[Video] How To Use Wordle In the Classroom
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[Video] How To Use Wordle In the Classroom

Written by 3 November 2010

Yesterday you learned what Wordle is from Dave Dodgson in our 2 Minute Edtech Talk.  Today, in this 7 minute EdTech Tutorial you will learn how to use Wordle, see what you can make with Wordle, and walk away with great integration tips and ideas.  Whether you teach at the elementary or collegiate level, mathematics or language arts, Wordle is a fun and free web tool you can use to engage your students and spice up your lesson plans. 

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[Video] How To Use Wordle In the Classroom

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[Video] How To Use Wordle In the Classroom


  • Lindsay Moore said:

    Great! Love it I am really going to try to use it!!

  • Debbie said:

    I’ve used Wordle after students help compose classroom rules. With careful planning key words like “respect” leap out from the page.

  • Gail Petri said:

    This is a great tool to use with primary source material. Copy and paste text from documents (Bill or Rights, Constitution, Gettysburg Address, Pledge of Allegiance). It is amazing to see the themes pop out visually. Then use the printouts of Wordle clouds for students to create “found poetry” – representing what the documents mean to them. There is also an option that allows you to put words in alphabetical order! Learn more about primary sources and found poetry here: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/primarysourcesets/poetry/

  • Paula Clough said:

    I love the ideas!
    May I suggest that you use abc ya! instead. It does the same type of word cloude without showing samples of other peoples work which may have words inappropriate words for classroom/or age levels.

  • Jen Wagner said:

    I have had fun creating wordles for over 16 months now and posting them for teachers to use in their classrooms.

    Please check out http://projectsbyjen.com/GTW/

    Thank you