5 Internet Safety Activities for Your Students
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5 Internet Safety Activities for Your Students

Written by 19 May 2011

5 Internet Safety Activities for Your StudentsAre your students keeping safe online?  Here are 5 classroom activities to make sure they are aware of the risks associated with the Internet.

Online is our students' medium... the Internet is how they find all of their resources, where they spend their free time, and certainly, this is the place they communicate the most.

Don't wait 'til it's too late -give your students some "hands-on experience"  with these 5 Internet Safety classroom activities.

1. Create a Spam Game
Create a game for your students about recognizing spam. Break the students into teams of three or four. Provide the teams with printed examples of possible e-mail subject lines, both good and bad (spam). Have the teams identify which subject lines likely indicate junk mail and which ones do not. Discuss how they can be identified as spam.

2. Learn About Chat Rooms
Spend some time with your class joining some educational chat rooms or blogs. Make sure that they understand how to make their usernames and profiles anonymous. Learn how to save a chat to the computer hard drive, as well as how to contact chat moderators, and then demonstrate that to your students.

3. Teach Predictive Empathy
Give each student a card on which a (mild) cyberbullying offense is described, such as teasing another student via text messages. Group them into pairs, and then have one student in each pair act out the offense assigned, after which the other student describes how the action or words make them feel, and furthermore, what they would do. Then have the other student take a turn with a card.

4. Write Usernames
Create a class assignment for your students in which they each have to come up with usernames that use safety guidelines. Be sure the usernames are not gender, age, or name specific. Have them come up with more then one so they have some ideas for future uses.

5. Practice Password Creation
Share with students the tips for creating effective passwords. Explain that they should include a combination of letters and numbers, and that they should be easy to remember, yet difficult for others to guess. Have students suggest a few good passwords. Go over them as a class, having different students explain why they think another student's password is effective or weak.

Share your fun Internet Safety Classroom Activities down below in the comments.

**The content in this blog post came from SimpleK12's online learning lesson "Ensuring Internet and Computer Safety, Privacy, and Protection" - just one of 1,000s of lessons available with membership to the Teacher Learning Community.

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5 Internet Safety Activities for Your Students