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Freebie Man: Win a Cool eBeam Edge — Turns Your Projector into an Electronic Whiteboard

Written by 9 March 2010

A bazillion thanks to our friends at Luidia, the makers of the eBeam Edge, for offering our viewers this incredibly nifty tool for your classroom.

Watch the video for more details, then go here to check out some of the specs on this little jewel.

Then return here and leave a comment to enter the contest.

The Fine Print (Rules):

  1. To enter, make a comment and describe how you would use the eBeam Edge in your classroom.
  2. Entries accepted until 5:00 p.m. US Eastern Standard Time on 31 March 2010.
  3. On/before 07 April 2010, we will choose the winner via a random drawing.
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Freebie Man:  Win a Cool eBeam Edge    Turns Your Projector into an Electronic Whiteboard


  • Beth Lloyd said:

    eBeam Edge would turn my classroom into a hands on experience for the students I work with, many who are on the autism spectrum. Direct exploration would certainly enhance their learning and experience!

    Katie Lutts Reply:

    I would love to used this kind of technology in my Phys. Ed. classes! I would use it to help students see how the body works and to display their heart rates and steps using pedometers throughout the class period to show how hard they are working.

  • Melinda Lowe said:

    Since I travel around presenting staff development trainings in various locations, I often don’t have the luxuary of having an interactive whiteboard. The eBeam Edge would provide the opportunity to easily travel with and use a state-of-the-art technological tool that will engage my adult learners like never before!

  • Sharee said:

    I would loan it out to teachers to use on days it fits their particular lesson. The interactivity and visual components will both motivate our students and increase their understanding.

  • Rebecca Skilling said:

    There are 2 portable Smartboards in my building. They are in constant demand. This would be a much more economical way to get interactive white boards in to our classrooms. Technology = high interest with students = quality learning!!

  • Debbie Gallagher said:

    You could virtually use this anywhere there is a computer and projector. What an amazing tool!! Students would be able to interact in the classroom through this tool. Smartboards would no longer be necessary.

  • Dale said:

    Because I teach very young children, attaching this to a whiteboard at child height (we are often on the floor) would give us the interactivity that these children literally cannot access! Can’t wait to see this in action.

  • Carol Miller said:

    I travel from building to building in our district working with teachers and classes to integrate technology into their lessons. What a nice, very portable way to create a mobile interactive lesson.

  • Brenda said:

    It is a great tool to have. You can use it to teach many different things and allow students to have a more interactive classroom setting.

  • Sharon Dwyer said:

    The portablity of this product would make it perfect for my campus. I can picture it being used in our Science Lab, Art Room, Music room and every classroom in our school. Students would love the interactivity of the eBeam Edge.

  • Richard Fair said:

    As a computer teacher and technology leader at my school, I am constantly looking for ways to demonstrate and bring my students and faculty into the 21st century. The eBeam Edge would be great for this. It would allow me to show my administration an economical alternative to the expensive smartboards.

  • Kristy Daspit said:

    I would use this thing all the time. We are begging for technology in our district. No money. I already use my projector daily. The Edge would further enhance the effectiveness of my teaching. Kids love technology in the classroom!!

  • Fran Burnett said:

    There are so many activities in my foreign language classroom that could be done paperless with this technology. And, using an eBeam would promote the speaking goal we have by encouraging class participation instead of individual work with just a few adjustments to existing instructional materials. This is an exciting product that would be used daily in each of my classes!

  • Morgan Parrish said:

    It would be great to use with the group of struggling and at-risk students I’m getting for intervention next year.

  • George Laumann said:

    We are a Title 1 school on a very tight technology budget. We have interactive whiteboards in out 4th and 5th grade classes and have projectors in 2nd and3rd grades, but cannot afford to add interactive whiteboards.

    A cost effective tool like the Cool eBeam Edge would help us to continue our goal of instructional equity. I believe other schools in our school system would like this tool as well.


  • Steve said:

    As a regional EdTech coordinator and trainer, I could use the eBeam Edge in the schools and admin buildings where I go to train. Budgets are very tight in our schools, and the eBeam would be a cost effective, not to mention portable, solution for classrooms.

  • Melissa Ochsner said:

    I train staff on how to create their own teacher website on our CMS and I travel to the teacher and work with their schedule. This would allow me to bring the ability to present at any board since all my training is web based. In addition, it would allow me to test it in all of our environments to see the feasibility of investing in this technology over a full interactive board!

  • Susan Gould-Leighton said:

    Today is my birthday so I think I should win. I would use the ebeam edge in many of the ways already described. But I am sure I would find many more

  • Cindy Murphy said:

    WOW! I am always looking for ways to enhance my instruction and engage the students. We need compelling lessons and relevant connections to be made so that our students see the importance of continuing their education. So if we continue to learn and grow in our instruction then we provide the example for our students.

  • michelle fuller said:

    I would teach tech skills to kindergarten studnets. Touch and scroll

  • Amy K. said:

    I currently have a laptop and projector in my classroom. This device would enable me to provide more interactive lessons for my students.

  • Susan said:

    I would have to come up with some creative, technology based project for our teachers and then I would give the ebeam edge away as the grand prize!

  • Chris White said:

    I would give it to my math teachers.

  • Jim Finedore said:

    Ebeam will allow my students to become 21st century learners by enhancing lessons that will capture students interest and to allow lessons be more interactive. My students will be able to become a teacher as well as an active participant in all lessons. Interacting with the computer my students will learn new skills that will transfer when older to the workplace and allow them to be the top in their respective fields. I am excited about the endless possibilities that this will bring to a classroom and the students participating.

  • Melanie said:

    I would use this for my teachers that can’t have a permanent whiteboard, but are very interested in using the technology (Phys. Ed, shared spaces, etc). With budget cuts, this is AWESOME!!!!

  • Debbie said:

    This is fantastic! As a teacher who visits many rooms and two different sites in a week, it would be great to be to carry a white board with me! The students would love the interaction and it would add depth to lessons.

  • Elena De La Rosa said:

    I teach at a Title 1 High risk school. If I had an eBeam Edge in my classroom I would be able to give my students the opportunity to interact with our lessons physically as well as using the other modalities for learning. I am the tech person in my school so that whatever I have I share with teachers to demonstrate how they can bring technology into their own instruction to engage students in learning and retaining what is taught.

  • Will Waghorne said:

    I would use an eBeam Edge to encourage reluctant speakers and learners to the board to interact with manipulatives. I teach math to a largely ELL-populated classroom, and I like to use every trick in the book to get ALL students involved.

  • Nena T. said:

    Wow! It would be easier to state how you would not use this in the classroom. This is fantastic! I could use this all year long. This could be used to demonstrate graphs and charts. The students could interact and solve problems together. It will give my students a visual experience and enhance their learning in many ways.

  • Ed Rousculp said:

    I facilitate professional development, particularly in using instructional technology, for university faculty and prepare prospective K-12 teachers, and the eBeam Edge would help with both tasks. It would also give me the ability to use this great tool at all of our regional sites.

  • Jill Badalamenti said:

    The eBeam would make interactive learning more feasible in my school. Currently we have two SMART Boards. They are nice but big and bulky and expensive! The eBeam would change all of that.

  • Debra said:

    As the Technology Resource Teacher, I visit every classroom several times a year to teach technlogy. Not every room has a Smartboard. If I had an eBeam I could make sure that every students has the experience of using an Interactive White Board.

  • Brandy Hackett said:

    The eBeam Edge would allow me to teach writing in a more interactive way. My students will be able to manipulate the writing and evaluate it as a whole class, making the experience shared. It will enhance my students’ understanding of the information they are presented.

  • Roy L. Lyons said:

    I would use the COOL eBEAM EDGE to teach CADD & Drafting.

  • Lori Schmidt said:

    Our school’s SmartBoard room is always booked so I would let teachers borrow this for specific lessons and also use it for Staff Training classes. Great give-away!

  • Jackie B. said:

    What timing! We have been talking about these in our monthly regional tech meetings and at our state conference last week! It’s flexibility and mobility make the eBeam perfect for our 3 Kindergarten classrooms. Our little ones could do their daily graphing, sequencing, word and sentence completion, cooperative story writing and so much more interactively in large and small groups without the markers, colors and post it notes we rely on now. Would be a perfect fir for our MTSS and RTI programs!

  • Pam Smith said:

    I already have a SMART board in my classroom, so I would give it to my co-worker, the seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Kriste. She really wants a tool like this in her class, but the district can’t afford to get any more right now. She and I have used my SMART board together for Math, Language Arts, and Science a few times, but time and schedule constraints make it difficult for her to use it as often as she would like. We’re both learning more about the great things you can do with an interactive board. We even participated in an online webinar about it. Now we’re all excited, but Mrs. Kriste doesn’t have one of her own. :(

    SO! Wish Mrs. Kriste good luck in the drawing!

  • Carol Wilson said:

    This is awesome!!! I work with the special education population that often needs to incorporate body movements such as crossing the midline to help them learn. This can be difficult to do on a piece of paper in front of them. eBeam Edge would give them the opportunity to learn and express their knowledge in a large and convenient format that allows them to apply needed body movements.

  • Candace Hoff said:

    I would use this in all areas of my curriculum. I try to include some sort of technology in every lesson I teach. I want to show my kids that all of this “stuff” matters and will be used in real life. I am always looking for ways to interest my kids in the things that I am teaching and I think that this would be an outstanding tool to use to do that.

  • scott said:

    I have a projector in my room. students are excited to come and answers problems on the whiteboard and projector. By having a more hands on visual experience in the class will lead to more style driven learning and able to manipulate and rearrange, drag things so students can see it. It will add another dimension to our classroom.

  • Joshua Ivy said:

    eBeam would be a great addition to my class! Maps, graphs, charts and other visual aids would come alive. This would help to engage students and push them further!!

  • Theresa Stroud said:

    I teach computer science to high school students. I do not have a whiteboard just a projector in my classroom. The eBeam Edge would be fantastic for the students and I when mapping out algorithms. It would make demonstrating how to follow the logic with iteration and decision structures easy. The students would then also be able to stand in front of the class and demonstrate iterations and decision structures.We would have a blast with this nifty little cadget.

  • Lynda Shipley said:

    Part of my job is to encourage the intergration of technology in the classroom. This would be such a motivator for the tech-shy teachers in my building.

  • Jeff Liwag said:

    I would use it to present lessons and engage the kids in multi-sensory activities. In the near future, when I transition to EdTech, this will also be useful in presentations/demonstrations.

  • Tom D'Elia said:

    I would like to win. Our special education classes could really use one.

  • Lois Cox said:

    We have a variety of technology in our district but still have teachers waiting for their technology purchases due to budget cuts. This would be a great tool to allow one more teacher in our district to move into interactive teaching.

  • Gwen Neu said:

    As an independent study teacher, I teach students in a wide variety of settings. I already have a laptop and a projector, which I use on a regular basis. I can easily imagine how this tool would add another layer to my instructional methods.
    I also am a teacher of teachers. I can see this tool adding interest to our professional development activities.
    I am adding the eBeam Edge to my wish list for when the current financial crisis ends and there is money to spend again — unless I win, of course!

  • Jesse Janssen said:

    If I won the eBeam Edge, I would use it for all of my classes. I teach Accounting classes, and I would be able to integrate the technology with problems that students would be able to interact with at the board. I would also use the eBeam Edge for my 8th Grade Math classes so that the students would be able to do board work with the technology. This would allow me to use animations such as probability activities to see how many heads come up when flipping an animated coin, etc. Lastly, I would be able to integrate many more fun activities for students to do that would be hands-on. My In-House Training class could also utilize this technology for various projects and assignments.

    Such a motivator would be awesome for our Business & Math departments!

    Jesse Janssen

  • Antonio Smalls said:

    At my school, teachers who do not have a state testing grade, do not get smartboards or any other interactive equipment for the classroom. If I had this device, I would use it on my regular whiteboard and not worry about when I would get a smartboard.

  • Barbara Pouls said:

    I am a Kindergarten teacher. This would enhance my students education
    in the classroom. I would be able to help students on many different levels.

  • Amy Navo said:

    Being a support program in our district (gifted education), we are always trying to get ahead of the curve. This would help us take the technology wherever we are placed. With the funding from our program no longer being a line item, like everyone we are teaching more kids with less funding. To replace broken equipment or to transfer equipment because of moving to another room can be difficult. Having a interactive board for one year and then to be told you might not have one the next is a definite dissappointment.

  • Diana Thomas said:

    As a music educator whose classroom has one networked connection, I see limitless possibilites for students to share in the rich resources that are available on the web. In my role as tech coordinator for our school, this would be a very versatile tool to add to our shared resources for our classrooms.

  • kathryn eddy said:

    This would be perfect in content mastery. We could work with more than one subject at a time. Students could see better and interact with the board.

  • Rei-Chinese Teacher said:

    Electronic whiteboard will really help my students in learning how to write Chinese characters in a fun and interactive way. We can also use it to play many fun educational games. I hope I can win this so it will benefit my students!

  • Monica Gallagher said:

    am a first grade teacher. This would enhance my students education
    in the classroom. I would be able to help students on many different levels.

  • Roberta Doughty said:

    The possibilities are limitless if I had this portable tool to share with my colleagues. We are finally getting many projectors but with the budget shortfall we have we will not get smartboards anytime soon. This sounds like the perfect alternative. I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Elaine Tomko said:

    I love to have the kids come up in math and show how they did a problem.They are in middle school and this tool would be like a privilege to them and they would stay engaged so they could have a turn using it.Great Idea!!!!!!

  • Stefanie Herndon said:

    I would LOVE to use this in my Kindergarten classroom! We have smart boards in the upper grade levels, but the lower grade levels would love to use this technology. I would share with my teaching teammates as well. It would be interesting to see what we can do with it to enrich our students’ learning!

  • Becky Gage said:

    I would love to have one of these! How cool!

  • Susie Jones said:

    I train staff on using new software, so this would be a handy tool to demonstrate and then I would make it available to my staff to use in their classrooms.

  • Pam Jeter said:

    I would take the ebeam edge on the road with me to demonstrate how valuable this tool would be in the classroom. I could take it into the classroom to integrate into a daily lesson for a teacher to see how easy it is to use. I would take it to Administrative meetings to show administrators how this tool could be used for meetings and within a teacher’s classroom. Last but not least, I would take it to a building PTA meeting to show parents how this tool can be used to engage their child in the classroom.

  • Valery said:

    I can see using the eBeam Edge in a classroom to take a one dimensional teacher presentation to an interactive student activity. The possiblities for increasing student engagement and motivation are endless. I travel between buildings and work in small rooms. The eBeam Edge would be very portable and convenient for me to use to increase student work on 21st century skills.

  • Lauren Townsend said:

    This would be a fantastic teaching tool for my kids with special needs. It would be a great way for them to interact during instruction. I really like that it can be used on any white board!

  • Kevin Stephan said:

    Technology has the ability to enhance learning and discovery amoung students, so why wouldn’t a teacher want an awesome piece of equipment. Children of all socio-economic backgrounds can recognize and assimilate technology and then apply it to the real world. I am always looking for ways to bring the future into the my students’ lives, and the Cool eBeam Edge is just the tool I need.

  • Beverly Butler said:

    This sounds ideal for my visual learners. I could use the ebeam to enhance the lessons for my students. I teach non-verbal autistic children/adults and they are all hands-on visual learners. They will be able to be interactive with the lessons and as a teacher I would have immediate feedback to assess comprehension of the lesson. Assessing how much they actually absorb or understand is hard from a teachers perspective due to the students being non-verbal. They could communicate to me and the class with just a pen point. How exciting that sounds. Visual, Action, interactive, and hands-on lessons really help the student develop receptive and expressive language. This would be another way for the student to speak and communicate what they want to so badly. Every lesson or activity taught is done with big visual pictures. I’ve created so many on the computer or with auditory devices. With the use of the ebeam, these lessons can become a part of the whole group interactive experience. The more interactive the lesson, the clearer the picture, the more expressive language is acquired from the student. Communication that’s what we need in our classroom. This would be a wonderful avenue for more communication.

  • John Christopher said:

    This would be excellent for my professional development classes…I have read alot about visual learners and auditory learners….but I teach the kinesthetic learning modality in the classroom…

    If you are interested in this new classroom changing professional development…forward my information to your principal…

  • Maureen Davis said:

    It would help me to have interactive staff development & hopefully encourage our school to purchase more of the same for our teachers.

  • Jennifer Peterson said:

    This would be a great tool for any classroom, especially those classroom that may not have physical capability of housing a smartboard. It could be projected anywhere, and my students could use it without as many physical limitations.

  • Lisa Foggia said:

    I’d love to learn about and use this cool tech. tool in my middle school classes. I know my students would sit up, pay attention, and think of fabulous new ways to enhance our learning experience.

  • Renee Peoples said:

    Wow! This is amazing, like a dream come true!!! It would be incredible and so useful. The price is really good for such a sweet technology! I am so excited to see and portable come down to interactive projection systems. Kudos to you!

  • C Zuckerman said:

    The eBeam Edge would be a great tool in my classroom, where I have 1 rather small whiteboard, and I’m constantly having to erase it to continue my lesson! I teach foreign language, and this would provide additional engagement for my students to interact with the language.

    Awesome product!

  • Catherine Tynan said:

    I am a district specialist and train the teachers. It would be a wonderful tool to use during my staff development workshops. I could use technology to demonstrate how engaging it would be for our students and how easy it is to use.

  • Claire Peterson said:

    This would be a great tool for staff meetings and inservice workshops which are held in my library and for lending out to staff who don’t have an interactive whiteboard. I’m sure it would be used on a regular basis in our school.

  • Kim Montour said:

    I would love to use the ebeam in my classroom to easily record student’s brainstorming ideas for pre-writing or for saving a particular classes set of reactions to a story we have read together. Bye Bye overhead films!!!

  • Kristy said:

    Brilliant!! The kids would love it!!

  • Cristina said:

    I would use the eBEAM everyday with students, teachers, administrators and get them excited about the possibilties.

  • Mr. Reyes said:

    Help me teach math using virtual manipulatives!

  • Tricia Brown said:

    Light, portable, easy to set up! Smart boards are too expensive for my district to put in every classroom. This looks like a great alternative! I hope I get to use it and integrate it into the learning of Chemistry. I could do so much more with an interactive interface! The kids have a hard time visualizing what happens to their world on an atomic level. Interactive lessons help to overcome that barrier. Thanks for the offer!

  • laura said:

    This technology would enable my kindergarten students to participate in hands on technology across all subjects. A smartboard is great be difficult due to space and the constant movement in a K class. This device would allow the whiteboard already in our classroom to be utilized in a new way.

  • Margaret Royal said:

    I love it! The teachers have everything available without sitting at the computer or using a wireless mouse. The eBeam Edge is so easy to use, condensed in size, mobile, and affordable.

  • Pam Young said:

    I would LOVE to have this gadget! I could use it for teaching verb conjugations in new and exciting ways.

  • Sheila said:

    I work for a state’s educational technology center that also functions as a preview center of new technologies (such as the SMART Board, Promthean, or Mimio) that allow our school systems to “play before they pay.” I would demonstrate the eBeam and allow teachers to check it out for use.

  • Donna said:

    Having an eBeam Edge in our art department would be an asset to our program. As we daily use an LCD projector for visual presentations, the interactive white board would provide us with the opportunity to physically engage students. In our Vector Graphics course, the interactive whiteboard would provide experience in contemporary graphic project presentations.

  • Suzanne Barker said:

    I love the use of technology in my classroom. The eBeam Wedge would help bring many of my technology pieces together in a stream lined presentation! I can see the kids already working math and interfacing with each other and technology!

  • Tim Linhart said:

    This would allow me to give more teachers professional development on the use of interactive white boards, am currently limited to 25 seats due to size of labs with a board installed.

  • Tamara said:

    I teach science and being able to incorporate this technology into my daily use of the projector would be wonderful. What a great tool to enhance learning in both chemistry and physics labs.

  • Pauline Henning said:

    I see all the grades for information literacy, technology and research skills. An interactive board would boost participation and buy in when presenting lessons. I don’t know a lot of these students personally like their classroom teachers do, so something interactive would be huge to increase student learning. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Diane said:

    Teachers in our building could turn their classrooms into true interactive learning spaces. Students would be more engaged and teachers would feel more empowered. We would be more apt to have students who are digitally literate and better prepared to enter our high schools and the world of college and career (we are a middle school).

  • lila marie burgess said:

    I teach a fully inclusive pre-K class! This would be an excellent tool for reinforcing literacy and math skills while actively engaging the kids:)

  • Christie said:

    This would allow “hands on”. I think it would be great to use with our special needs students and our students who are in RTI.

  • Lynna said:

    This is such a cool tool…we have projectors in most rooms, but to get an interactive whiteboard (which are few and far between) means we must give up our regular whiteboard…this tool would allow us to keep the basic board AND go all out with interactive technology. Its portability means I can share with my colleagues and we can all benefit.

  • Debbie said:

    I am a computer teacher and tech director at my school. This tool would be used with my students and my teachers. I need to teach both groups to use every 21st Century device that I can!!

  • Jill Merager said:

    This is awesome! This is so nice as you can use your regular white board and turn it into an interactive whiteboard! It is a great way to engage kids in learning!

  • Amy Householder said:

    This would be an awesome way to integrate technology into virtually every lesson! Our building is sooo technology poor it isn’t even funny. What a motivational tool to get kids involved and keep them engaged in learning, as well as meet some of our state’s Technology GLE’s!

  • Judy Callahan said:

    I’m a tech person at a school with 25 teachers who all have projectors. This devices sounds like a dream. We’d all give it a try!

  • Rebecca Woodcock said:

    Not all of the classrooms in our building have Smartboards, but they all have projectors. This would enable me to use the projector in each of the classrooms I’m in as a “Smartboard”! Whoo-hoo!

  • Carrie Nethery said:

    Being from a poor district my students don’t get much experience with technology outside of microsoft word in the language arts class once in a blue moon. It would be wonderful to incorporate this into my arts and humanities classes to create an interactive, hands-on learning experience through technology. I teach Grades 6-8 so I would be able to give all of our students exposure to a whole new world in education. Having an eBeam Edge would allow for endless possibilities in Arts and Humanities curriculum!

    Carrie Nethery Reply:

    I’m excitied just thinking about the possibility of making better use of my projector and white board! The processes that my students could learn from and the ways I could enrich the lessons to create an exciting learning experience is endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pam said:

    This looks like a great way to use interactive whiteboard technology in our 60+ year old building that is difficult to wire for traditional projector and whiteboard setups. A projector on a cart and an eBEAM device would allow teachers in any classroom setting the ability to use this kid friendly technology. Great idea!

  • Dave said:

    This is a great educational tool, especially for traveling teachers. We have a lot of them, and they are in multiple rooms. This would allow them to have an interactive whiteboard in each room they are in.

  • Brett Willhoit said:

    A majority of my learners are classified as Special Education and the eBeam technology could allow me to harness the power of this engaging medium to reach more of my students through their preferred learning styles that a traditional classroom environment simply cannot provide. Furthermore, I am a traveling teacher and as such, I use many different classrooms throughout the day. Unfortunately, my district cannot afford to provide every classroom with an interactive whiteboard. The eBeam products would allow me to bring in this phenomenal technology into all of the different classrooms that I use everyday.

  • Deb said:

    I would use it to demonstrate across our large district the capabilities it has along with integrating it into my other training areas plus it would reduce the cost of adding the whiteboard in all classrooms. Being portable and easy for me to use in technology training would be an asset.

    What better way to bring something into a large school district!

  • Benjie Willsey said:

    My school district just cut $600,000 from the budget for next year. They still have $400,000 to cut…. I would like to win this great device so that I can help my students advance in the technological world. Without giveaways such as this, I don’t know how teachers are going to acquire new and innovative materials to stay on top of the technological world.

  • Donna Wilk said:

    I would definitely use it in my computer applications classes especially when I have the students make presentations. It would be great when demonstrating new software to faculty.

  • Seth Dickens said:

    I would use it so that my learners could have the power and versatility of an IWB in their regular class. At the moment we have to troop down to the ICT lab, which is not always a great place for learning (students hidden behind screens, lack of writing space, booked by other teachers etc.)

  • Wendy Taylor said:

    Because I teach low performing ninth graders, I am always on the lookout for interactive activities to keep my students motivated and on task. The eBeam Edge would provide the perfect resource to meet this goal. Currently, only two teachers at my school have interactive whiteboards, and they are not available to other teachers; an eBeam Edge would expand the available technology, so that more students could experience interactive learning. Thanks for making this possibility available.

  • Ken Watson said:

    I am the technology coordinator and instructional technologist in a middle school that just initiated a 1:1 computer program. My job as technology coordinator also includes going into the classrooms and teaching the students and staff about the computer and the applications. Having a availability of portable whiteboard would make it possible for me to remain at the front of the classroom and control the computer. This would make instruction much more meaningful for both students an teachers in our weekly professional development.

  • Elise said:


    From Brain Gym to net
    Touching, scrolling, math, writing
    Great for brainstorming

  • Everett said:

    With no interactive whiteboards in our school, this looks like a great economical start to get them in.

  • Steve Miller said:

    This is a cool tool! We could leverage limited funding as a charter organization and ensure increased hands-on, highly interactive experience for students AND teachers!

  • Erich Zimmerman said:

    As a band director, this would allow me to show the students Finale files, scores, or even individual parts. Pretty cool.

  • Vicki Treadway said:

    I am a 21st Century Teaching and Learning coach. I help all the teachers in my high school integrate technology. The eBeam Edge would be great for me to use when I am in the classroom working with teachers and students and when I am conducting PD throughout our district. I also think it would be something for us to try out as an alternative to the standard interactive whiteboard. I love the portability of it!

  • Rob Hammond said:

    Sounds awesome! This would liberate my students to see that technology is more than a copy of a document being projected on a board.

  • Elizabeth Bogle said:

    This is great! My students would love it. It would help to keep them engaged and allow them another way to participate in the lesson. Just think of all the ways we can teach when we bring the lesson to life.

  • Jenna said:

    I work in a Title 1 school in which there are no interactive white boards due to the high costs. We do have LCD projectors and computers. I think the eBeam edge would be help our students to become engaged in interactive lessons and improve learning in all subject areas.
    4th Grade Teacher

  • Jeff said:

    I would use it to engage my students in math. It would be great to be able to replay a sample problem, record a lesson for a substitute to teach, or allow a sick student to follow along from home!

  • Maryfrances Honegger said:

    I teach anywhere from 18 to 25 students in a 21 X 23 foot room in a portable classroom (aka doublewide trailer). Many of my students are streetwise kids whose homelife is difficult. I would like this to level the playing field for these 5 and 6th graders in the world of technology. They are so anxious to learn more and this would definitely help. We have no security or outside lights so this item could be locked up with the digital projector for safety. Our classes have a blend of special education students with non special ed. Our emphasis is that everyone is great at something, so lets find out what that is. A projectable whiteboard would definitely help the tactile learners, along with motivating the visual learners to create their own lessons in conjunction with others.

  • Eva Niosi said:

    This is so cool. I teach culinary arts and could really see integrating this in the kitchen itself to incorporate lecture with hands on learning. To be able to transport this and interact with my students would be an amazing addition to my classroom and our school. So small, just amazing!

  • Laurice Badino said:

    engages students
    Brings 21st century learning to the classroom
    Enables interractivity
    Addresses both brain hemispheres
    Makes learning fun

    Easy to use
    Designed for portability
    Gives more students and teachers access to technology
    Efficient and affordable

    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
    Although I would like this tool for myself as a traveling teacher, I would donate it to our school library to give all teachers in our building the opportunity to use this amazing product. And I would use it in a presentation to our head of technology and school board as an affordable alternative to expensive smartboards they are considering purchasing once our budget woes are alleviated.

  • Tim Reese said:

    I would use an eBeam edge in my classroom as an interactive tool with my students. I would utilize interactive maps in my Geography class, review games to test my students retention of skills and much more. My classroom would be a fun and engaging classroom where learning just happens to take place. :o)

  • Lydia K said:

    The ebeam would help create an interactive environment in my classroom. With only 1 stand alone computer it would give access to multiple students and the entire class – I’m very excited about this possibility!

  • Clarena Renfrow said:

    I am currently working as a Technology Integration Coach assisting teachers to use educational technology. I would use the board to model how these can be used for student engagement and richer learning environments.

  • What Did They Tweet? | Teacher Reboot Camp said:

    [...] Make a comment describing how you would use the eBeam Edge in your classroom to win one.. Tweeted by @SimpleCEO. This ends by March 31st. Remember I won a prize from them and you could be the next winner! [...]

  • Kristy said:

    I went to the product website and the reviews are amazing! I work in a small school district and we have almost no technology. We have no SmartBoards but we do have one projector.

    I would use the E-Beam Edge to increase my students understanding on 3-D objects in math. The new technology will help the students grasp the understanding of the lesson on an all new level which will increase test scores. We know students need to visualize and apply what they have learned now they can do it through different learning styles.

    Our whole school would benefit as it would be used school wide or all subjects.

  • Cathy Kloch said:

    My school day moves from one type of class to another. What a wonderful way this would be to keep up with the change in my day. This would move from my lab room to my classroom, how exciting!

  • Karen Peyer said:

    My classroom is a structured Enlish Immersion Classroom and therefore we spend a lot of time finding things in real life that correspond to what is going on in the classroom. This would be an awesome opportunity for them to be able to do all the exploring by themselves and not me finding websites and putting it up on the screen for them. They could also connect with other classrooms in our district and around the world.

  • Kacey Sack-Wright said:

    Holy Helpers, Batman! This tool would really help me hlep my students with special needs visualize and reinforce all of their amazing learning! These students are worth every effort and asset I can bring them. The E-Beam Edge would make their life-long learning connections stronger, much more tangible, and let them visualize the concepts so they will stick with them forever! Bring it on!

  • Kara said:

    We really push 21st Century Learning in our district. However, we just don’t have the funding to support the technology needed. I was lucky enough to get a SmartBoard in my classroom but we have 100+ teachers in our building that just do not have the tools to engage their students in the skills and teaching that such technology makes available.
    If I were to win the Ebeam Edge, I would make sure that it will be made available to those teachers in my building that have limited access to techonology be able to use it.

  • Marilyn said:

    We are a K-12 school with 117 total students and having a small portable “smart board” would be a wonderful way to be able to get the technology from one classroom to another. Many teachers able to use one tool is a must for a small district from a financial aspect, and the more portale the tool the more likely it is to get used.

  • C. Diane Wilson said:

    I would love to have an Ebeam Edge in my small rural classroom in NE Washington. I teach grades 9-12 Applied Communications, Health and Fitness, Journalism, French, and Drama! How perfect it would be for all of the above. The Ebeam would upgrade the following equipment I am constantly juggling and ‘gerry rigging’ to make work for my very diverse teaching assignment: DVD,VCR,laptop,overhead projector, document camera, overhead transparency projector, laser pointer, television, retractable white screen, white board, and a ‘way too tall’ equipment cart at the front of my classroom.

  • James Thom said:

    This would be a major cost savings to the district if we could use these in place of new smartboards. We could probably equip the rest of our district with interactive white boards this way.

  • L. McDowell said:

    Iwould love this in my gym. It would be alot easier when you explain games, rules, and stratigies. Also great for moblity or even using during games and practices for sports.

  • Brad Johnston said:

    How can I use it? Let me count the ways! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, twelve and a half, twelve and three quarters, thirteen , fourteen, fourteen and a half, fourteen and

  • Donna Gearns said:

    This would be perfect for engaging students in pre-teach, re-teach and extra practice opportunities. It could be seen as the “reward” rather than the requirement.

  • Jill Ortego said:

    I would love to have this technology in my classroom. It would help me to create interactive, hands-on learning experiences.

  • Jo Ann said:

    The eBeam Edge is a wonderful tool to travel with when presenting information to educators. Not only is it lightweight and easy to set up, but also it is also interactive and motivating. The eBeam Edge is a true representation of how to educate the 21st century learner. Winning this tool would allow me to present civic education programs to students and teachers in a more interactive and meaningful format.

  • Marianna B Menna said:

    As a Literacy Coach who travels to 36 classrooms to conduct lessons in a Title 1, high poverty rate school, this tool would be a great way to keep students actively engaged. It would be useful for both whole group as well as small groups lessons. It would be equally engaging for the Professional Development I provide to teachers, to perhaps, inspire them to integrate technology into their curriculum.

  • Shawn Arbogast said:

    The eBeam Edge would be useful for group projects and lessons. It would be allow me to develop more engaging lessons for Professional Development to staff, to perhaps, inspire them to integrate technology into their curriculum. It would also help to inspire and ignite the creativity in many of the students who are otherwise lost in the traditional classroom setting.

  • Becky said:

    Our technology magnet could really use this in a classroom.

  • Lisa said:

    This would be a great addition to our classroom and school. With budget cuts we are not able to afford this kind of technology. I teach k-12 students.

  • Lisa said:

    This would be a great addition to our classroom and school. With budget cuts we are not able to afford this kind of technology. I teach k-12 students.
    Thanks, Lisa

  • Glenda Fentress said:

    This tool would make a big difference in my science classroom. It would allow me to bring technology into my lessons to help ensure student understanding.

  • Rita said:

    This eBeam edge would be so beneficial in any classroom! I teach kindergarten and can think of endless possibilities. I would use it to create cooperative stories, writing words/sentences, sequencing activities, graphing and any activity to make it more interactive for my little learners!

  • Leon Ward said:

    I have a portable computer lab made of donated Computers for Schools laptops. I would use the Edge as a portable Electronic Whiteboard to make this portable lab into a fully functional classroom wherever I set up. The Edge would also serve for presentations to visitors in rooms such as the boardroom where I would not normally invest in a permanent Electronic Whiteboard. The ability to provide a truly portable interactive environment for our students would greatly increase our ability to provide education to whom it is needed, where it is needed.

  • Rita Tucker said:

    This piece of technology would be of great use in my classroom. It would be fantastic to have the abilibty to allow my small rural community students to reach out into the world for learning experiences. This technology would give them the opportunity to truly soar.

  • Amanda Asbell said:

    The eBeam edge would bring the gross motor skills of working a computer to my Early Childhood children. It also allows for my Early Childhood teachers to share this among the classrooms, so it could touch more than one child!

  • Brian Slope said:

    This device would allow my classroom to become truly interactive. Students would be able to interact with the technology instead of just watch it.

  • L. McDowell said:

    It is time physical education uses the new tech that is out there. This would give a whole new face lift to this area of education.

  • C Greenwood said:

    This tool would be great in the media center. I would love to have an interactive media source that would benefit all students in our school. Currently, our funding has limited our technology expansion, but this would broadenintegration.

  • Keri Marino said:

    I love that this would provide the opportunity to use more interactive virtual manipulatives to teach math without having to have an expensive smartboard. Plus this would allow me to have it on a regular whiteboard and actually draw over things (kind of like having layers of transparencies from the old days)!

  • Shirlee Gallagher said:

    Wow! My mind runneth over! So many ways I could use this gem! I am a special educator who co teaches with a forth grade teacher for part of my day for language arts/reading. This would certainly spark interest of those who are sometimes not very engaged. So many websites and so little time! I hope whomever wins can use this to make a big impact for our kids!

  • Stephanie Shepherd said:

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity to continually and actively engage our middle school students as they move throughout the building! This would provide many opprotunities for small groups instruction so that all of our studnents could have their learning styles activated!

  • Juanita Young said:

    I think the e-Beam Edge would be a great tool to use with my students that have physical and mental disabilities have more access to using the whiteboard type activity. Several of my students are in wheelchairs and have limited use of their hands. with this stylus, they can use it to interact more fully. Thanks!

  • Jacquie said:

    The mobility issue is always important as I move to various rooms. All have projectors and PCs, but to outfit them all with whiteboards is not reasonable. This is a great way for me to facilitate my needs with such a rich methods variety tool. eBeam me up if possible!

  • Sharon said:

    I am a middle school counselor and I make presentations in different classrooms. I love that students can get involved in my presentations using the eBeam Edge would allow me to use existing projectors in classrooms that don’t currently have a smartboard. I can see many, many possible uses for this product. I would love to win it!

  • Adam Goosby said:

    As a teacher of two subjects, the interactive whiteboard would be a great tool to both my forensic science class and my physical science class. My students in forensic science investigate mock crime scenes throughout the course and the use of the interactive whiteboard would turn the physical crime scenes into a virtual learning experience. In physical science, the interactive whiteboard will ease the stress of physics formula manipulation and learning the structure and components of the atom. What a great tool this would be…

  • Lucille said:

    This little tool would be so benefical to my students. It would update my energy level.

  • Janice said:

    I work with special education in a small rural community. These children generally have short attention spans. WOW! The E-Beam Edge would be a great way to intergrate technology into our classrooms in this techno world and at the same time commanding the attention of our students with this great product.

  • Annette Pardue said:

    Being a computer teacher with young students is challenging enough. Not having a monitor that shows a full screen is even more challenging. However having an eBeam Edge would make my job easier, especially with the students. They would be able to participate with this technology. Right now, they are not able to even reach the monitor screen because it is high above them. Yes, I do use a finger pointer stick and am still waiting for someone to get it stuck in his/her eye! Hands-on interactive learning is what our digital students need today. Help me succeed with the students’ learning by winning the eBeam Edge! I would definitely promote it within our Diocese and others, too.

  • G Braddock said:

    Being a Tech Specialist required me to present to teachers in various parts of the building. The Ebeam Edge would help to keep me organized. The Multimedia organizer would help me gather, prepare, present and share content. The built-in meeting feature would allow me to collaborate with anyone anywhere in the world producing better materials for distribution. I could share handwritten notes,digital images and PowerPoint presentations to continuously improve content and share with attendees. Also I could upload my Scrapbook Flash videos to the school’s website for easy access and viewing by almost anyone.

  • Michelle said:

    I would use the eBeam Edge in a multitude of ways. One of which would be to connect with ePals for interviews with teachers and students overseas!

  • Amy Gamblin said:

    I saw the eBeam Edge at a conference recently and wanted one right away! As a high school math teacher, I recognize that students have such trouble when they get home not remembering how to do their assignment. This would give me the opportunity to save step-by-step lessons and up-load them to my website. That way, my students could pull up the examples from home and it would be just like having their teacher there to help them. There are many interactive games online that I could incorporate into my classroom as well. I have a projector but it is very difficult to use these interactive activities when you have to depend on a mouse.Since it is portable, it can go with me from classroom to clasroom (other interactive white boards are portable but also difficult to move around due to their size). Being able to have a 9 foot interactive space- WOW-the ideas are limitless!

  • Doris Stephenson said:

    The eBeam Edge would be put to good use in my classroom as I teach 6th-8th grade students computer literacy and applications. This tool would permit the students to become even more involved in their learning about the latest in technology.


  • Veronica said:

    This would be a great interactive tool in my classroom for all students in every subject.

  • Sid Scott said:

    E-Beam would provide an inexpensive solution for equiping classrooms with 21st Century technology that will engage students and lead to increased learning.

  • Renea Johnson said:

    As technology director at my school, I am contently looking for ways to integrate technology into the classrooms. I think having an E-Beam in the classrooms would help bring our teachers closer to using 21st. Century technology and would enliven the lessons for the students.

  • Joan said:

    I would love to have this for my media center!! It would be so awesome for me to use, not only in the library, but us to use when presenting professional development sessions. Some of our classrooms have smartboards, but others don’t, so this ebeam edge could travel. I’m sure it would be in use all the time!!

  • G. Markson said:

    We have a 2nd grade teacher who would really make good use of it. As the technology coordinator I’d love to get it for her!

  • Natalia said:

    Wow, I’d use it to teach every subject with, play interactive educational games with the students to check their understanding of the content areas, have students create their own projects with, try and set up classroom pals with other teachers and meet them on it and just open my students technological eyes with it!!!

  • Howard Knodle said:

    I am beginning the transformation of my classroom to a integrated differentiated learning experience. Begin able to set-up an interactive whiteboard virtually anywhere, anytime will go a long way in creating opportunites for my students to work independently from class when needed.

  • Pam said:

    I would use it to provide classroom modeling for our teachers on how to incorporate the eBeam into classroom instruction for their students. Most of our students are digital learners today but many of our teachers are not. It would be great to have the eBeam Edge to show teachers how to change instructional strategies by using multiple multimedia sources to fully engage and allow students to be interactive. We would begin with one eBeam with the goal of purchasing more.

  • Susan Guathier said:

    I am a state professional development trainer. I not only work with eight technology regional centers but also schools across the state. The eBeam would allow me to have an interactive board where ever I go since all labs/classrooms/libraries have different instructional settings.

  • Bill Day said:

    I am a technology coordinator and I have been trying for YEARS to get this technology into our school but unfortunately the teachers need to see the advantages. I would use this unit to give all of our staff a change to use it and see how they can use it to enhance their teaching.

  • Holly Buckman said:

    I would love to have an e-beam edge. I teach severely disabled middle school students and they benefit from any technology available. We would use it everyday, all day, it would enhance their ability to be successful with every day instruction as well as portfolios, and even functional skills. I also coach the Academic Team and they would benefit from this tool as well. It would be an extremely useful tool.

  • Janet Lewis said:

    Have e-beam will travel! Travel to schools to present great interactive technology training. If teachers have the chance to use the technology while training… chances are far greater that it will impact instruction in the classroom. Thanks Freebie Man for this chance to win!!

  • Debra Orendorf said:

    As Shakespeare wrote, “All the world is a stage…” and how true this quote has become. With today’s technology and the rapid changes occurring in technology, the world is indeed our stage, a stage that revolves, grows, and becomes even more advanced than in Shakespeare’s day. Technology has influenced how we communicate, how we look at the world, how we respond to the stimuli around us, and how we grow and become more diverse and gain more tolerance.

    As a veteran teacher, I am amazed at how much is merely at my fingertips today. It is true that “you can teach an old dog new tricks.” I am proof of that. Since “All [of} the world is [now] a stage,” it is fitting that we, as educators, have technology that enables us to utilize that stage the best that we can. An eBeam would allow me to stretch my stage, and engage my students on a different level. I love using the White Board in the classroom. That Board is my stage, and the classroom is my audience. I want to build on to my stage! An eBeam frees me to do this and creates endless possibilities in the classroom.

    “Beam me up, Scotty!” said Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I want to be beamed up too. Please include me in on winning the E-Beam.

    Thanks for supporting education!

    Debbie Orendorf

  • Penny Bearden said:

    I would use this engaging, interactive tool DAILY. Thanks, P

  • Lola Bearden said:

    I would use the e-beam to engage and interest my already curious 4th graders. Thanks, Lola

  • Jeffrey Kallam said:

    I would love to have this to use in my Pre-Kinder classroom. I would use it to teach letters, writing skills, numbers, etc. in an interactive method, as a letter center activity or in the writing center. Since we are part of the public school district, we incorporate technology into our curriculum and instruction, and this would be a perfect way to reach all of the students.

  • Michele said:

    eBeam is a fabulous and cheaper way to bring interactive classrooms into the schools. I would use this to allow kids to be active learners in the classroom! Kids could manipulate content and get a total “Hands-on” experience with what is being taught!

  • Linda Ethier said:

    Sounds like a great and diverse tool. It would help me teach music notes and composition in my general music classes. I only have an old chalk board currently which takes forever and is so messy that I rarely use it. I wish every class could get one of these.

    Tonya Wilson Reply:

    Wow, Linda! I can definitely see it in a music class. Students would love it. Having a visual such as this allows them to explore all aspects of the content area and makes teach take advantage of teachable moments.

  • James Kapptie said:

    The biggest advantage for my classroom is that it would allow me to create a classroom ANYWHERE! Museums, could be a classroom…stages, closets, any where there was a wall and electricity could become and interactive class. This tool would allow students to adjust their mental state and be totally engaged.

    Tonya Wilson Reply:

    James, I would agree that having this portable tool on hand gives everyone access and transform innovative learning from one space to another.

  • Lisa Vota said:

    Hi- I am a Special Educator of students with a variety of “abilities”. Having an E-Beam would be a GREAT tool for my classroom. We have students with limited vision and this would help them tremendously. What a fun and exciting way to engage all of the students!! Lisa

  • Glenda Fields said:

    We are a growing school system working delingently to advance our children in education by using various forms of technology, from promethean active boards, projectors, webcasting, and other mobile devices to maintain interest and interactivity among the students. As we have seen for the gifted children as well, technology can greatly affect the students progress and interest that normally would never challenge them to move further along in their studies. Each year our teachers, technology personnel and other staff members look for ways to increase the student levels of education and participation in learning and going beyond the norm and striving for their future.

  • Tonya Wilson said:

    The eBeam Edge is a tool that will assist me with bringing learning alive in an educational environment. I find that there are many technology devices, but this allows for engagement, participation and collaboration. Often educators struggle with ways of teaching the writing process. I can see this tool allowing me to dive into all steps of the process and generate some peer critiquing and collaboration. Having additional tools within the software will link my students to an array of items to support and build confidence as they develop as young writers.

    The idea of images, the Internet, basic word-processing features, videos, annotations, saving lessons, etc. takes it to another level.

    The versatility of the product makes it practice to use and cost efficient.

  • Kim Caise said:

    This would make the task of making math processes understandable and visually demonstrate algorithms much simpler in the classroom!

  • Gina said:

    I would love to ditch the felt board and bring in the smart board! This will coincide perfectly with our backwards day…the kids will teach the teachers how to use it! :)

  • Toni Mills said:

    We would use the eBeam Edge to help make our classroom more interactive. This will help our lower performing students engage and have more fun with the materials.

  • Phyllis Abdur-Rashed said:

    I travel between two buildings helping teachers integrate technology into their classroom curriculum. I would use the eBeam edge in my presentations to train technophobe teachers how to explore and enjoy the wonders of technology. It is a fun tool to use to keep my audiences interested, and engaged while they are learning.

  • Eileen Monti said:

    What a cool tool! This would allow my teachers to use interactive whiteboard technology anywhere they can take a laptop and projector, get Internet access and find a flat vertical surface! The cost would let us equip classrooms and other areas that we couldn’t afford with traditional interactive whiteboard systems. Cool!

  • Debra said:

    As a first grade teacher and technology lead teacher at my school, I am constantly looking for ways to demonstrate and bring my students and faculty into the 21st century. The eBeam Edge would be great for this. It would allow me to show my administration an economical alternative to the expensive smartboards. Students love technology in the classroom.

  • Cathy Good said:

    This would fit into my curriculum great. This would work great for interactive feedback from the students on spreadsheets and other applications. It would also fit in my room where space is at a premium.

  • Glen Good said:

    It would be awesome to use in my career and technical classes teaching welding, judging and many of the other areas of my curriculum.

  • SStephenson said:

    A great addition to any classroom.

  • Carla Pilkington said:

    I would be so excited for the opportunity to have this available to use in my classroom of elementary students. Students are so actively involved in lessons of this type.

  • Michaela Baalman said:

    I would love to have this in my K classroom. It would keep the students interested and engaged.

  • Lori Slack said:

    I would love to have this technology in my elementary classroom. Students are so excited and motivated by this type of learning. It would be a great addition to my room and teaching.

  • Kara Larshus said:

    I would love to have one of these in the art classroom.

  • Jerri Palmquist said:

    In the visual arts classroom, whiteboard technology would enrich student learning as well as motivate those this tech savvy generation we are teach!

  • Jessica Halbleib said:

    I would love to have this in my classroom. It would keep the students actively engaged and help me teach all different learning styles.

  • Tara Temaat said:

    Too cool! a projector to an electronic whiteboard. I can only imagine the variety of uses for such a teaching tool in my classroom.

  • Sherri Kuhlman said:

    It would be fantastic to have another teacher tool/resource to use with students. Our school is always looking for ways to enhance how we teach students and ways to keep them actively engaged. I would love to have another tool to add to my classroom!!!!!!!

  • Letitia Keenan said:

    This would be such a cool tool to have in the classroom. I could find many, many ways to use it with my middle school students. Thanks for making such an offer!

  • Kristin Eberle said:

    While funding in schools is tight, this is a great way to continue moving forward with education! The Ebeam would foster 21st Century Skills in this rural area where most kids don’t get out of town due to economic situations. This would allow them as well as other teachers in our school to collaborate with other schools and expand the hands-experience outside our community.

  • Anne Hengen said:

    This would be a great addition to my classroom! I am a music teacher, so a lot of what we do is “hands-on”, this would be a great help in teaching students who are visual learners, by demonstrating a visual to all of the musical techniques that I teach!

  • Kelsey Janssen said:

    An awesome way to integrate technology into the classroom and get students involved in the lesson.

  • Linda Ives said:

    I would like to use this tool to keep the students engaged in learning. It would be great to have an innovative tool like this to keep the students’ attention and see learning as new and unique.

  • Patricia Hubbard said:

    What a cool tool! I can see lots of uses for this. It’s size makes it portable so that I could share it with other teachers. Since most classrooms have whiteboards, it would be easy to turn the board into an interactive whiteboard. I, also, teach adult ed at times after school. This would be a wonderful tool to use with them, also.

  • Patty Miner said:

    I would love to have an ebeam to use throughout my whole elementary building. I love the portability it has to use in all the classrooms, board meetings, and all types of functions within our school. We could use this machince for all kinds of programs from Migrant meetings, adult ed meetings as well as our little students in Pre-K.

  • Steve Miller said:

    This is great technology that would help smaller organizations like ours leverage limited technology/classroom infrastructure funds. As school budgets get leaner, we are asked to do more with less. This combination gives us the ability to do more in MORE classrooms while simplifying hardware purchasing, teacher training and condensing the device count in our classrooms. GOOD STUFF!!!

  • Joe said:

    I would use it all the time and convert my whiteboard into an interactive teaching and learning tool!

  • transport manual wheelchair said:

    Great help for those who loves learning in technology especially that nowadays using up hi-tech is an advancement.

  • Lisa March said:

    I teach music and as such am often left out when the technology is updated or suplemented. I need a whiteboard to use some of the material that accompanies a new music resource I purchased to use with my regular curriculum. Would love to have this!!