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Come Post a Sticky on Our Wall!

Written by 8 July 2011

We enjoy collaboration here at SimpleK12. After all, a few heads are always better than one!

So what collaborative tool have we found for you this time?... Wallwisher!

Come Post a Sticky on Our Wall!

Wallwisher is a simple web tool where users create a “wall” and use it like a corkboard to create anything, from a to-do list to an in-depth conversation on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Here’s how it works…

You can create your own URL for your wall, upload your own picture (or use one of their stock photos), title your wall, and choose your own theme.

What’s great for teachers is that you have control over some privacy settings. You can make your wall viewable by everyone or only yourself. You can also decide if you want other people to be able to post on your wall.

So if you want to use it as a message board rather than a collaborative tool, you can make it so only you can post to the wall and make it viewable for students and parents.

If you allow for other people to post to your wall, you can choose to approve every post before it’s displayed on the wall.

How do you use Wallwisher in your classroom?

Along with posting your comments below, go to and leave your comments on a sticky note there!

Come Post a Sticky on Our Wall!

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Come Post a Sticky on Our Wall!


  • Opps Forgot About That One « Computer Teacher said:

    [...] other post I saw was from I love Ed Tech about Wallwisher. I like the idea of Wallwisher, but I’ve had problems using it in the past. [...]

  • Colleen Young said:

    Wallwisher is excellent (it can be slow to load – so be patient – it’s worth it!). I put some links together for teachers at my school here:
    Colleen Young recently posted..WolframAlphaMy Profile

    Kimberly Reply:

    It can run a little slow – is another free tool that is similar. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

  • Frans Droog said:

    Wallwisher is a very nice and simple tool to use with students and parents and I have used it quite a bit at the beginning of this schoolyear. Unfortunately, I (and especially my students) have found it to be quite slow often and for this reason I am sorry to say I have actually stopped using it now :-(
    Frans Droog recently posted..Enercities : Onlinespel over duurzame energie via KlasCementMy Profile

    Kimberly Reply:

    Hi Frans – yes, it has been slower than normal recently. I have to admit, I tend to like this newer free web tool better now, You should check it out!