10 Halloween Activities to Engage Learners
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10 Halloween Activities to Engage Learners

Written by 31 October 2012

Today we are celebrating a fun holiday for many students - Halloween! Kids typically look forward to famous traditions like trick-or-treating or dressing up in costumes. However, Halloween can also be a great time to teach students about other cultures, get them connected to other classrooms, and bring out their creativity!

This information was shared during one of Shelly Terrell's Teacher Learning Community's Webinars. Full-Access members, sign in to the Community and then click here to watch the on-demand recording to hear Shelly's 10 fun learning activities associated with the holiday. BONUS: You'll also discover some great Web tools and apps associated with Halloween!

10 Halloween Activities to Engage Learners

Compare/Contrast Celebrations: Students learn how different countries celebrate the holiday.

2. Haunted Stories Project:  Students research a haunted place and its story and incorporate the information into a multimedia presentation.

3. Dancing Skeletons: Students create a fun Halloween eCard together and then fill out a worksheet about the activity.

4. Spooky Stories: Read existing Halloween books together or students can create their own!  These digital storytelling tools can help them get started:  Storybird, Creaza, ZooBurst, Boomwriter, Visual Works.

5. Pumpkin Carving: Virtual pumpkin carving allows students to have fun AND keeps your classroom nice and clean! Check out Pick a Pumpkin, Pumpkin Carving, or Carve-a-Pumpkin to get started.

6. Halloween Jokes: Students can bring their jokes to life by creating videos or comic strips using these cool tools: GoAnimate and MakeBelieftsComix.

7. Create Trick-or-Treat Bags: Allow older students to create bags for younger students. They can add healthy option snacks and include brochures full of safety tips.

8. Throw a party or carnival with lots of stations: Tie your event into a fundraising opportunity and include the Community. Put kids into groups and allow each group to be in charge of an activity, such as bobbing for apples, musical chairs, costume contest, cultural booths, or beanbag toss. Plan Halloween sounds/music and set-up a Haunted House.

9. Themed Dress-up: Encourage students to dress up as their favorite book characters or superheros. Pick things that go together and create a theme.

10. Halloween Play: Take a look at this selection of 10 Halloween lead in activities to try out with your learners. All the links lead to lesson plans.

Hope you enjoy using these activities with your students! Please leave a comment and share what your favorite activity is.

Happy Halloween!!

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10 Halloween Activities to Engage Learners

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