5 Useful Search Engines You’re Not Using
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5 Useful Search Engines You’re Not Using

Written by 10 April 2012

Google is great, and for the foreseeable future, it will remain to be my main source for searching on the web.  However, Google isn't the only way to find information on the internet.  There are a lot of useful search sites out there. 

5 Useful Search Engines You’re Not Using

Here is a list of a few of my favorite search sites:

  1. iSEEK Education
    • This searching site is specifically designed for students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers.  This means it's safer than a traditional site, and has some neat features designed with educators in mind, such as the ability to find lesson plans.
  2. Dogpile
    •  Wouldn't it be nice to find the top search results for all major search engines?  Well you can!  Dogpile searches all of the major sites for you, and puts them into one result so you can take a look at what sites rank the best overall. 
  3. Duckduckgo
    •  A cleaner search that doesn't track your search history.  But my favorite part is all the fun things you can do with it! (see what I mean, view their "goodies" page here)
  4. Wolfram Alpha
    • "A computational knowledge engine"...I'm not sure what exactly that means, but you can find a lot of detailed answers to scientific and mathmatic questions here.  If you play around with it, you will find some other neat functions, like this "planes overhead" search.
  5. SweetSearch
    • This is a search engine made for students, where every website included in the search has been evaluated by research experts.  Visit their site to take a look at other searches the provide.

What do you think of my list?  What would you add (or remove)?

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5 Useful Search Engines You’re Not Using


  • Shelley Friesen said:

    Great list! Thanks, there are a few I have not used. And who knew Dogpile was still around!
    There is one search engine that I found through Twitter that you do not have. It posts results in a mindmap that I think is great for refining what you are looking for. Check it out: http://www.instagrok.com/

    Kimberly Reply:

    That is a great one, it does look familiar to me but I had totally forgotten about it! Thanks for sharing, Shelley!

  • Homework Help said:

    Interesting list of the not so conventional search engines. I’ve heard of Wolfram Alpha, the rest are really awesome as well. Thanks Kimberly