Top Ten Twitter Hashtags for Educators
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Top Ten Twitter Hashtags for Educators

Written by 3 January 2012

Top Ten Twitter Hashtags for EducatorsOne of the best ways to stay up-to-date on the latest in education (other than a free subscription to the SimpleK12 blog) is to follow hashtags on Twitter. Before we get into which hashtags to watch, let's look at what they are.

Hashtags (#) are basically keywords for a tweet. Depending on the content of your tweet, you can use different hashtags so other teachers looking for similar content can find your tweet. For example, if I just found a new online resource for teachers, I might tweet about it and add the #edtech hashtag on the end so other teachers looking for educational technology can see it.

So now that you know what hashtags are, which ones should you watch? Depending on what you're looking for, there are actually many different hashtags you can add to your Twitter stream.

Check out my list of the top 10 Twitter hashtags for educators:

  1. #edchat - This is hashtag that was created by Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson and Shelly Terrell for all educators to connect and share their ideas on. Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST they have a discussion on a topic that is voted on the day before.
  2. #mlearning - This is a great hashtag to follow if you're looking to incorporate moibile devices into your classroom. This feed will provide you with many ideas and connections with other educators doing similar things in their classroom.
  3. #edtech - Under this hashtag you can find anything that has to do with technology in education. This is also a great place to find out about new web tools you can use with your students.
  4. #ipaded - If you're an educator with an iPad (or looking for a good reason to buy one), check out #ipaded. This stream highlights many iPad apps that are ideal for education.
  5. #education - Here you can find information on anything and everything related to education- from standardized testing to new technology for teachers.
  6. #mathchat - Not only can you always find a tricky math problem that needs solving on this stream, but you can also connect with all types of math teachers who you can collaborate and share ideas with.
  7. #scichat - If you're a science teacher you must check out #scichat. This stream will keep you up to date with everything happening in the science field, both related and unrelated to education.
  8. #engchat - engchat takes place every Monday from 7-8:00 pm EST. Each week they cover a different topic that they highlight on their website.
  9. #sped -Technology is revolutionizing special education. Check out #sped to learn about how education is changing and what technology is making it happen.
  10.  #kinderchat... #6thchat - If you're looking for grade specific content and lessons for your elementary students, check out any of the following hashtags- #kinderchat #1stchat #2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat #6thchat.

Bonus Hashtag- If you're watching SimpleK12 webinars, don't forget to tweet with the #sk12 hashtag!

I know there are many more Twitter streams for educators out there. Please leave a comment and share which ones you enjoy!

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Top Ten Twitter Hashtags for Educators


  • Andrea Gabor said:

    Don’t forget about #edreform
    Andrea Gabor recently posted..Searching for Steve Jobs? Why the Quest for “Star” Talent is Often MisguidedMy Profile

  • Cybrary Man - Jerry Blumengarten said:

    Hard to pick a Top Ten.
    #sschat #gtchat #elemchat should be included

  • Janine said:

    Don’t forget about #artsed – this is awesome for Art teachers of all levels.
    Janine recently posted..back to itMy Profile

  • Crissy Cochran said:

    Good list! We also like #edsocialmedia for good info and resources on social media in education.
    Crissy Cochran recently posted..The Long ReviewMy Profile

  • Brandi Jordan said:

    #TeachChat is also a great one and they have giveaways!

  • Homa Tavangar said:

    I learn a lot with #globaled, and use it frequently!

  • Richard Wood said:

    #spellathon can be included.

  • Amy Jo Fleming said:

    Great list of sites for educators. I am particularly interested in legal issues for elementary and secondary schools. Any suggestions?

    Michael Reply:

    Amy, go check out Jerry Blumengarten’s masterful site. He’s the Cybrary Man and covers all things education, including having a great and comprehensive list of education hashtags.

  • HollyAnne Giffin said:

    For language education at large there is #langchat, #flteach and #actfl.

    French has #aimlang and Spanish uses #spanishteachers.

  • Michelle said:

    It may be newer than the above, but #K12Media has great links and resources for all grades & subjects to integrate media studies across the curriculum (media literacy, digital literacy etc).
    Michelle recently posted..Welcome to 2012 #K12Media!My Profile

  • Adam said:

    Does Anyone know of any Business Education Chats/Hashtags? Please let me know, Thanks!

  • Carolyn said:

    This is a keeper for me! Excellent resource, I’ll definitely be sharing this with my fellow teachers.

  • Sue Atkins said:

    As a former Deputy Head and class teacher still interested in all aspects of education, I have found these hasgtags really valuable as a keen Tweeter as I had no idea about them !

    Many Thanks for opening up new avenues for Twitter conversations

    Sue Atkins
    Author of “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” and the Parenting Made Easy CDs and i-phone App

  • Sandra McLeod Humphrey said:

    Very helpful list and so were the suggestions via the comments!
    Thanks so much!
    Sandra McLeod Humphrey recently posted..Hot Issues, Cool Choices Book TrailerMy Profile

  • Nina Tanti said:

    #langchat for language teachers!

  • Elissa Muller said:

    #edleaders is another good one.

    Does anyone know of a sustainability in education related hashtag?

  • Jim Sill said:

    #eduwin – Celebrating teacher successes in the classroom.

  • Lisa D said:

    You missed New Teacher Chat #ntchat IMHO, some of those featured don’t even have a regular chat time! #ntchat and #elemchat should be included for the support brought to teachers worldwide on a daily basis. Thanks for letting us share.

    Dorie Glynn Reply:


  • Ken Zutter said:

    Wanted to tweet this article, but your share buttons don’t work on my Android

    Kimberly Reply:

    Hi Ken – thanks for pointing that out. I just installed an update so hopefully it will work for you in the future. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Maggie said:

    #ecetechchat is another great, new Twitter chat for early childhood education teachers on Wednesdays at 9pm EST!
    Maggie recently posted..BYOD – A Blessing or a Curse?My Profile