10 iPad Tips for Teachers
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10 iPad Tips for Teachers

Written by 24 February 2012

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1. The "Hidden" Apostrophe
If you're in Notes, Pages, or just writing an email, it's often time consuming (and slightly annoying) to locate the apostrophe. Usually, you have to tap the {.?123} button to go to the second screen of the keyboard. But did you know you can just hold the {!} key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear? It's simple to just slide your little finger across it...and voila!

2. Create Folders
Get organized! You can easily create a folder to help organize your apps. Simply tap and hold on any app until it does the "jiggle dance." Then drag that app over another app icon that you wish to share a folder and then release. A folder will be created with those two apps, and you can add additional apps. The folder name will be based on the category of apps it contains, but you can always change it.

10 iPad Tips for Teachers

3. Control Notifications
"Would you like to receive push notifications from XYZ game?" If you've ever accidently said "yes" to this question then you know how annoying notifications can be! Good news is you can control them. Simply go to Settings, Notifications, and you can set alerts and sounds!

4. Quick Mute
Playing a game as your students walk into the class? Quick! Mute your iPad! I know...this would never happen...teachers don't play games on their iPads between classes (he he). When iPad first launched there was no way to quickly mute the device. Now, however, just press and hold the Volume-Down button.

5. Screen Shots
It's easy to take a screen shot of your iPad. Simply press the Home button and then the Sleep/Wake button. You'll hear the click, your screen will flash, and your new screen shot will be saved in your Photos.

6. Street View in Maps
You may know and love Street View while viewing Google Maps on your computer, but it's not as obvious how to access this on your iPad. The trick is to drop a red pin first then tap on the icon of the person to enter Street View. HINT: When you perform a search, a red pin is automatically dropped in that location.

7. Clear Browsing History
On our computers it's easy to located the "clear history" options in our browsers. We're trained to do it from within the browser itself. On the iPad, however, to clear Safari browser go into Settings then click on Safari. You'll see three options to clear history, cookies, and cache.

8. The Split Keyboard
iOS5 makes it easier than ever to type on your iPad.  The onsreen keyboard can split neatly in hald, making it easier for "text-like" thumb typing.  It's easy! When the keyboard is open, use one finger from each hand, tap the screen, then pull your fingers outward.  The keyboard will split.  Put it back together? Do the opposite. 

9. Docking Apps on your Menu Bar
I get this question alot during our webinars.  I like to answer, because it lets me use the word "wiggle" in a professoinal setting, and I just think that word is fun!  Tap and hold the app until it wiggles, then drag it down to the menu bar and release. 

10.  Finding the Best Apps
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10 iPad Tips for Teachers


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  • Susan M. Bearden said:

    Another great feature for teachers – especially if you are using your personal iPad in the classroom – are the parental restrictions. Go to Settings >> General>> Restrictions. You can create a restrictions code that will allow you to restrict web browsing, you tube, the camera, the ability to install/delete/make in-app purchases, and other content areas.