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How We Learn – TED Videos

Written by 26 May 2012

Have you ever wonder "how do we learn"? 
Of course you have... you're an educator. 

A teacher.  A learner.  An explorer.

You want to know the answers - especially to this question.  And you dedicate your life to it.

Do you know what babies are thinking?
OR what we learn before we're born?

Have you ever wondered about the birth of a word?
Or how fear can keep you from learning something new?

All of these interesting questions are answered or discussed in a collection of TED talks.  This collection of over 70+ TED talks is focused on how we learn.

The videos are interesting, perplexing, and some just mind blowing.

==>  Browse this collection of videos on how we learn, and let me know if you aren't hooked!

Go ahead... do something for yourself!  These videos will inspire and delight you.

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How We Learn   TED Videos

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