Using WolframAlpha in the Classroom
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Using WolframAlpha in the Classroom

Written by 30 November 2012

Using WolframAlpha in the Classroom

Still using basic math tools?

Upgrade to the fastest computational data base available! 

It's possible you haven't heard of WolframAlpha before, in which case you need to go to this website immediately and fiddle around. Have fun!

However, even if you have heard of WA, I bet you don't know just how much you can do on this site. With a reputation for aiding with math homework, WolframAlpha is constantly overlooked as a source for tons of information!!

Check out some of these undermentioned subjects:

  • Astronomy. Questions on that star formation you're seeing? Want to learn more about sunspots? 
  • Ever wonder how which/how many words end in 'ager'? Find out.
  • Learn all about birthstones! Find out their coloring, hardness, composition and awe your friends when you show them up. 
  • Meteorologist lying about the weather? Learn about weather patterns and become your own weatherman. 
  • Stumped by a students' question on proteins? Chemistry information galore. 
  • Culture/Media - You can have WolframAlpha analyze your social media site!

Guess what else it has information on?

  • People & History
  • Music Theory
  • Sports & Games
  • Money & Finance
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Shopping!

Want all these things on the go? There's an app for that. 

Want your students connected with such a great tool?

Recommend these Wolfram Alpha Courses to your students for their ipads/iphones to get them up to speed quicker.

What it comes down to is Wolfram Alpha is an incredibly useful tool, not only for reference and aide, but for helping teach difficult to grasp subjects. So use this awesome website in your future endeavors! 

Have you used Wolfram Alpha inside or outside the classroom?

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Using WolframAlpha in the Classroom

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  • Maryann Hanley-Pereira said:

    Thank you for this information. I have never heard of this site. I feel like I am learning so much using Simplek12