WebQuest Ideas for the Classroom
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WebQuest Ideas for the Classroom

Written by 31 May 2011

What's a WebQuest?  That's easy!  I just learned all about them in the Teacher Learning Community.  

A WebQuest is an inquiry-based activity in which students use the web to get information about a specific topic.   The assignment is student-driven, with no predefined answers.  This constructivist approach allows students to actively seek out information, which makes it more meaningful.

But that's not enough to get you started.  I know that.  You want REAL, PRACTICAL examples to start using in your classroom today.  So...here you go:

1. Create a "Back in Time" WebQuest
Create your own WebQuest that sends students on a trip through time. Ask that they travel to the time of the dinosaurs. They will be expected to create a travel brochure for the time period that tells travelers what to wear, where they'll be staying, what animals they might encounter, what the weather will be, etc. Include links to the Museum of Natural History, a time line of the period, and maps.

2. Assign a Group WebQuest
Ask that students get into groups of four. They will be completing a WebQuest about the 1920s in American history. Each group member will serve a different role on the team. Their task is to create a newspaper from the era. There will be writers for each area of the paper including politics, entertainment, business, and the front page. Ask that they include photos found online.

3. Evaluate WebQuests Online
Go through some WebQuest directories and find a few that seem to fit with your curriculum. Complete the WebQuest yourself to see if it flows naturally, teaches the necessary skills, and has usable and appropriate links. Go online to find a rubric for evaluating WebQuests. Complete the rubric for each WebQuest and choose the one that's best for your class.

4. Create a WebQuest for Students
Choose a topic from an upcoming unit and create your own WebQuest to accompany it. For example, you might choose to create a WebQuest about photosynthesis. When you design the WebQuest, ensure that you are directing students to appropriate sites and that you're having them use an educational search engine. You can send them to a science directory so that they have to enter their own keywords to find information about photosynthesis.

5. Assign Group WebQuests
Put students into small groups. Ask that each group complete a WebQuest about space. Each group will do a different WebQuest and then share its findings with the other groups. You can use WebQuests that are available online, or you can create your own WebQuest. Ensure that each link in the WebQuest is working and appropriate. Encourage students to work together to conduct the searches and complete their assigned task

MEMBERS:  For more information about WebQuests, how to create them, ideas for implementing them, and classroom strategies, please login and search for "Assign a WebQuest" in the Learning Programs area of the Teacher Learning Community.

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WebQuest Ideas for the Classroom

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