Top 25 Android Apps for Educators
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Top 25 Android Apps for Educators

Written by 6 March 2012

Looking for the best education Android apps to use in your classroom?  Look no further!

Not too long ago, someone in our Personal Learning Network (PLN) shared a terrific resource on SimpleK12's Facebook page.

It's no secret that the Blue Bunnies are HUGE iPad fans... Check out some of our most popular iPad Posts here:

But I know what you're thinking... iPads aren't the only mobile devices used in classrooms.  What about other tablets, such as Android?

Which leads me back to that wonderful resource I mentioned earlier ...

Educational Technology compiled a list of great education apps for Android tablets.  The information is organized on a slideshow and contains beautiful screen shots of each of the apps, as well as links to review & download each app. Wow! How awesome is that? (Click here to see the slideshow.)

So if you're an Android tablet user/lover/fan/groupie ... check out the following recommendations.

Top 25 BEST Android Apps for Educators

  1. Evernote - allows users to capture photos, create to-do-lists, take notes and record voice reminders.
  2. Dropbox - allows users to bring together all their documents, files, photos, and videos anywhere.
  3. Color Note - a note taking app that works both on Android 1.5 and up. Allows users to take notes and edit them on the go. Offers a sticky note environment, a calender, and to do list options.
  4. Edmodo - allows its users to collaborate, exchange ideas, and share content in a secure closed environment. A tool that educators can use for free with their students.
  5. Vocalyze - provides mobile news, tweets, blogs, and other written web content in an audio format.  Great app especially for those suffering from any reading impairment that prevents them from reading content online.
  6. Google Maps - almost the same functionalities as its web version. Navigate and find places all around the world.
  7. Tweet Deck - social browser for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare. Tweet Deck will keep you updated about what is happening in those social websites where ever you are.
  8. Sync Space - a whiteboard app available for Android and iOS devices. Sync Space is used to create drawings and documents. It offers free hand drawing and typing too.
  9. Skitch - enables you to annotate pictures, add arrows to them, edit them, and save or share them with your friends.
  10. Audioboo - a free web tool where users can record their audio clips and share them with others.
  11. Apps 4 Kids - a free Android app that provides a set of tested kid safe apps. This will save you the efforts and time you will spend looking for apps that your kids can use in their phone without any security issues.
  12. Socratica - great web service that offers a wide range of educational apps.  it presently provides a collection of 19 educational apps for Android phones covering several subjects such as Greek mythology, geography, art, arithmetic, architecture, spelling, and more.
  13. Take a Talk - allows users to record voice notes, voice memos and several other audio formats. You can even record when the display is off.
  14. 50Languages - allows users to learn different languages for free using their own native tongue. Excellent app to help students learn a new language.
  15. Wave Recorder - allows users to make voice recordings just the same way they would as if using any desktop application.
  16. AndroMedia - a video editing app for Android that allows its users to create and edit their videos on the go. Start creating videos right from the images and clips you already stored on the memory of your device.
  17. How to Draw - allows users to create awesome drawings.
  18. Web Talks - reads out lous RSS feed to its users with a single click. Great for people who are busy and have no time to look for feeds to read.
  19. Minus - allows its users to upload and share files between their Android devices and their computers. Free for up to 50 GB. 
  20. Big Fat Canvas - allows users to make beautiful drawings.
  21. WiFi File Transfer - allows users to transfer files from an Android device to any other appliance on the same WiFi network
  22. AnyDo - allows users to create to-do lists by speaking into their phone.
  23. Mindjet - allows users to create awesome mind maps and diagrams.
  24. Eduport - users can discover awesome educational videos without having to back to YouTube main page.
  25. One Note - enables users to take notes very easily and on the go.


   26. Google Docs - users can create, edit, upload and share their documents on the go. This app has the
         same features as the web version.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful Android apps, Education Technology!

Readers ... what Android apps were left out? Tell us your favorites down below in the comments!

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Top 25 Android Apps for Educators



    27. SOCRATIVE – Socrative is for interaction. You ask the questions. Your student responds with any laptop/handheld device.
    28. CLASSDOJO – Real-time classroom management. Manage your class’ behaviour from your mobile device.


    29. QUILL – Handwriting note-taking app for Android tablets
    30. GOOGLE BODY – Explore the human body, layer by layer.
    31. GOTOMEETING – Watch SimpleK12 webinars from your Android tablet :-)


    32. GOOGLE GOGGLES – lets you use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the web. It’s ideal for things that aren’t easy to describe in words
    33. CATCH – No need to rely on memory alone. Capture anything you see, think, do, speak, read or hear in an instant.
    34. DROPBOX – access your files and documents from anywhere.
    35. GOOGLE SKY MAP – turns your Android-powered device into a window on the night sky.

    SORRY! Have gotten a bit carried away :-)


    One more!
    36. BARCODE SCANNER – Scan QR Codes

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