8 Awesome iPad/iPhone Games for Little Learners
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8 Awesome iPad/iPhone Games for Little Learners

Written by 24 October 2012

8 Awesome iPad/iPhone Games for Little Learners

Finding the right level of interactive games for children can be difficult. Here's a list of entertaining and educational games for younger grade levels to sink their little teeth into! 

1 ) Super Why - Based on the educational PBS program, this App includes four different games to strengthen reading and writing skills. The pacing is excellent for success without becoming too much of a struggle for learners. Aimed for ages 3-6. 

2 ) Intro to Math, by Montessorium - This App was designed by a team of Montessori educators to teach the building blocks of math with figurative wooden blocks.  The games are designed so that students can play and learn simple mathematics simultaneously. Perfect for ages 2-5. 

3 ) Highlights: My First Hidden Pictures - Highlights has been a household name for so long, many of you are bound to feel nostalgic about the collection of classic Hidden Pictures in this App.  This App provides engaging and interesting visual puzzles specifically designed for ages 2 to 6, but it's truly is a delight for any age. 

4 ) Cut the Rope - As an adult, I thoroughly enjoy this game as much as a student would! The premise is to sever the rope of your falling pet, angling him towards rewards and ultimately getting him to the candy via basic physics, spatial reasoning and hand-eye coordination. It's easy enough for a child, but entertaining enough for any age. 

5 ) Pictureka - For an educational game without the label, try this fun little App. Pictureka is an image searching game with themes, such as "red things" and "musical instruments". While hunting down objects that fill the category, your students will learn to think about everyday objects in new ways, as well as have some fun! Good for ages 3 and up, so even you can play too.

6 ) Talking Carl - This App rarely fails to make a student laugh. Talking Carl is a silly animated rectangle that repeats words in a funny voice.

7 ) Dr. Seuss Band - As a fantastic introduction to music, this game is slightly reminiscent of Guitar Hero where colored keys light up to prompt interaction.  Students are taught basic scales and tunes in a fun and easy way. As a bonus, you can upload more designs, instruments and music for even more fun! 

8 ) Fun Science Lab - Made for ages 5-12, this App features multiple interactive experiments students can follow along with to learn simple science concepts. 

Do YOU have any favorite iPad games for children? Tell me about them in a comment on this post!


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8 Awesome iPad/iPhone Games for Little Learners