[Video] 21st Century Projects in the Classroom
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[Video] 21st Century Projects in the Classroom

Written by 13 November 2012

This SimpleK12 presenter interview is with Pernille Ripp, an elementary teacher from Madison, Wisconsin. Pernille has a large presence online, known for her blog, “Blogging through the Fourth Dimension” as well as being the creator of the Global Read Aloud Project. (If you missed the last interview with Jose Popoff, click here.)

Watch what Pernille has to say about 21st century projects.

Now let's take a look at what you all have been saying about Pernille...

"I like how you said, "what am I not going to do if my students use the video camera. I did an activity with adults in a workshop with a flip cam and a digital camera. They had a great time. Our focus was geometry (shapes and angles) found in the grocery store, convenient store and in the parking lot." - Roxanne

Click here to take a look at Pernille's live and on-demand SimpleK12 webinars.

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[Video] 21st Century Projects in the Classroom

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