[Webinars] Common Core Made Easy
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[Webinars] Common Core Made Easy

Written by 3 September 2012

Our last Common Core Day of Learning was SO successful, we're hosting it one more time for those of you who missed it.

This online event is ALL about Common Core standards, and the best part is...

It's all free!

[Webinars] Common Core Made Easy

If you have ever found yourself asking questions like:

  • What are the Common Core Standards?
  • How do I align Assessment with Common Core?
  • How are the Standards organized?
  • How do I effectively teach to the Common Core Standards?

You MUST attend this unique Day of Learning.

We're bringing in subject matter experts Erin Klein and Catlin Tucker to answer these questions and to explain the Common Core Standards.

This special online event, will leave you feeling like an expert in the Common Core Standards.

Webinar titles include...

  1. Create Engaging Lessons to Support the Common Core
  2. Integrating Technology to Enhance the Common Core
  3. Project Ideas for Elementary Students that Align to Common Core
  4. Intro to the Common Core: Getting Students College and Career Ready
  5. Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach ELA Standards
  6. Common Core: Integrating Web 2.0 Technology to Teach Math Standards
  7. Common Core: Flipping Your Classroom and Teaching the Standards
  8. Vertical Alignment of Common Core State Standards: Up and Down the Ladder

==> Register for all eight webinars here

I'll be there all day long soaking it all up, I hope you can join me!


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[Webinars] Common Core Made Easy

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