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[29 Oct 2014 ]

Ready to start improving your students’ writing and reading skills with Digital Storytelling? At this free online event, our experienced presenters will share the best apps, web tools, and implementation strategies to bring Digital Storytelling into your classroom. You’ll learn easy tips and tricks that you can start implementing immediately – no matter what grade level you teach!

You’ll receive…

Easy-to-follow tutorials from experienced educators
Unique integration strategies to bring Digital Storytelling into your classroom
Information on the best Digital Storytelling apps …

[28 Oct 2014 ]

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This Guest Post is brought to us by Tracy Collins, author of the educational blog Essay Universe. For more information on Tracy, please see her bio below.
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This is the final part of the blog trio on technologies ang teaching writing. Several important details are yet to be revealed to get you fully armed with the modern tools of effective writing. This time we …

[27 Oct 2014 ]

Halloween is such a fun holiday for many students – they typically look forward to famous traditions like trick-or-treating or dressing up in costumes.
SimpleK12 is here to help, with a FREE premium video resource. This on-demand webinar is usually exclusive for Full Access Community Members, but I’m giving you free access today.
10 Halloween Activities to Engage Learners
However, Halloween can also be a great time to teach students about other cultures, get them connected to other classrooms, and bring out their creativity! Join Shelly Terrell as she shares 10 fun learning …

[25 Oct 2014 ]

Many adults often fail to understand the impact bullying has on a child’s life. In this free online event, explore tactics for recognizing and identifying instances of bullying, and learn effective strategies to prevent and rein in bullying.

You’ll Learn How To…

Clearly define the types of bullying, and cyber bullying
Identify the three most common forms of bullying
Implement effective strategies for bullying prevention

Click here for more information, and free event registration.
This free event is brought to you by i-SAFE.

i-SAFE is …

[23 Oct 2014 ]

Increasing homework completion and engaging today’s digital students can be challenging. If you want to improve information retention and increase student achievement, all while teaching your students important 21st Century skills, you’ve found the perfect Premium Resource.
SimpleK12 is thrilled to present to you this FREE printable project and we hope it will bring new life to your classroom.
Design Your Own Crypt

In this FREE Premium Resource lesson plan, students will use a digital application to create a model floor plan of a crypt based on information of ancient burial practices.


[22 Oct 2014 ]

Are you interested in using Google Apps and Tools in your classroom, but you’re not sure where to start? Join us at our upcoming free online event as our renowned experts share their favorite tips and tricks for integrating Google into your classroom.
You’ll Learn How to…

Use Google Docs to thoughtfully incorporate digital writing into the curriculum.
Efficiently manage workflow between teachers and students using Google.
Use Google Forms to create surveys, process checks, formative assessments, contact logs, exit tickets, and …

[21 Oct 2014 ]

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This Guest Post is brought to us by Tracy Collins, author of the educational blog Essay Universe. For more information on Tracy, please see her bio below.
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Using Technologies to Teach Writing (Part 2)
This is the second part of the article on useful technologies to teach writing. In the previous post we have listed the sites and tools that help to boost writing efficiency, …