Why Go Paperless with Online Graphic Organizers [Video]
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Why Go Paperless with Online Graphic Organizers [Video]

Written by 16 November 2010

Welcome to another episode of SimpleK12's 2 Minute EdTech Talk, where educators integrate technology - in just two minutes! The goal? To share, to collaborate, and most of all – to help and encourage teachers to try new forms of technology in their own classrooms.

Last time, Dave Dodgson explained 6 ways to use word clouds in your classroom, and we've brought him back for another episode!

This episode of 2 Minute EdTech Talk is with Dave Dodgson, English as a second language teacher in Ankara, Turkey. 

Watch below to see why he likes using bubbl.us in his classroom.

Here are some examples of bubbl.us graphics that Dave has used in his class.

To quote Dave, "One is a simple brainstorming activity of jungle and forest animals. There is only one word for jungle and forest in Turkish so it causes a bit of confusion for the kids – this helped illustrate the difference. The other was a brainstorming session to elicit adjectives to go with ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. This was used as a springboard to discuss what makes a good teacher/student.

Both were done on a projection screen with students coming up to the computer to add new bubbles (only one computer per class in each case)."

Click on the below images to open a larger version in a new window.

Why Go Paperless with Online Graphic Organizers [Video]

Why Go Paperless with Online Graphic Organizers [Video]

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Leave a comment, and tell me how you might use bubbl.us in your classroom.

- Kimberly

UPDATE 12/21/2010 - Dave wrote a new blog post on how he uses bubbl.us in the classroom.  Click here to check it out.

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Why Go Paperless with Online Graphic Organizers [Video]


  • Dean Mantz said:

    When I used to teach World History in a 1:1 school district I too would use mind mapping software for students to take notes. We used Inspirations at that time. Gave the visual learner a way to graphically map/identify key notes while the step-by-step learner could just switch to the outline format. Another advantage of the mindmapping option is ability to link to outside resources whether it would be video, website, or podcasts.

    Kimberly Reply:

    Thanks for the comments, Dean.

  • Jacob Longino said:

    Great activity! This will help me when creating essays for my intoduction to education couse.