10 Must-See Common Core Resources
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10 Must-See Common Core Resources

Written by 12 June 2012

The Common Core resource contest is coming along nicely!  Thank you for all of the great resources you've been sharing.

10 Must See Common Core Resources

Here are some of your favorite shared resources so far:

  1. Common Sense Media
    "This website has free downloadable lessons for digital literacy and citizenship.  Within the lesson are the listed NETS standards the lesson aligns with." - jfulsaas55
  2. Gilder Lehrman History Site to support Common Core in Social Studies
    "I used the resources from this site several times and the students and I love it. Several primary source documents and several lessons that can be used as is or adapted to our learners. The new website also includes 10 Common Core units by 2009 National History Teacher of the Year Tim Bailey. For more literacy-based learning, you can also take a look at our new Featured Primary Sources, from the Gilder Lehrman Collection, annotated and accompanied by teaching guides and questions. The Collection search has also been enhanced, and now offers improved search capabilities and a digital catalog that offers images and transcripts—as well as curator notes, filterable searches, images for classroom use, and cross-referenced resource content." - Susan L. Fisher
  3. Teaching Channel
    "Watch teachers already practicing the new Common Core State Standards. . . and doing it well. Teaching Channel is a video showcase online and on TV of inspired and effective teaching practices." - Paige
  4. IXL Common Core Math Standards
    "Their site states, 'IXL's math skills are aligned to the 2010 Common Core State Standards, providing comprehensive coverage of math concepts and applications. With IXL's state standards alignments, you can easily find unlimited practice problems specifically tailored to each required standard'." - rajenkins
  5. Updated 4C's Comparison Chart to Technology Standards
    "Here is a comparison chart [Common Core Standards to NETS-S] that will be used during my upcoming webinar." - Andrea Gardner
  6. Language Arts: Analyzing Text Structures
    "For this unit, you will need at least two paired passages based on a historical event, nonfiction and fiction or nonfiction and poetry.  Essential Question: In what ways do authors use details from historical events to create writing in different genres, informational and descriptive?" - scasassa
  7. Common Core Standards App
    "[A free] app that allows me to view the CCSS quickly and on the fly. The app includes Math standards K-12 and LA standards K-12.  The Math includes both traditional and integrated pathways." - Dr. G. Martinez
  8. Teacher Tools for Integrating Technology
    "Teacher Tools for Integrating Technology provides technology-rich tools from sites that are frequently used by educators in creating teaching and learning activities.  Links to these sites include access to quiz generators, course & lesson authoring tools, flashcards, testing, surveying, web authoring, podcasting & presentation tools and more to help teachers implement the Common Core Standards." - Paige
  9. Pinterest Common Core Board
    A great example of how you can use Pinterest for educational purposes.
  10. Hunt Institute & The Council of Chief State School Officers
    "A number of short videos were developed for several of the Standards writers to explain the Common Core Standards in greater depth. The can be used to help teachers, parents and members of the community understand the expectations of the Common Core Standards." -seawink

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Is your favorite Common Core resource missing from this list?  Add it to the Shared Resources inside the Teacher Learning Community.

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10 Must See Common Core Resources