21 Signs You're Addicted to Twitter
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21 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter

Written by 30 September 2011

Twitter addiction is real.  And if you're reading this post, likely the question you should be asking yourself isn't "Am I addicted to Twitter?" but "How addicted am I?!".

You likely found this blog through a retweeted Tweet that another Twitter addict sent out... and you may have already retweeted yourself before even reading this.

Here's my list of 21... do you think you could add any to this list?  How many of these apply to you?

1.  You feel it's your personal mission to convert non-tweeters.

2.  You have a Twitter client on your smartphone, desktop, and usually open in a browser.

3.  Your friends are more likely to get a response from you if they send you a Tweet versus a text (or phone call!).

4.  You can't wait for Twitter to auto-refresh, so you do it manually.

5.  You know the Fail Whale isn't an attraction at Sea World.

6.  You Tweet with people in the same room as you.

7. You Tweet and drive (tisk, tisk!!)

8.  Your significant other is often jealous of Twitter.

9.  You've whispered "I should Tweet that" under your breath.

10.  You upload more pictures to Twitter than you send to your Mom.

11.  You have more followers on Twitter than friends in real life.

12.  The first thing you do in the morning is look at your @mentions column.

13.  You've created a Google Alert for your Twitter name.

14.  You added your Twitter handle to your business card or email signature.

15.  You count your followers every day.

16.  You've snuck a Tweet at an inappropriate time (church, family dinner, parent/teacher meeting, etc.)

17.   You think your URL shortener is better than someone else's shortener.

18.  You've been to a TweetUp

19.  You dislike someone that you only know from Twitter.

20.  You judge someone based on their Twitter Profile.

21.  You're reading this article, add a Sign to the list using the comments, and then RT this post.

Are you TOTALLY addicted?  Write in another sign in the comments below.

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21 Signs Youre Addicted to Twitter


  • Joe Larson said:

    So was this a serious list? Because everything around it seemed serious but then most of the list items seemed pretty silly. I mean “You know the Fail Whale isn’t an attraction at Sea World.” Really? And others of them are just common sense like “You added your Twitter handle to your business card or email signature.” So good business sense is addiction? Or “You have more followers on Twitter than friends in real life.” Thanks to spambots anyone who’s had a twitter account for any length of time has more followers than friends. Doesn’t mean anything.

    May I suggest a list that is based a little more on reality. How about a list based on alcoholism:

    You may have a twitter problem if you:
    o Hide your twitter account from people you love and trust in real life.
    o Would be embarrassed if those in real life found out how much you tweet.
    o Lie about how often you check your tweets.
    o Have friends or family members who have said you tweet too much.
    o Your first thought whenever anything happens is “I need to tweet this.”
    o Have tried to tweet less and failed.

  • colleen Flathers said:

    You know you are addicted to twitter when you are at a conference with your principal and he leans over and tells you to tweet that.

  • Tanya said:

    Haha, This is great. It gave me a good laugh this morning. Thanks for posting :)
    Tanya recently posted..Starting A Homemade Candle CompanyMy Profile

  • Jamie said:

    I have never used Twitter, and from this article, I am feeling pretty lucky that I have not been sucked in. :)

  • janiceb9637 said:

    wow this is said almost all of them apply to me except the twitter whale!!! although I would like to harpoon that whale

  • Mrs Tully said:

    Uh oh, I pretty much do all of the above except I haven’t been to a TweetUp yet and I don’t know what Google alert is but I must have it!
    Mrs Tully recently posted..My family’s other favourite spotMy Profile

  • Youxia Lei said:

    #YouKnowYoureAddictedToTwitterWhen: You write your grocery list as Hashtags. You ask if it’s Follow Friday yet. You ask someone to Retweet that when you didn’t catch what they said. You start a letter with ‘Dear @john’. You ask someone at the OfficeMax counter to make 12 Retweets of a document.

  • Des said:

    .. When you first actually wonder whether it *really is* a clinical addiction, and it dawns on you, yes, it is.