Saving Major Moolah – The Most Popular Discounts for Teachers
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Saving Major Moolah – The Most Popular Discounts for Teachers

Written by 30 December 2011

Saving Major Moolah – The Most Popular Discounts for Teachers

Take a look at this short list of discounts for teachers.  While this is by no means an extensive list, it definitely includes a few of the most popular discounts for teachers.

The bottom line matter what you're looking to buy, there's most likely a company that has a discount for you!

Book Stores



Office Supplies & Shipping


Did I miss your favorite discount?  What is your favorite tip for saying money on school supplies? Please let me know about it in a comment on this post.


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Saving Major Moolah – The Most Popular Discounts for Teachers


  • Frank said:

    Academic prices for lots of software – MS Office Professional $97.95

    This is one site:

  • Dwhiteoak said:

    Budget Truck Rental offers a 20% discount for teachers, and Verizon gives teachers a 15% discount off their monthly access fee for cell phone service (set this up in a store with a recent pay stub).

  • Erica said:

    Most cell phone companies give an educator discount. From what I’ve heard Verizon is the best. I have AT&T. Phone must be in educator’s name. I think I get ten or fifteen percent off my line. Also, if you teach at a public school, you’re a government employee. Most hotels give government discounts.

  • Alica said:

    Michaels doesn’t give the discount anymore. However, when I was there a few days ago, there was an ad for the discount running over the PA. I asked about it when I checked out. The cashier said that Michaels says they don’t give the discount, anymore, but still run the ad, so they gave me the discount. I’d ask at your Michaels before counting on that 15% off!

  • Matt Farber said:

    J Crew offers a 10% discount, too. They even discount at the outlet stores!

  • Kimberly (author) said:

    Thanks for the tips, everyone! Will definitely check those out. :)

  • Carol said:

    Hastings offers teacher discounts too. Also, Staples has a teacher reward system. They give $2 for every HP ink cartridge you return also. I think they will take up to 10 in a month so you could have $20 free Staples money if you recycle.

  • Michael Meinema said:

    Some Pharmasaves in Canada will waive the dispensing fee for prescriptions for teachers/principals. This could save anywhere from $3-$7 for each prescription you have filled! My family switched to Pharmasave and have found that it really makes a difference (albeit a little bit of a difference, it is one we certainly appreciate!)