[PDF] Challenge Based Learning Projects..?
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[PDF] Challenge Based Learning Projects..?

Written by 21 July 2011

Do you know what challenge-based learning is?

If you don’t, you need to check out Collaborize Classroom’s workbook all about challenge-based learning.

Download this workbo[PDF] Challenge Based Learning Projects..?ok now and Collaborize Classroom will show you exactly what challenged-based learning is and how to incorporate a challenge-based learning project in your class.  How does Collaborize show you?  They give you a literal step-by-step outline of how to produce and execute a challenge-based learning project in your class.

The steps are very thorough and include important key points you need to consider when assigning this type of project to your students.

If you were thinking about assigning a challenge-based learning project, you MUST look over this workbook first.  This workbook will make a challenge-based learning assignment much easier on you, and your students.

This free PDF, which is just one of the many free guides Collaborize Classroom has to offer, tells you exactly what challenge-based learning is, in clear, easy to understand terms and gives you the tools you need to take an assignment like this and make it a success in your classroom.

Do you have an online learning platform yet?

If you don't, check out Collaborize Classroom- a FREE online learning platform that allows teachers to extend their classroom discussions to a structured and private online community.

[PDF] Challenge Based Learning Projects..?

Does anyone have experience using a challenge-based learning project in their classroom?  If so, please leave a comment below and share a little about it.


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[PDF] Challenge Based Learning Projects..?

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