[Webinar] 21 Signs You're A 21st Century Teacher
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[Webinar] 21 Signs You’re A 21st Century Teacher

Written by 25 October 2012

[Webinar] 21 Signs Youre A 21st Century TeacherAre you leading your students on the path to 21st century success?
I'd like to help.

This free Webinar shares success stories and practical advice from educators around the world... which means you’ll walk away with
priceless teaching advice to use immediately in your classroom.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (USA)

[Webinar] 21 Signs Youre A 21st Century Teacher

During this FREE Webinar, you'll discover...

  • Free tech tools and tactics to implement core concepts of 21st century skills in all subject areas and grade levels.
  • Ideas to help push your students in the right direction towards 21st century learning.
  • 21st century project suggestions you can immediately incorporate into your lesson plans with ease.

BONUS: All attendees will receive a copy of the presentation to reference later on.

See you there!


PS: The more the merrier! Invite your Principal, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who you think would like to become a successful 21st century teacher.


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[Webinar] 21 Signs Youre A 21st Century Teacher

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