[Webinar] 21st Century Learning Strategies
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[Webinar] 21st Century Learning Strategies

Written by 20 September 2012

 Do you...

  • value the importance of teaching collaboration skills?
  • want to know about the latest interactive technologies available?
  • like to encourage peer learning in your classroom?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, this webinar is for you!

==> Register for the FREE online webinar now!

We're excited to partner with Promethean to bring you an inside look at a new interactive, integrated technology solution that enables collaborative learning.

[Webinar] 21st Century Learning Strategies

WHAT: Webinar, "Encourage Peer Learning and Collaboration at School and Beyond with Promethean"

WHEN: Thursday, September 27, 2012 @ 2:30:00 PM, Eastern Time, USA

COST: Free!

Click here to register for the webinar now.

Come discover why collaboration skills are at the heart of true learning and how you can adapt your curricula to accommodate 21st century learning.

All are welcome to attend! Remember to share this blog post with your friends and
colleagues so they can join for free too. [Webinar] 21st Century Learning Strategies

See you there,



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[Webinar] 21st Century Learning Strategies

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