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Top 7 eBooks for Educators

Written by 2 August 2012

If you know us here at SimpleK12, you know we love our free eBooks.  From time to time, we give them out via email, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, and webinars.

And it turns out, you love our free eBooks too!  I've received so many questions about eBooks (mainly, on how to get MORE), that I thought I'd share a list of our most popular eBooks.

So grab some coffee, kick up your bunny slippers, and take it all in...

Top 7 eBooks for Educators

Top 7 SimpleK12 eBooks for Educators

  1. Top 7 Virtual Field Trips
  2. Virtual field trips are interactive Web-based experiences that guide students through an exploration of content about themes, such as a specific place or time. Virtual field trips can offer students more opportunities because you can take them to places they wouldn’t normally be able to go to otherwise - like inside a volcano or on the ocean floor! In addition, virtual field trips may even boost students’ reading comprehension skills and will expose them to different cultures and environments.

  3. 7 Webtools for Digital Storytelling
  4. Discover 7 incredible Webtools for Digital Storytelling that make students and teachers say "WOW". This eBook is full of incredible FREE tools you can use in the your classroom today for making stories come alive. We've included tools for all grade levels from kindergarten to 12th grade. Use these webtools and your students will have a blast creating stories they will be proud to share.

  5. 20 Free iPad Apps Educators Can’t Live Without!
  6. There are thousands of free iPad Apps out there, but finding the perfect ones for you can be tough. We’ve spent hours searching for the best-of-the-best, free iPad Apps for Educators, and we’re sharing all of them with you in this eBook! Discover a multitude of free apps for professional development, cross-curricular activities, and every area of the core curriculum.

  7. 15 iPad Tips for Teachers
  8. If you're lucky enough to have an iPad, you may have noticed that when your iPad arrived, it didn't come with an instruction manual! While the basic functions of the iPad are easy to figure out on your own, there are many small tips that can make your iPad even more useful. This eBook covers the best "top secret" iPad tips that’ll change the way you think about your iPad’s keyboard, camera, settings menu, and more! To get the most out of this eBook, watch the corresponding webinar, "15 iPad Tips for Teachers".

  9. 21 Signs You're A 21st Century Teacher
  10. Find out if you're a 21st Century teacher! We’ve put together a collection of 21 tips, techniques, shortcuts, and tools other teachers around the country are using to embrace technology in their classrooms. Learn from these great ideas and your students will thank you for it! This incredible eBook will act as a road map on your journey towards becoming a 21st Century Teacher!

  11. 101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers
  12. The internet is teeming with free resources waiting to be used to enhance the classroom experience. Singling out the best ones, however, can be overwhelming and time consuming. At SimpleK12, we have meticulously scavanged the internet in search for the best free classroom tech tools. We’re thrilled to present to you this list, 101 Free Classroom Tech Tools, and we hope it engages you and proves itself useful for all of your educational technology needs.

  13. 21st Century Projects: Ideas for the Classroom
  14. Increasing homework completion and engaging today’s digital students can be challenging. If you want to improve information retention and increase student achievement, all while teaching your students important 21st Century skills, SimpleK12’s CoreCurriculum Projects is the perfect solution. We’re thrilled to present to you this printable resource, 21st Century Projects for the Classroom, and we hope it will bring new life to your teachers’ classrooms.

Click on the title of each eBook to view and download the resource for free. Enjoy!


PS - You can view a complete list of ALL the eBooks available inside the Teacher Learning Community here:

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Top 7 eBooks for Educators

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