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ISTE Prize Winners

Written by 2 July 2012

Special thanks go out to everyone who attended our session, stopped by the booth, or said hello when they spotted us out and about in San Diego!  Cheers to another great year at ISTE!

ISTE 2012 may be over but the fun hasn't stopped for the Blue Bunnies.  Exciting things happen all year long inside SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community ... and you don't want to miss out on anything!

If you were lucky enough to win a FREE Teacher Learning Community membership at either our Booth or during the session we presented, don't forget to redeem your prize!  Visit SimpleK12's ISTE Prize Page to see exactly how it's done.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that you still have the FREE All-Access Prize Voucher you received... You will need to know how long your membership is good for, plus the special coupon code that is listed.

Click here to redeem your ISTE Prize now.

Not sure if you still have it?  It looks like one of the passes down below. 

ISTE Prize Winners

Redeem Your ISTE Prize Now.

Didn't attend ISTE? No problem! 

You can still join us inside the Teacher Learning Community!  Click here to learn about the different membership options available and join us inside the Community.

See you there!

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ISTE Prize Winners

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