17 Free eBooks for Your Summer Reading List
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17 Free eBooks for Your Summer Reading List

Written by 20 May 2013

Summer is just around the corner.  If you're looking for something new to explore, look no further!  We have everything you need here at SimpleK12.  

17 Free eBooks for Your Summer Reading List

  1. 101 Free Tech Tools for Teachers - Technology secrets for creating a 21st century classroom without spending a dime, without searching, without frustration.
  2. 11 Hidden Webtools - Gems of the internet perfect for classroom use.
  3. 32 Tips for Techphobic Teachers - Are YOU Techphobic? Learn the simple secrets to overcoming your fears and removing your frustrations when using technology in the classroom.
  4. Searching with Google Workbook - 15 ways for using Google to capture attention, inspire, and make the internet a better tool for your classroom.
  5. Integrating Podcasts Workbook - 30 real-life examples for integrating podcasts into your classroom.
  6. EdCamp Guide - Discover how to start and run your very own EdCamp.
  7. 20 Free iPad Apps Educators Can't Live Without - Yes, there's an App for that!  Discover the best Apps for professional development and all of the core subject areas.
  8. Effective Mobile Learning - 50+ quick tips and resources for integrating mobile learning in your classroom.
  9. 21 Signs You're A 21st Century Teacher - 21st Century tactics and tools that other teachers are using to make their classrooms more exciting and interactive!
  10. 21 Signs You're A 21st Century Principal - Through the valuable ideas and examples found in this eBook, you will learn the latest 21st Century tactics and tools that other administrators are using around the country.
  11. 8 Google Tricks - New and exciting ways to use Google in your classroom.
  12. Top 7 Virtual Field Trips - Free virtual field trips you can use with your students today!
  13. 15 iPad Tips for Teachers - Created specifically for new iPad owners, but there just might be a tip in there that advanced users didn’t know about.
  14. 7 Webtools for Digital Storytelling - Discover 7 incredible webtools for digital storytelling that make students and teachers say WOW!
  15. 57 Inspirational Teacher Quotes - We asked teachers just like you to share their favorite inspirational quotes, and here they are!
  16. 13 iPad/Android Apps - From downloading and viewing 1200 inspirational and fascinating talks, to easy-to-use study tools this eBook has everything you need.
  17. 10 Tech Tools to Teach the Common Core Standards - Written by author and classroom teacher Catlin Tucker, this eBook is filled with great ways to use tech tools to teach to the Common Core Standards.

This is your chance to grab a few of our most popular premium resources for free - so take a look!  Head over to the Teacher Learning Community's Shared Resources for even more freebies.  And let us know which one your favorite is as a comment on this blog post.

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17 Free eBooks for Your Summer Reading List

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