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[Webinars] Google Forms, Must-have Tech Skills, Formative Assessment, and More!

Written by 23 May 2012

[Webinars] Google Forms, Must have Tech Skills, Formative Assessment, and More!

I can't wait to tell you what you'll be learning about at our next Day of Learning!

SimpleK12 is bringing in more experts to teach you about...

  • creating interactive online content to engage your students
  • alternative, effective ways to assess student learning
  • the easy way to get your students organized
  • collecting and storing data with Google forms
  • how technology can assist in the formative assessment process
  • the top 10 tech skills that every teacher needs

Click here for more details, and free webinar registration.

This is your chance to pick and choose from seven back-to-back presentations focusing on how-to knowledge and practical teaching advice.

WHAT: SimpleK12's "Day of Learning"

WHEN: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WHO: All are invited, but space is limited

COST: Free!

Day of Learning Webinar Titles

  1. Inform Your Instruction with Tech-Based Formative Assessments
  2. Google Forms and Tablets: Collecting Data on the Fly
  3. Are Your Students Organizationally Challenged? The Web Can Help!
  4. An Alternative Way to Assess and Review
  5. Create Interactive Videos for Flipping Your Class
  6. Top 10 Tech Skills that Teachers Should Have
  7. Using Twitter Hashtags to Learn

Registering for each webinar individually is easier than ever with one-click registration inside the Teacher Learning Community.

All of the webinars are 100% online, so you can enjoy  them at your convenience (even from home in your pajamas).

We call it PD in your PJ's, and you're invited to join for free!

Register inside the Teacher Learning Community here:


See you there,


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[Webinars] Google Forms, Must have Tech Skills, Formative Assessment, and More!

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