6 Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Themed Lessons
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6 Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Themed Lessons

Written by 5 November 2012

Get your younger students into the holiday spirit with some of these Turkey Day themed lessons.

6 Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Themed Lessons

1 ) Apple Turkey - This fun craft doubles as a healthy snack! Start with an apple, 6 toothpicks, 1 large and 5 mini marshmallows, candy corn and some raisins. Use raisins as eyes, candy corn as the beak and feet. Finally, stack the mini marshmallows on a toothpick, top with a raisin, and there's your feathers. Have them make it in the morning and right before school lets out, let them eat their treat! 

2 ) Placemats for Charity - During the holidays, people come together as a group. Some people gather for community dinners and there are those confined to the hospital. Brighten their day by letting your students create placemats for them! You can work with your local community, soup kitchens or Meals on Wheels for the delivery. Give your kids 12x18 construction paper and let them have at it. It's fun for the kids, and goodwill towards others.

3 ) Teach Students Thanks! - For a fun, simple project, look up ways to say thank you in other languages. Practice them out loud or even create a short quiz to test their knowledge. This gives them a little worldly knowledge they'll be proud to show off. 

4 ) Talk Turkey - Have a Turkey Fact Day! Have a posterboard with a large turkey on it, and cut out some feathers with room to write on them. Give the students some facts about turkeys, or have them look them up themselves at home to bring in. Write out these facts on turkey feathers and paste them up for all to admire. 

5 ) Turkey Glyph - Have your kids color their turkey by facts about them! Distribute blank turkeys, then have them fill out a paper with your chosen instructions. Some example questions could be: Draw your turkey's beak orange if you like turkey, yellow if you don't like turkey. Color the turkeys according to their facts, tape them to the wall, and have the kids figure out whose is whose!

6 ) Turkey Color by Number - A classic project, but fun regardless! Color by number turkeys are easy to find online. Simply print them out, distribute the art supplies and let 'em go. 

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6 Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Themed Lessons

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  • Lena said:

    I found your Thanksgiving ideas to be excellent ideas for the upcoming days in preparing for the holidays. I find especially useful the Talk Turkey idea on turkey facts. This could be adapted to fit with facts about Thanksgiving.