Dress code

    62. After getting permission to use, create a Course utilizing commercial videos (ASCD for example)

    63. Budget planning and management

    64. Requesting assistance of Academic Coach/facilitator

    65. Training on Blooms Taxonomy

    66. Training on Maslows Hierarchy

    67. Learning games

    68. computer equipment maintenance

    69. submitting reimbursement forms

    70. beginning fo the year procedures

    71. end of the year procedures

    72. Professional Learning Communities

    Just to name a few…..


  • Charlotte said:

    Wow!!!! This tool would save me unmeasureable time in scheduling and rescheduling workshops- the example you gave is one that I have encountered numberous times and there are others who are responsible for specific trainings that have also had this scheduling and rescheduling occur- this tool would fix the problem-

    Could also see teachers use this tool to record lessons that students have trouble with so it could be accessible when needed, but maybe the greatest advantage to having this tool would be to let the students use the resource. Instead of the teacher teaching, the students could research and teach specific standards and record the lessons for others. Talk about developing higher level thinking skills – this would accomplish the goal.

    The possible uses of this tool is only limited to the users imagination- it could most definitely engage, envision, and empower both school leaders, teachers, and students.

  • Dodie said:

    I echo Christin’s ideas- having follow-up workshops recorded and able to be sent out to teachers would be a valuable resource for our district. I see them coming to learn ways to integrate various technologies in a session, then going back and while in the middle of implementation they can watch a short session on a component of the tool, or we could have other teachers record specific integration using the tool/technology.
    We are consistly trying to offer Professional development that fits all our teachers’ needs. Since they are a diverse group I see this as a way to differentiate their growth.

    Great idea Christin!!

  • John said:

    This program can revolutionize how professional development is delivered in the school systems. As a facilitator in charge of the professional development for 250 teachers, this program could help me get the training to teachers that are unable to make our meetings for a variety of reasons. In addition, the teacher leaders in my project could use this to create their own professional development to share with their schools. What an amazing possibility!

  • Donna S. Harville said:

    We are a charter school and of course are always searching for better methods to achieve our goals. I am thinking this could be an application to be used by home bound, sick & absent students. If a teacher could teach the class once instead of having to repeat it multiple times it could certainly free up time to assist students. This could also be viewed by parents, tutors, special ed teachers, and study hall teachers to have a better grasp of what the teacher is trying to share with the class. I’m assuming it has a response component that can link back to the submitter. A SIMPLE way of creating and uploading would make the job of sharing content doable.

  • Christina said:

    The Simpleworkshop tool would allow us to:

    1 – Utilize our staff time and resources more effectively. Instead of wasting time organizing an event, we could “just do it”. This relieves some of the stress and anxiety over an event as well… no more endless waves of emails rescheduling and reorganizing a workshop.

    2 – Bring the concept of the “Flat Classroom” beyond our students and right into the staff professional development forum. Put a group of educators together and we naturally communicate/share/reflect to gain insight and ideas from one another. It is a powerful “family”. Now bring that energy to a wider audience through Simpleworkshop and the possibilities for connections rise tremendously.

    3 – Gives the opportunity to involve parents more fully in the process. We could have workshops on topics such as social networking for parents. It is very likely that they would attend a night workshop like this as opposed to driving to the school to see it. This opens up communications between home and school in a new and exciting way. For that matter, teachers could present classwork to students like this too. What a fantastic way to prepare them for their future in the fast moving technology that they will see!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. This could be a major asset to our educational program and have ripple effects throughout the entire school community. We would love to have this system in our school!

  • Don Shegog said:

    We are currently about to roll out a new CMS as well as an initiative to go completely bookless by the beginning of next year. A Solution like this would keep everyone in the loop. The Administrators would know who is doing what. The Tech people would not have to give the same seminar over and over at different times and places. The teachers would have more flexibility to watch and learn at their own pace. We all would have a much smoother and more successful transition.

  • Terri said:

    We are a small school system in a rural area in the South, with a high poverty rate. Our teachers work constantly to introduce students to the world of technology. With one Instructional Technology person in the district, time is not available to provide training to all teachers in our 5 schools. The teachers’ day is filled with covering the state standards, giving assessments, providing reinforcement, and then constantly looking for ways to improve their instruction. This leaves very little time for attending training and trying to figure out how to best utilize the technology we have. I can see this addressing one of our biggest problems, which is lack of knowledge. As technology is constantly changing, it is extremely difficult for teachers to know how to operate and use all applications.

    This capture/ presentation system would allow our district to offer training at a time when it is convenient for each individual teacher. They could do this at their own pace, review as many times as needed, or fast forward through areas they might already know. I can see incorporating this type of training into a “blended class” for those who prefer the one-on -one instruction.

    This system could also be used to deliver information or announcements to others. This might include sporting events, news for various clubs or organizations, reminders for students, like classroom rules or bus behavior . . . . The opportunities are endless if you have the right equipment, training, and technical support!

  • Rachel D. said:

    This is a nice looking high end presentation tool. It actually presents better then the tools that PDE uses. We are big, big fans of webinars, but we are tired of them being “canned” or generic for all audiences. With this presentation tool, we can make the trainings and other informational items customized for our needs. We are tired of wasting our time sitting through boring presentations only to find perhaps 3 minutes worth of useful information. This seems to be exactly what we are looking for to communicate with our faculty and staff.

  • Cathy said:

    This would be outstanding for our teachers in my large intermediate school! What a fabulous way for our Professional Learning Communities to share their work. Hmmm … as the thinking bubble rises, I wonder how we might be able to use it with our student leaders sending out “mini workshops” to the other students on our Positive Behavior Support program. Oh my! the uses are endless! Thanks :)

  • pruittr said:

    Staff development – it is what it is
    but let’s get down to the real school biz.
    The kids;the students; that’s where it counts,
    The use in the clasroom would be paramount.

    When students are absent – out with the flu,
    they often return and don’t have a clue.
    The lessons they missed – of course we covered something new,
    the foundations of math, language, and history too.

    When the student is better and back in school
    A recorded lesson would be the perfect tool.
    They could watch and listen and learn just as if
    They never were absent and no classes were missed.

    Teachers go to conferences they are told to attend
    But letting a substitute teach, I can’t recommend.
    What if the lesson were recorded in advance
    The students are learning regardless of circumstance.

    And what about the student that needs to hear it twice
    Repetion; remediation could be acheived with this device!

    Just think of the options – there are more than a few
    for admin; for teachers; for students …think what we could do!
    Thanks in advance for helping me teach,
    The more people helping the more students we reach!

  • tgreene said:

    We would actually like to use it to capture particular lectures by teachers. One to use as a teaching tool for the teacher to critique their style and two for students who miss lectures to be able to pull them and watch them to get caught up. We are really an AG oriented school and with competitions and such they miss a lot of classroom lectures.

  • michele said:

    Simple Workshop is a seamless connection that is missing from many schools. Teachers who attend workshops would be able to “teach” what they learned in order for more teachers to gain from the professional development. Teachers who need assistance with technology could access tutorials from other master teachers through this tool. In our district, each building presents a daily video for announcements and happenings. This would make that process more efficient and not as canned. Of course, like previous posts, there are endless uses. But let me say what everyone is not- money is tight and any additional technology that will increase professional development and learning for teachers and students would be a gift to us. Simple Workshop appears to be just that unwrapped gift.

  • Angela Delrie said:

    Hey! We can move from caveman to 21st century!! A system that saves money, saves time, and lets you educate others while looking pretty and smart; what more could you ask for, except pick us!!! Seriously, I can see learning opportunities using this system for professional development, student long distance learning, absent teacher lessons with a substitute,my mind is reeling with the possibilities. We can teach and learn in a TECH WAY in a TECH WORLD.

  • Steve Miller said:

    Simple Workshop is a product that will streamline our push for anywhere-anytime student instruction/enrichment plus would make a truly customizable professional development system a reality for our staff. Simple Workshop is the engine that can help drive us to a 21st century web-based learning community.

  • Jaime Steward said:

    This resource looks like something that our staff could take great advantage of. No more reinventing wheels. Our school district is currently going through a consolidation plan with another district, which means lots more travel for administration and other staff members. This would be a great asset. Another light bulb just went off, I could go to the next school board meeting and let them know that I have discovered how to balance the budget!!! No more mileage, sub expenses, or workshop fees!! We could use Simple Workshop to present all of our professional development. Teachers can attend during their planning times, or hey, even their lunch times, I work through mine, we could have a luncheon and learn at the same time. Simple Workshop could be used for lots of simple meetings and trainings, then also for the not so simple conferences and workshops! :-)

  • Jerry Mathews said:

    I agree with everyone who has posted. The benefits of such a program are almost unlimited. We are a small rural school and a lot of our employees have multiple responsibilities in the school as well as drive great distances to and from work and often cannot make meetings and workshops. I don’t know the last time we were able to get everyone together for a district-wide meeting. Even our in-service days don’t see everyone able to make it. This software’s ability to track who has watched it and report back would certainly go along way here as well as having the ability to provide the trainings at a time that is convenient for the employees.

    Another area that I can see it being strong in is teacher lectures. Why just use it to train employees, why not also use it to teach students. Teachers could record their lectures and then assign them to students to watch. Next school year we will be adding both full online classes and partial-online classes to our district. I can already see how the teachers teaching those classes could use this to track which students have watched the lectures. Also, think of the students in non-online classes who miss an assignment. Traditional classrooms could use this to allow students who were absent for a lecture catch up from home and in the computer labs during recess and before and after school.

    The benefits of this program to any school district are undeniable. I really appreciate this contest as well, as a rural school district we are being hit pretty hard by the recent budget cuts and so to ask my superintendent for a $4,000 program would probably cause him to have a heart attack right then and there. So, I appreciate that there is an avenue that I can explore as a means of delivering such a great product to our district.

  • Nina Peery said:

    I was hesitant to leave a comment. So many clever messages. This does sound like a WONDERFUL tool that our district would probably never be able to afford. For my vote, it would be worth the money because of the ONE THING it will save our district (every administrator, teacher, AND student). This ONE THING is the only thing that is truly in limited supply for every person on this planet…T-i-M-E. Thank you for creating and promoting this great product.

  • Kristin Clark said:

    We are a small charter school, and many of us are making due with old computers (one was retired just this summer that was 12 years old, TWELVE!!, let alone any “real” technology. Elmos? Isn’t that a guy from Seseme Street? Interactive White Boards? It’s hard to imagine!! A tool like this would begin to expose students, teachers and parents to technology, while also learning!! In just using technology like this, the light bulbs begin to go off, giving us ideas to spark new ways of learning. Simple Workshop would be Simply Wonderful.

  • Donita Burchard said:

    S Simply the best tool for many jobs and projects

    I Increases teacher resources while freeing time for more
    Professional Development

    M Multimedia for student led projects. – I teach multimedia –
    great tool to create announcements for the entire school.

    P Professional Learning tool that beats them al

    L Love this Learning System

    Y Yesterday; sick; missed an important meeting. – NO PROBLEM
    –Just use the Simple Workshop

    T Terrific for all types of training procedures – Fire
    Drills – Emergency Management – etc.

    H Help for new teachers – An online Mentor as well as a
    HUMAN ONE!! Simply Wonderful

    E Excellent tool to keep teachers up to speed for MSIP
    review, etc

    B Beware of too much time on your hands. With this software
    we would have time to enjoy our evenings at home. LOL –
    But, really with all the possibilities it will free a
    lot of time.

    E Exceptional product – Could Professional Development
    really be this simple? SimpleWorkshop

    S Student use – Create projects for students – tutoring
    videos, etc

    T Tremendous value to the budget – Save money on lost time
    and travel. With budgets tight, this is a great money
    saver not to mention the value of the software itself.

    And if we won this software we would put it to GREAT USE!!!

  • Mary Marshall said:

    My very first thought I had when I read about your product is how wonderful this would be for a very ill freshman high school student who is home-bound due to bone cancer. She is currently going through chemo-therapy and later radiation-therapy due to tumors recently found in her lungs.

    With your product, we could supplement her daily tutoring with real-life classroom scenarios that would give her access to her teachers, classmates and friends while keeping her abreast on some of the antics of high school life.

    Her prognosis is that she could be back to school in her Junior year if all goes well. Just think how up-lifting it would be to receive a daily snapshot of what is happening at her school and not feeling left out on what is suppose to be one’s best time in life. This could just be the ‘dose of medicine’ that gives her the correct frame of mind to give it a good fight,

    Of course, this product has many other uses. Already I can count many but foremost, our teachers are always complaining they do not know how to do ‘something’ in technology, but on the other hand, they cannot come to the in-service classes due to lack of time or incompatible scheduling. This could be my department’s solution to our training dilemma. Thank you for a great product.

  • Raymond Crompton said:

    We are a pilot school for a lab top one to one. We are putting lab tops in some of our sixth graders hands and allowing them to use for classes and to take home. If it works out it is a program that is going to spread throughout the district and we are going to put them in the hands of every student in the district over the next couple of years. We already have the people of dell on board with us and this program would be great to add for the students and faculty.

  • Tim Krause said:

    I mentioned this system today and was amazed at how quickly my staff came up with uses. The History dept. wanted to use it to produce local content regarding the history of the area including interviews with our older residents. The Science dept. talked of expensive experiments that only needed to be done once to be presented to each class. Our Business teacher saw the opportunities for interviews with local and regional business persons. The English dept. was excited about using the system to include performance in the classroom without the need to restage every class period. Everyone talked of test review material, easily accessed notes and opportunities for relearning.
    As the Principal, I can see potential for new teacher training, parent and student induction, in-service delivery, and school/community communication.
    Finally, our technology people felt that it would be an ideal tool to package and deliver training to the staff.
    And this was just one brief conversation with just a few staff members. It’s my guess that once available, the lecture capture/presentation system would quickly become an essential tool.

  • Jared Ward said:

    This freebie will help us to be highly successful
    At convincing our high school students
    That cool and smart are synonymous
    That teachers can walk the walk
    And talk the talk
    And that high school just may
    Have benefits not mentioned
    In the catalog.

    We could REALLY use this. We are just initiating a program to create a cohort of teachers who will start using this type of technology. PLEASE consider choosing our school.

  • Cathlyn Wright said:

    Of all the many school configurations out there, probably none could use Simple Workshop better than ours. Our charter school covers four counties – a huge geographical area. We have students and teachers tucked away in remote areas and unified only by our school-wide vision. Most of our communication is online; a large portion of our curriculum delivery is also online and often taught in “real-time.” We also use a huge amount of web-based resources. It would be wonderful to capture a single lecture on how to use a resource, teach a thematic unit, or write a five paragraph essay. The options are endless. Those lectures/presentations could be archived and reused in the online classes over time.
    We could also use Simple workshop to share our professional development presentations that are part of regional monthly staff meetings. At this point the staff meetings are poorly attended due to distance, but with Simple Workshop we could share presentations among ALL staff, in all regions, and everyone could participate in the same workshops, or choose those of particular interest and need for their particular situation.
    Simple Workshop would fit in so perfectly with what we are already building at our school – a virtual learning community.

  • Michael White said:

    Technology should be our friend,
    Thus, sometimes we teachers must bend!
    So, if it capture presentations,
    We must swallow our hesitations,
    And our plodding 20th Century ways we shall mend!

    With this poem, we don’t mean to be uncouth,
    So I will only tell you the honest truth:
    We could find a hundred ways
    To be more creative on our computer displays,
    And make use of the digital editing booth.

    So, please consider us a real find
    As you read, consider and rewind.
    A small school could never buy
    This heavenly piece of techno pie,
    So thanks for keeping us in mind!

  • Kari E. said:

    One, two, or three sentences-that’s not much, but here is my attempt to win your fabulous prize.

    Our budget is small, our need is great, sanctions are upon us for not making AYP, teachers are stressed, time is precious, students are trying to learn English; these are only a few things we face each and every day. SimpleWorkshop would help us releave some of the stress that teachers feel by enabling us to produce and disseminate appropriate, timely, and cost-effiective professional development.

  • Dan said:

    I teach in a school that has cut $10 million from it’s budget over the last 5 or 6 years. The bulk of this has been cuts to staff and technology. Having a system such as SimpleWorkshop would allow our district to offer unlimited staff development opportunities for our staff as well as provide alternative educational delivery for our students.

  • Jean Koehler said:


    rural charter school
    deserving students, great staff
    need technology

  • Vickel Darby said:

    Technology plays a vital role in our schools. It has helped our teachers to become better educators. Teachers are no longer afraid of technology. They are eager to learn new technology concepts and are taking advantage of any and all professional and staff development opportunities provided by their school districts.
    Teachers who once thought they would never be computer literate, are now enjoying all the benefits of technology and all that it has to offer. Classrooms are becoming more paperless, as teachers are provided with many various teaching devices, through the aid of technology use. Multimedia projections, blackboards, and computer simulations, to name a few now assist eachers in the instructing of their students.

    Technology continues to amaze teachers, especially the older and more seasoned teachers; however, they are receptive to the changes and are willing to get the training needed as they work with their students in helping them to develop their potential. School districts are willing to do their part, write grants to seek the funds needed to provide their teachers with the
    training needed to instruct their students.

    Students reap the benefits from the technology that is provided in their classrooms, by doing their best to learn as much as possible to take themselves to the next level, and this is evident through their performance. While all students may not be high achievers, teachers realize that all students can learn when provided with proper instruction, reinforcements and the opportunity to ask questions. The key to learning is not being afraid to admit when you don’t know, and that you need help. Please allow Marshall Elementary School of Orangeburg, South Carolina to be supplied with the free Capture Presentation System to continue to provide an enriching experiences for teachers and students.

  • Sally Irons said:

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a small rural town, there was a very tiny, little school whose sole purpose was to work with and to educate students with special needs. Because each student was on his/her own level of learning, the teachers became extremely baffled, tired, frustrated, discouraged, disheartened, and defeated by the lack of support and resources for their efforts in educating these loving, hard-working, and knowledge-seeking teenagers and young adults. Then, all of a sudden, without notice or provocation, a man, dressed in a brown detective’s hat, dark sunglasses, and calling himself “Freebie Man”, appears in front of the teachers to explain that he has come to the rescue and that he plans to provide them with a lecture capture/presentation system so that they can meet the individual learning needs of their many special needs students. All of the extremely grateful teachers and students were overwhelmed and wept with joy!


  • Geri Coats said:

    As a teacher trying to prepare her students for the world they will live in rather than the world we live in now, without any map or guide to tell me what that will be, teaching with technology is integral. I can see many many uses for this product within a classroom setting and in a school.

    Within my classes, I can see using Simple Workshop to create videos to expand upon concepts and ideas taught in class. The product could be used to allow students to have meaningful “makeup” work from an absence. It could be used to increase effective home teaching when students are on an extended health related absence, or if they are struggling with a comprehensive school site (like mine) but keep them enrolled in their home school to increase the school’s ability to maintain attendees (and ADA!). and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Administratively, this could ease the need for substitutes for things like staff meetings and trainings, allowing teachers to complete such events either in groups or on their own without the need for having a sub in their classroom. This could enable school administrators to share ideas with staff, to give teachers choice in training options, give teachers some ownership in training by creating their own workshops and sharing with each other. Again, the tip of the iceberg, I feel as if I could go on for ages, but I’ve already gone on too long.

    This is a piece of technology that, in the right hands, would be indispensible, and my school could absolutely benefit from Simple Workshop.

  • Jason said:

    I think this might come too late, so if it will not arrive this year please exclude my entry. I have a student this year with Cystic Fibrosis who has only been in school two days of 2010. This would help him stay a part of our classroom community.

  • Miss W. said:

    WOW! I just presented, about an international student blogging challenge, using Elluminate this morning, but how much better to send your presentation to those who are interested or should be attending. Save you, the presenter, time and allows those watching to do so in their time. As a district school, a lot of PD is often done at our school with staff from other schools travelling for hours to get here for the seminar.

  • Sarah Wood said:

    I work in a small school district that serves a large population of economically disadvantaged students. We are working at trying to provide our students with anytime, anywhere access so that learning is not confined within the classroom walls, but rather where ever they have Internet access. The Lecture Capture/Presentation System would allow us to provide more learning opportunities for our students so that learning experiences can be provided not only in the classroom, but also at home or where ever the students have computer and Internet access.

  • Eric said:

    I see this product as having a lot of potential for a school such as ours that specializes in students who have experienced difficulty learning to read. It has great potential for adding to the professional development opportunities for our busy teachers and to enhance student learning. In addition, it would allow us to share our knowledge with teachers beyond the school through online workshops.

  • Cathy C. said:

    SimpleWorkshop is an ingenious and creative method to save time by delivering seminars/material to group situations. I wish that I had come up with it!! I can envision both staff and students utilizing the program. Can’t wait to explore this further!

  • John Raben said:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This software looks like it would have a gazillion types of possible uses. I have the privledge of being not only a classroom teacher, but also an online instructor and a tutor for seriously ill students. I can see this product used as a teaching aid, supplemental substitute lesson, extended response assignment, tutoring support, and a lesson introduction tool. Now, if it could only cut julienned fries or remove tough pet stains, I’d be sold!

    Michael Reply:

    We’ll put the fries and pet stains on the request list for the next release! Thanks for your comments.

  • Dave said:

    This would be great for us. We have a lot of students on homebound or out for long periods of time. This would allow us to capture our lessons so that they can view them at home. It would also be great for review.

    I could also see teachers recording lessons one year and then being able to use them the following year when they are absent. A substitute could just play the lecture.

    Great product!

  • dweeks said:

    The ongoing training to our ASD students’ personal aides in the many different areas is incredibly taxing on our professional resources. We have found that the typical, commercial DVDs just are not up to snuff, so our supervisors end up giving repetitive, one on one tutorials. We would be thrilled to have the opportunity to become a demonstration site for Simple’s Video Capture! Just call me!

  • skeene said:

    I am working with a local university in partnership with my school district to develop pre-service and classroom teacher training in technology integration in instructional practices. This would be ideal for sharing information effortlessly. We could also expand our partnerships with surrounding school districts to create a truly collaborative environment. It’s also be great for those “just in time” training sessions that always pop up!

  • Wanda said:

    I am very excited about your product. With cuts in school funding our teacher development class have been cancelled completely. We have 1000 teachers and no indistrict classes. I love the simplicity of what simple workshop can do.
    But I can also see…….
    * kids using this for reports, as if they are reporting the news.
    * principals giving information to staff using this…..
    * quick technology tips given weekly
    * district disemination of information to schools from the super.

    Thanks for thinking of our time and creating a product that can be used in lots of settings for lots of reasons…..

  • Kirk Miller said:

    One, two, or three sentences…here goes.

    We are an independent study charter school that covers five Northern California counties, so communication and in-service coordination, as you can imagine, is a complete nightmare – meaning, it doesn’t happen. This tool seems to be perfectly fit to meet our needs in terms of school improvement, both in professional development for staff, many have never met because they live so far away from each other, and also in delivering online content to students, many of whom live way out in the hills. One sentence left…well…um…I hope we win.

  • Debbi said:

    We can as adults go on and on about how we will use this magnificent opportunity in our classrooms, in our conferences and in other applications, but the core of this all is the student.

    In the school environment it is the adult that is playing catch up with the student when it comes to technology (for the most part). Having a tool of this magnitude would not only enable our students further investigation into all education has to offer, but it will allow the staff to catch up to those bright young minds!

    The introduction of video capture is such a key element to making learning alive, it makes writing this comment almost archaic. I should be filming this as a music video with 3-D elements and more. Perhaps if we are the lucky school to receive this tool we we will. Our charter is is so far flung across a large area of Northern California that tool of this type would unify and create stronger spirit of teamwork and unity.

    Please consider what terrific benefits you would provide to the students and staff in our area. In turn what might the students and teachers may return in kind.

    Our school district has been a long time customer of Infosource and all it has to offer. We have seen the changes in the company, as we have made changes in our school to provide technology to our students.

    These are exciting times for technology. We hope we will we have the good fortune to offer this to our students and staff.

    Thank you Simple K12!

  • Deb Rosa said:

    In 1940, Dick Tracy, Policeman/Public Defender and Hero, communicated by talking into his now famous, then revolutionary, “Wrist Watch!” Now we use flip top cell phones!
    The 1950′s brought us “The Adventure’s of Superman,” featuring Clark Kent, a shy newspaper reporter who jumped into phone booths and flew out to help those in need! Phone Booths? I saw one in a museum recently.
    The 1960′s gave us Adam West who played “Batman.” He and Robin used “Walkie Talkies,” ones specially made for super heroes. Now we call them Cell Phones with ‘Apps’!
    In the 70′s, Oh Mighty “Isis” (Biology teacher by day) arrived, and communicated using her mighty ‘Ring’ to get her super powers! Not to be confused with a cell phone or Skype ring, but by the standards of the times, got her where she needed to be. Now, we use a GPS!
    Arriving in the 80′s was Super Hero “Detective Gadget” who had various bionic gadgets built into his body, such as a top secret gadget phone with the earpiece in his thumb and mouthpiece in his pinky finger. His niece, Penny, communicated by using a phone book size computer, similar to our laptops today.
    In the 1990′s, Super Hero Cat Woman, a meek and mild, graphic artist named Patience, had a special super cell phone by day and the powers of the cat by night to communicate. Now we have MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter.
    Then the new millennium, Y2K, came in with the new Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Spock communicating through touch screens and sophisticated mouthpieces. But my favorite is 2009′s ‘G-Force’ with “Speckles” and his genius companions and their high-tech spy communication gear!
    All these heroes have many things in common. Much of the same traits teachers have. They work for the good of all; they have great passion for what they do; they use technology to communicate; and most of all they were ahead of their time!
    That’s why I want my school to win one of these fabulous Video Capture Presentation Systems! I want our students and teachers to be ahead of their time! The students and teachers in my wonderful district are already heroes for each other, and are open to new technology! I want to win this because it will help us by enhancing our curriculum, meetings, and challenges that occur each and every day. Not to mention distance learning! The possibilities are endless! And, I want to add to the above list of heroes with the 2010 Hero – All teachers, and “Freebie Man” who by day and night, zooms onto the Internet offering freebies to educators who really need a Hero right now! I know all that are posting would agree with that!
    Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this contest!

  • Cindy Phthisic said:

    As I looked through all of the comments, I found that many of them were similar to what I wanted to say in my own post. The key things I found were:
    1) I also work in a small rural school district in North Carolina. Many of our students never travel more than two hours from home in their lifetime.
    2) Like many other posts, there is only one me. I am the only instructional technologist to serve a staff of 400+.
    3) I see a ton of possibilities for staff development, general training and for student benefit. Many of those uses have already been listed.
    4) Our school and district need a tool such as SimpleWorkshop.
    The lists continues.

    So, with such phenomenal posts that were so similar in content, what could I write that would make this one any different? How could I stand out?

    Well, I’m not really sure that I can. It’s hard to compete with the other posts, because they are all so great. All I can do is tell you my thoughts.

    My mission as an educator is to bring the world to my staff and students. I want them to experience as much of it as possible. I want learning to be seamless and constant. Because we are a bit isolated geographically, that can be rather challenging.

    SimpleWorkshop would help fulfill one of our greatest needs. It would help us to create anytime, anywhere learning for students and staff. This tool would diminish the time and distance constraints that we currently face.

    Using SimpleWorkshop would mean that a student would never miss information because they had to miss a class due to illness or other reasons. It would mean that busy educators would be able to stay abreast of information at a time and place that is convenient to them. We’d be able to offer learning activities 24/7.

    Having this type of resource would also provide us the opportunity to expand one of the current goals of my area. Many of the districts in my area are just like mine, small and rural. There has been a greater push to share resources to maximize funds. SimpleWorkshop would allow us to hold up our end of the bargain. We would be better able to share information with those around us.

    So, what makes my post different? Why should we be considered? I guess it’s how we view a tool such as SimpleWorkshop. While it is a great way to provide online staff development and lectures, we see it as a way to bring the world to us right here in our tiny little corner of the world.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Margaret Royal said:

    When you need to be in more than one place at a time or your teachers are also coaches and parents with kids at home, how do you offer the professional development sessions needed to satisfy the district contract? Use the Lecture capture/presentation system

    Teachers have taken the time to prepare their Units and lesson plans in correlation with the state standards to ensure students are prepared for the State Assessment test, then Vera virus or Freddie flu enters the classroom. How do you make sure every student gets all information you covered in the classroom? Use the Lecture capture/presentation system

    How do you help teachers and students that need you to show them more than once, but you can’t be there? Use the Lecture capture/presentation system

  • Mr. Glover said:

    I am a new teacher (3 years) and can think of so many different uses for this technology. All technology is welcome to improve the lives of students at our school. I teach in a progressive school in Spanish Harlem, New York City. We are searching for new technology to bring into our school to improve teacher’s best practices as well as student engagement in lessons.
    I have taken the lead to introduce a new classroom management process, but have found it difficult, if not impossible, to get the information presented to all interested teachers. This would allow me to create a simple workshop to introduce the ideas about the process from the author as well as my own ideas and critiques of the process.
    I think it would also be a great way to leave a simple emergency lesson for students when you are out sick. I think the students would be much more engaged in a sub lesson if your face was there teaching the material.
    Additionally, my students could also use it to create presentations for new content in so many classes. I can see it being used for a Seedfolks project in ELA, Adopt an Organelle in Science, and Hitchhiker’s Guide in Math. For me personally, my students are working on a global collaborative project where they are collecting forest data and then sharing this data with other students in New York City, Washington, DC, and the Dominican Republic. What a great way to present the data to other schools outside the NYC area!

  • K. Gigante said:

    The public thinks all the suburban school districts get all the “stuff”. Meanwhile, the government typically thinks the same. As a result, the suburban district where I have been teaching Physics for 12 years is struggling to get one computer in each classroom. We will be seeing our first presentation systems in the classrooms ever starting next year and are still embracing our chalkboards and overhead projectors. This system would be an amazing upgrade. As an avid user of Blackboard and a blog for my classes, a system like this would supplement and greatly enhance what I am already doing and bring it to the next level. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Martha rice said:

    I have just been handed a really cool side job in addition to my day job (junior high technology applications teacher): district technology instructor. My task in this new hobby/job is to do workshops for our teachers in all of our schools. The plan now is for me to liaison with principals to set up workshop times, for my principal to then get me substitutes, for my classes to meet with my sub…in my computer lab or, if I’m planning the workshop to be set in my computer lab, to go meet somewhere else (and what will they be doing…?…busy work? What will they be able to do without me there?), and so… So far, since we have started this plan in December, not one of our workshops has worked out…something has gone wrong–the principal canceled, I got sick, none of the teachers could make my workshop on their conference periods…etc. So when I saw this video, I’m thinking that our district REALLY needs to get this set up for me to work with. But, of course, we have no money, so winning this would make me very very very very very grateful, and I would, of course, recommend that each campus bought its own setup! ;) Seriously, though, teachers and admin have been asking me about a solution to setting up online lessons for homebound students and students in alternative schools. As soon as I finish this comment, I’m forwarding the video link to our admin folks! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • David said:

    The uses of such a system are enormous. Although it possible to cobble together your own similar system using other resources, the fact that all of this handled by a single site would be very useful. Imagine Youtube + Privacy + Accountability rolled into one.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    BTW nice Drupal Site.

  • Paul said:

    Being a small school district we always need to leverage as much as we can for professional development. Everyone does everything. As District Technology Coordinator, yearbook adviser, Math, technology, and senior project teacher I have many hats that I wear. All of our staff is in a similar situation.

    This solution could help us deliver professional development across the board even if people are not available. It allows it on their time frame. Additionally we can share amongst each other the things necessary to do our jobs from administration down to educational assistants. It could potentially even be used for some classroom applications I would think.

    I could see this being a godsend to us in these financially strapped times that would assist us with moving our staff toward meeting the new technology standards and goals.

  • Chan Bliss said:

    I teach art at an elementary school of over 1000 students. Because of scheduling that number of students I only see the students once every two weeks. If a students misses a class then they will not have art for almost a month. A system that allows me to record a lesson to be viewed on-line would be great.
    I am also working with the other district art teachers creating a standardized art test. Because of the size of our district, about 150 elementary schools getting together with the other art teachers is a logistical nightmare. Simpleworkshop looks like it would solve both of the problems for me and leave more time to read blogs.

  • Bill Ferreirae said:

    PC, Mac, Program Review, Google Docs, SmartBoards, RTI, 504 plan, netbooks, blogs, iMovie, Voicethread, and on and on and on…..

    Our students need our teachers to know how to use and show them how to use and learn from….

    Simple Workshop can make that happen.

    What we do now isn’t.

  • Jessica J. said:

    I teach English and Journalism in a small high school in Mount Airy, North Carolina. We only have 550 students and very limited resources, but I was doing okay until about a month ago. A pipe broke over my classrooms and flooded everything. I am now sharing a room with two different people. On top of all this, I am disabled and needing surgery, so I walk with a cane. Since the flood keeps me from using the elevator, I am hobbling all over the school, up and down stairs, and quite often I am late to class. This presentation system would help me so much, because I could create a video ahead of time and assign someone to play it while I am making my way to the classroom. This way, the students are not losing valuable learning time due to my injury. Some days, I am unable to come in, due to the pain I am experiencing. With this, I could record lessons ahead of time and have them on file for a substitute teacher .
    One of the best ways I could use this is in my Journalism class. My students could use it to record news presentations, which we could then upload to our school newspaper’s website,
    We haven’t been able to add a broadcast journalism unit due to the fact we have no cameras or video software. We could broadcast news reports to the entire school with this capture/presentation system!

  • Karen H said:

    Simple Workshop looks like an awesome tool that I would love to have in our school. We are a small catholic school, so we all wear many hats. I am in charge of professional development (technology)and more often than not have to repeat the training to teachers that have come :), were not able to attend, or were afraid of the technology. This would be a godsend! I could record my training and keep track of those that attended. Sometimes, that is the most difficult part. Our principal also sends out a daily note to the faculty, this would be wonderful for her to use. I also teach computer/art and could see so many uses for teaching as well! I think it would be a wonderful way to communicate with our faculty and staff and also save precious time for all of us! Thank you!!

  • Thomas Hiegel said:

    I am presently the Technology Director of a Lutheran k-12 school district. We like many of the comments above, struggle with staff development. Because we are small, everyone has triple duties and are not always available after school for meetings. I see this as a great product to eleiminate the need for 100% attendance.

    In addition, I am the state wide technology chairman. We struggle with state wide technology conferences because of time, distance, and money.

    The use of your product would leverage my expertise and reach teachers spread over hundreds of miles.

    Thank you for considering this comment.

  • Jesper said:

    Being an e-learning pioneer in a country where education is little prioritized and technology in education is rarely used, is sometimes perhaps what is the most stressful situation I experience at the moment. I have to work hard to convince my administrators and colleagues that education must change and embrace technology in order to keep up with the needs of the rest of the society. Just that we lack most of these high-tech and awesome tools and I don’t know how I can do this alone. With a tool like this I can bet my aunt Mary that I would impress my colleagues and my boss and I would be able to show them exactly how effective technology can be in education. When this is done, I would enjoy many years of using this excellent tool in order to change the world through my students.

    Thanks for reading! :)



  • Adam Truitt said:

    It is now time to involve everyone – to provide the professional networking needed to learn from one another – from the middle out, not always the top down. Imagine the opportunity to explore ideas in an open forum – to see what is truly out beyond the walls of our classrooms, our district and our community. Simple Workshop could provide the medium in which to view what our colleagues have experienced through years in the trenches, conferences and workshops not all could attend and simply, just another point of view or suggestion. This is an influential tool that can be used by all for all. Way COOL stuff!! Thanks for the opportunity. Adam

  • Anonymous said:

    If I understand this new-fangled program, we could use it to streamline our staff meetings. Each week we have 4-7 items to cover, and 2 or three are kind of tutorial in nature (here’s how we’re scheduling the state tests, here’s how to update your emergency folder, here’s how to find this report on our system). Using this lecture capture, we could access the tutorials we need and the principal could track the ones we must see. Then we’d have time to just catch questions at the staff meeting!

  • Anonymous said:

    I work in a small school district in a rural area. With technology growing and our resources being somewhat limited I feel it would be a huge asset to introduce some technology outside the computer to our students. It would be wonderful to take the students and create our own educational tools and videos with this type of equipment. If we are selected to win this we will even offer some freebies ourselves to help others grow in the areas we develop.

  • Pam said:

    What a great idea! We also are a small school, but part of a consortium of several small schools in a rural/suburban area of Minnesota. Part of our new E2T2 grant proposal is to use the talented teachers at our schools to pull all of our staff members (willingly or not!) into the 21st century. A system like SimpleWorkshop would allow us to share trainings and materials easily across the multi-county area. Thanks for the opportunity to have something that usually only the big metro schools get. :)

  • Julie Hagaman said:

    I would love to be considered to win this product. I work in an urban, inner city school in Dayton, Ohio. We are currently listed at 99% poverty level. Our school is over 100 years old, and lets just say, getting new technology into the building is not easy. I believe our children deserve the best, no matter where they come from. I have done everything I could to bring new technology into the school, and I will continue to do so. We would use the technology to help our students and our staff!

  • Martin Sieverding said:

    This looks like a great product for use in schools. As a tech coordinator, I could see myself using it to deliver “how to” trainings to teachers on a variety of computer programs that they are expected to use. Teachers would also find many uses for it. They could record the demonstration of a concept so students could re-watch it as many times as necessary. They could record a lesson so absent students could more easily catch up on what they have missed. They could also record a lesson when they, themselves, were going to be gone. We are a small school, but I know we could put the program to great use.

  • Susan Corliss said:

    How do teachers let students know that there is a big world full of technology outside of the Eastern plains of Colorado… put technology into their hands! This lecture capture/presentation system could be used by the staff, technology department for trainings, and expand the students ability to present what they have learned.

    Thank you for offering such a generous opportunity to the educational industry! Facing declining enrollments and major budget cuts makes it challenging for all schools but when you are 3 hours from the nearest Metro area, the options are even more limited.

    We look forward to looking into this system in greater detail!

  • Liz Keating said:

    NTLB: No TEACHER Left Behind
    Research shows that teachers remember:
    10% of what they learn at a workshop
    12-13% of what they learn at a workshop with modeling
    14-16% of what they learn at a workshop with modeling and practice
    16-19% of what they learn at a workshop with modeling, practice and feedback
    95% of what they learn at a workshop with modeling, practice, feedback and peer coaching
    (“Effective Staff Development,” by Robert N. Bush, In Far West Laboratory (ed.)
    The Simple Capture/Presentation system will be a very valuable tool in our effort to embed opportunities for peer coaching into 21st Century teachers’ classroom practice thus leaving NO TEACHER BEHIND.

  • Marti Sides said:

    Loosely based on “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess.

    Do you like technology?

    I do not like it Sam-I-am,
    I do not like technology.

    I do not like it in a house.
    I do not like it with a mouse.
    I do not like it here or there.
    I do not like it anywhere.
    I do not like technology.
    I do not like it Sam-I-am!

    Would you? Could you?
    In a car?
    Try it! Try it!
    From afar.

    You may like it.
    You will see.
    You may like it
    with bunnies and PD.

    Bunnies and PD?
    Why what do you mean?
    You mean I can learn
    Without being seen?

    Bunnies and PJs,
    And so much more.
    Try it, try it!
    While you explore!

    How can I learn a new tech skill
    when I can’t even breathe?
    But I know that I need to move
    into the 21st century.

    What about my students?
    They are always a thought.
    You mean I can teach them,
    While we’re apart?

    How about collaboration?
    Some say it’s a fad.
    Talking with other nations,
    Can’t be that bad.

    You do not like it
    So you say.
    Try it! Try it!
    And you may.
    Try it and you may, I say.

    If you will let me be,
    I will try it.
    I guarantee.

    (Picture teachers and students using Simple Workshop here…see the amazement…see the learning…see the collaboration…see the joy…see the light bulb going on…in essence, picture the ideal classroom)

    I like technology!
    I do! I like it, Sam-I-am!

    So I will use it outside the box.
    And I will use it with Fire Fox.
    And I will use it at my school.
    I will use it, I’m no fool.
    And I will use it here and there.
    Say! I will use it ANYWHERE!

    I do so like
    Thank you!
    Thank you,

    PS – If I win, I will do a whole PD series on Dr. Suess with a focus on “Green Eggs and Ham” in gratitude for allowing me to “borrow” his words.

  • Jen Park said:

    Jennifer & Simple Workshop sitting in the office
    First comes ingenuity,
    Then comes Professional Development,
    Then comes well trained and supported teachers
    Choosing from a variety of topics
    Learning on their time
    Now Jennifer’s doing the hula, hula dance!)

  • David Ligon said:

    As an EdTechLeader for a hyper-growth district implementing 21st Century classroom technologies, I am convinced that the capabilities offered by Simple Workshop make a compelling case as the perfect tool for meeting the needs of our online staff professional development and distance learning for our students. If one of the schools picked to receive Simple Workshop was in our district, that successful implementation could lead to a larger purchase by us for our other schools and district office. In this way, you could leverage the one free product into a potential sale of 10 more.

  • Karen Chichester said:

    I would use this wonderful software to record teacher presentations for absent students. We’d also use it to record lessons for our special education students. I see us giving these students more complete access to the curriculum by allowing them to review and relive concept lessons as often as needed. Finally, I see us using this software to develop a library of “homegrown” professional development presentations that could be used by staff members as they need them rather then when it’s convenient for the presenter. Oh the things we could do with this. I see student developed presentations. Oh, the possibilities…..

  • Brian Thompson said:

    Great Deal

  • C Grinnell said:

    This tool rocks! Anytime you can create multimedia and digitally file/store and organize information to use, and review with students, the time saved alone in the long run is immeasurable! I love this product. Especially in our small, rural district, this type of presentation makes learning smart, and gives us the opportunity to bring in outside resources to the classrooms. Thanks for sharing!

  • Debby Sadler said:

    Sung to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree”

    Oh Freebie Man, Oh Freebie Man,
    We love your Video Capture System.
    With our bud-get oh so tight,
    It would allow us to train our teachers right.
    Oh Freebie Man, Oh Freebie Man,
    We would love it more than snow days.

  • Anonymous said:

    ‘Twas the night before the Contest, when all through the school
    Not an event was in flux, not even the schedule.
    The Friday folders were hung on the lockers with care,
    In hopes that the students soon would be there.

    The students were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of A+s danced in their heads.
    And principal in her sweats, and AD in his baseball hat,
    Had just settled into the office for a long awaited chat.

    When out on the commons there arose such a clatter,
    They sprang from the office to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window they flew like a flash,
    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

    The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
    Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.
    When, what should they see but a site most welcome,
    Freebie Man, and a $4,000 Lecture Capture/Presentation System.

    He was a great CEO, a magnanimous giver and earner,
    I knew in a moment it must be Michael Warner
    More rapid than eagles his system it came,
    And he whistled, and shouted, and called each piece by name!

    “Now Simple Video! Now, Simple workshop! Now, Lecture and Capture!
    On, professional development! On, meetings to happiness and rapture!
    To the top of the steps! To the third floor computer lab!
    Then install away! Install away! Install without blab!”

    As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
    When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
    So up to the third floor with the equipment he flew,
    With a boat load of cords, and his helpers too.

    And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the steps
    The huffing and puffing of each of his reps.
    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
    Down the steps Michael Warner came with a bound.

    He was dressed all in a suit, from his head to his foot,
    And his clothes were not wrinkled or covered with soot.
    A bundle of software he had right in its place,
    And he looked like a philanthropist, just opening his case.

    His eyes-how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
    His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
    His droll little mouth looked as if it could send a spark,
    And the beard of his chin was fuzzy and dark.

    The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
    And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
    He had a broad face and a shirt tucked in a belly,
    That was tight when he laughed, unlike a bowlful of jelly!

    He was buff and manly, yet a right jolly old elf,
    And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
    Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
    And in the office loaded software and equipment without irk.
    And laying his finger aside of his jowl,
    And giving a nod, he and his reps left the school!

    He sprang to his cab, to his team gave a whistle,
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
    “Happy simple videotaping to all, and to all a good-night!”

    Michael Reply:

    Wonderful post! But, oh no… you didn’t identify yourself.

  • Carolyn Gannon said:

    We would like to create model lessons showing differentiated instruction to aid our teachers who work with students with special needs. We feel that use of this type of equipment would be a tremendous asset in accomplishing this.