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[On-demand Webinar] 10 Techie Tools for Teachers

Written by 30 August 2012

Ready to make grading and collecting information from your students a breeze?  Want real-time collaboration and brainstorming with your students?  Looking for classroom project ideas?  I've got the perfect on-demand webinar for you!

[On demand Webinar] 10 Techie Tools for Teachers

This on-demand webinar recording, "10 Techie Tools for Teachers", covers ten of the most popular free web tools in the education community.

For a limited time, you can access this on-demand webinar recording FOR FREE inside the Teacher Learning Community.

Yep, that's right, it's 100% free!

Click here to watch the video now, or enter this URL into your web browser:


Watch the video and learn how easy it can be to create online bulletin boards, edit photos in just a few clicks, and develop engaging presentations. These ten tools are popular for a reason: they are must-have freebies that you shouldn’t teach without.



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[On demand Webinar] 10 Techie Tools for Teachers