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Picnik with the Bunnies

Written by 30 June 2011

It's summer time here in the US of A!  And a favorite American past time is a good, old-fashioned family picnic.

But... for thosPicnik with the Bunniese of you not outside... why don't you join us for another kind of Picnik?

Picnik is my second favorite free webtool.  It's an online photo editing tool that is completely free... and loaded with lots of bells and whistles you usually find with expensive software. 

I think it's a great free tool to use in class with your students to complete awesome projects.  

(Curious what my FIRST favorite free webtool is?  Click here to find out...)

To celebrate this season,  I am sharing one of our Teacher Learning Community Webinars with you!  Usually, recordings are only available to our members, but today is reason to celebrate...so I hope you enjoy!  (To learn about membership, click here.)

Webinar:  Online Photo Editing Made Fast, Free, and Fun!

Learn how to edit photos using Picnik, a free online photo editing service that’s a lot of fun and easy to use. It can be used to create cover pages for projects, diagrams for science, and other cool photos that can be used in a variety of projects. Examples of how it can be used in the classroom will be discussed, including how it can be used to help students understand the concept of "tone” and how it is conveyed.

Part of the webinar series: "The Wonderful World of Web Tools" -- a showcase of free, online classroom tools.

Picnik with the Bunnies
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Picnik with the Bunnies

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