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[PDF] 10 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Students

Written by 13 July 2011

I alwa[PDF] 10 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Studentsys enjoyed creative writing assignments when I was in school.

They took you out of your own skin and allowed you to venture to a world that you created, where your own mind was the only limit on what could happen.

But, sometimes coming up with the inspiring prompt for your students to write about can be difficult.  Luckily, Collaborize Classroom has taken care of that for you.

Collaborize Classroom has put together this free PDF that contains 10 creative writing prompts that teachers can use in their classroom. 

You don't just get the prompts with this guide, but also an idea on how to use the prompt in an assignment that you can share with your class today.

This guide is broken down into a user friendly, easy to understand manual.  You are given the topic of each prompt, a description (the writing prompt), things to consider when writing, and even a step-by-step break down of what to include in the writing (a great place to start for a rubric)

If y[PDF] 10 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Studentsou don't have an online learning platform yet, you need to take a look at Collaborize Classroom- a FREE online learning platform.  Discover the importance of discussion and how to extend the learning experience outside of the walls of your classroom.


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[PDF] 10 Creative Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Students

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