How to Access YouTube in Your Classroom
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How to Access YouTube in Your Classroom

Written by 18 January 2012

How to Access YouTube in Your ClassroomHave you struggled with YouTube being blocked in your school, and your administration just won't budge on unblocking it? Well, I come bearing good news for you!

YouTube is, for the most part, a fantastic resource for teachers. It's packed with free content on just about any subject you or your students could ever want. However, all the "junk" that litters YouTube like the suggested videos, inappropriate videos, comments, and other ads has kept it from getting the green light at most schools.

YouTube is now trying to change that with their "YouTube for Schools".

When YouTube released the education aspect of their site (EDU), it was great place to go to find educational videos to share with students, but it still wasn't secure. Students could make their way to the main YouTube site and watch the latest viral videos.

With the new YouTube for schools, your school or district can now register with YouTube to enable teachers to access the YouTube EDU site while still blocking the main YouTube site, ads, and videos unrelated to education.

To learn more about YouTube for Schools, check out their FAQ page or  YouTube's blog post announcing YouTube for Schools. Below is the promotional video for their new site if you'd like to take a look!

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How to Access YouTube in Your Classroom

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    I like Google’s ideas. They are always very creative.